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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linnaer

WHAT?! Tank Teemo AND deals damage?!

Linnaer Last updated on February 5, 2011
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Be gentle, this is my first time *blush*

Okay, starting out, I've played Teemo for quite a while now, and I've seen a lot of haters. At the same time though, I've turned a lot of heads. This build is aimed at map vision control as well as being able to deal damage while surviving team fights. I've had quite a bit of good games, and even turned the tides on a few of them because of this build, so I appreciate you reading it over. Please provide feedback on the bottom.

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Pros / Cons

Okay, starting out:


Fast little guy (Hard to catch early game unless you overextend)
Anti Carry (Shrooms, blinding dart, and with this build, you can take out mages like nothing)
Map Vision (Shrooms and wards EVERYWHERE)
Global Taunt (It's true, they will come at you even from across the map)
Cute (... Adorable :D)


Tanky DPS is an issue, cuz you can't hurt them much but they can stick around to hurt you
Shrooms are on constant cooldown
Semi-Squishy (With the global taunt you have, this will be an issue if you overextend)
Useless when dead (But who isn't?)

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Okay, the reason for the rune choice is due to the fact he's already squishy enough.

Greater Marks of Desolation is to be able to blow... gun the mages down faster and harder
Greater Seal of Defense, at level 18, you'll be taking 56% less damage from physical (W/o Randuins)
Greater Glyphs of Warding, at level 18, you'll be taking 58% less damage from physical
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude so you have that early game survivalability.

BTW, the masteries also attribute to the %redux you'll see late game, so be sure to grab the defense tree.

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Skill Sequence

Okay, as for skills, the reason I grab Poison Dart first is because I like to rush to my lane and catch them offguard as early as possible. I'd run a bit farther middle of the lane and just wait for the stealth to kick in. (Boots help a lot in this case, that's why I got it) Usually if they come close enough, I can get 3 or 4 hits off, dealing about 200 - 300 damage along with poison ticks. At level 1, this is the difference in whether or not you can outlevel your opponent, which is a VERY big help esp in a solo lane.

Reason for maxing out poison dart is because you would need the extra damage early game to harass and farm. Granted, you can harass with Blinding Dart, but because that drains your mana way too fast, you're stuck with no way to blind someone to run away if they come at you. This has saved me a few times too, especially from a jungling yi or a warwick.

Move Quick... Love this skill. It allows you to weave in and out of combat, run away or engage quickly with your team in a fight, even if you're slightly farther away. Now that it's changed, just activate it if you're too far from the battle to rush up to it, or pop it if you need to run away, simple as that. Use it to escape, especially in ranked play, don't use it to chase, you'll end up on the wrong side of the Rift.

Blind Dart increased in duration as the levels increase, but that 1.5 seconds you have from it is usually enough for you to deal enough damage to them or harass so that they'll back off. You won't be easy to kill 1v1 unless they really run at you with everything they have and catch you offguard.

Shrooms, get it every possible chance you get. Nuff said. This is the heart and soul of teemo, and you get to put it everywhere you want for people to see, or trip on it and know that they're in your house now. Forest is usually the best place to shroom, obviously, but typical teemo players place it at chokes where other people generally avoid. I'll be posting a map as soon as I finish this guide and come back from lunch.

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Team Work

Now, most Teemo players just drop their shrooms everywhere and provide vision. There's a reason I try to control the forest, because if they decide to ever jump in it, they'll be greeted by my spinning green little caps, or... satellites, whatever. This can usually change a teamfight as well, if your team takes it into the forest, usually they'll trip over 3 or 4 of these little fellas and provide enough leverage to cap off the carries in the back because of slowed tanks/melee.

Teemo's role in teamfights is to lure them to his shrooms (hence his global taunt), and then as your team man-handles them, you either striaght blitz the guys in the back or flank them from a side if possible. Usual targets, such as Soraka, Sona, etc are your main targets, then comes the ranged carry like Lux, Ashe, etc. I usually keep a shroom on me if possible right before a team fight so I can drop it in the middle of the battle, usually blows up and hurts them like a little... female dog, but there are occasions where some physical AoE destroys it. (IE: Ashe's Volley)

By the way, BIG POINT

(Yes, major emphasis), Shrooms are NOT then only means of providing vision of the map, wards play a big part in this too, especially in chokes and just vision of general locations. Your shrooms will only provide vision when they're nearby or if it's already tripped, but it won't help your team any if they can't target the opponents once it's blown up. Wards on the other hand, can't deal damage, but they provide sustained vision on the area. Great for your CC to target someone or even for your tank to initiate.

Exhaust and Ignite, exhaust helps A LOT when trying to escape or for that heavy mage burst, so make sure to pop it (as long as you don't misclick) during a team fight. Ignite those who have Lifesteal or heal capabilities, and take them out quick. Whoever has heals should always be your first priority, except maybe Mundo.

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With the Poison Dart early game and the lifesteal, you can stay in a lane for fairly long. At level 1 because you have the movespeed over the opponent, go in with a hit of your poison dart will usually zone them out, allowing you free shots and last hits of their creeps while they're being denied.

WARNING: This usually attracts a LOT of attention from their jungler, so be sure that by the time you hit 3 or 4, be careful of whether or not their jungle is gonna jump you.

Once you get wits end, your attack speed will be fairly quick, and the extra burst from the poison dart will deal a fair amount of damage to the minions. Use this to your advantage. I'm usually one of top creep scores in my team due to this, just shrooming up my lane and vision on the chokes and just free farming the creeps if they don't attend to the person I'm denying experience from.

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So all in all, you can harass hard with this build, run, deny, provide vision, all while looking cute in your little lane and attracting all the attention you want (...You attention ***** >.>) Play smart, every character needs the basics in order to contribute to a good experience, such as map awareness, prioritizing, and just common sense (Not diving in 1v3, 1v4, 1v5, cuz that's just stupid, you're a Teemo)

Last words: I love this little guy, this... shroom farmer/ward happy yordle is usually a very good contribution to the team if played correctly. Go forth and try this, and let me know what you think :) Comments down below, I'll try to update this guide as often as I can.

BTW: Incomplete, lunch first, I'll be back soon to finish it :D