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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hondir

What the hell was that? Rumble!

Hondir Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Hey everybody!

A new champion entered the League of Legends and I see many people playing, and failing him. I saw a tank Rumble (who was very good in playing him sa tank but he would have helped his team better if he played another way). AD Rumbles which failed and some who tried to play him AP (Like I am going to introduce you to) but with the wrong items.

I am normally playing Rumble in !MID! which is maybe strange to you, but believe me it is a really good thing! ;)

Hope you enjoy this build and I hope I can hepl some of you getting a Legendary RUMBLE!

PS: I apologize for my english and hope some of my explanations are still as good as they are ment to be.

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4th Mai 2011 20:00 pm - published
4th Mai 2011 21:46 pm - updated - Deathfire Grasp

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I use AP and magicpenetration runes. That's acually like that because I have just crit runes in my second runesbook sooo, you might use someother runes but those give you a nice boost in the beginning. :)

The flat AP gives you a nice boost with the Amplifying Tome in the beginning your spells will do nice damage on minions and champs.

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As you may think my masteries aren't really masteries for a mage, exept of the offensive points.

I tried this masterie build and it worked VERY good for me yuo resist much more as normal and you aren't as squishy as normal. You'll be a nice line partner for squishy/DMG champs.

But for mid Rumble fits VERY good aswell. He isn't dieing fast and kills those squishy ranged champs on the middle line without any problems.

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As mentioned before I use the Tome for the beginning to get a nice AP for the start on the line.

After that I buy some lifesteal. You can regenerate pretty well will flamespire and electro-harpoon.

When I got my life steal I buy boots to get a little faster and then increase my lifesteal/ap after that I start buying the rest of my boots.

Rylas Cristall Cepter is maybe one of the most important items for Rumble, because it is elementary good for your team if someone slows the enemys to escape or for not letting them escape.
And I one funny thing I am used to do is Popping ulti on the enemys team if they groub up or put it along the way someone is running. E.g. one time I killed an Ashe (lvl 11 I was lvl 13 nd a little bit feeded) just with my ulti cause she was so hard slowed because of Rylas and my ulti she couldn't escape.
So remember that cepter!

I guess I don't have to explain pretty much about Rabadons Death Cap, more AP = More DMG.

Now Deathfire Grasp,.... hehe that's is such a funny item, I LOVE IT! The passiv cooldownreduction,.... and then you'll find an active spell you can use every minute
which damages your enemys by 30% his current hp(+3.5% per 100 Ability Power), great isn't it? So a tank won't have anychance against you anymore + you get more ap and cooldown redution. Like I said, love this item. :D

So don't miss to buy this aswell.

In the end I buy a Void Staff to get somemore AP and magicpenetration.

I nearly always get to this amount of items in the end and you can naturally buy some other items instead of some of the items like the Deathfire Grasp cause some don't like to use items like HExtechgunblade to damage the enemy cause it is to complicated to click on it. Can't understand it but do what you want this is just how I do it. :P

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How I skill isn't a strict thing you HAVE to do, no. I just like to have Harpoon on 5 first. But you can also but the shield on 1 and then lvl flamespire and the harpoon up at the same time, or flamespire. But as I said I skill up the harpoon first to have a great slowing effect and some nice damage from the back. :) You just need to find the skill squence which fits to you best!

So, I am not pretty much writing much about this now.

But I can tell you how to use your spells most efficient.

Harpoon: H
Shield: S
Flamespire: F
Ulti: U
(Here I just don't mention the summoner spells, but sure you have to use them aswell :D)

If you don't have your ulti ready or skilled. First use H to slow him and use it again to deal more damage. Now cast S to get fast are near to your opponent.If you are near enough cast your F to do more damage and get your enemy lower on hp now cast F again so will be minimum on 55 heat. Now the party can start you cast H your 2 times again and your Flamespire now your are nearly going to overheat but for normal your enemy will be
nearly dead. If not continue attacking or stop the attack. You won't get a lot of kills in the beginning, no, but in the mid or late game you will be hopefully, if not playing kamikaze, in a very high killing spree.

If you are able to use your U use it to last hit if the enemy is near a turret or running away or for slowing enemys following you. If the follow you they will walk through the U and get slowed like hell and will get a lot of dmg. Just sometimes you H to slow them and if you think you are able to turn around cast S and F this is a trick I did 2 times in my Rumble career and both times got a quatrokill (not penta cause the last one both times was a tank who killed me then :/ but it was worth it :D)

If there are any other questions about using the skills ask in the comments, because I am atm not really sure what else to explain about the skills, maybe there are facts I forgot to mention and I'll will try to update this as often and best as possible.

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Summoner Spells

I use exhaust and Ingnite.

Exhaust: You can slow your enemys for escaping and if you are hunting them as well. This spell is ecspecially nice for the earley game.

Ignite: Is a spell to last hit your enemy which you hopefully know about.

There are some other posibillyties for the summoners spells:

1. Exhaust + Ignite (Like the best)
2. Exhaust + Ghost (Is a nice combination for more defensive players, and I always say you don't need to slow and run :P)
3. Ghost + Ignite (Haven't tried but I guess it works nice, but it is more and ego combination exhaust help your teammates, ghost or ignite don't)
4. Teleport + Exhaust/Ignite/Ghost (Teleport is nice, for mid ecspecially because you can regen. and go shopping very fast and be on your line even faster!)
5. Flash + Ghost (If you want to be MEGAfast, it is nice but I won't really recomment)
6. Flash + Ignite (Nice combo but not for a mainly ranged DMG dealer like rumble)

I wouldn't take anything else with me, maybe heal but you don't need it....

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Ranked Play

If you are about to play a ranked match with Rumble I really would say this build is the prefect choice. I just did 2 ranked matchs till now with Rumble but both times I had nice stats(Lost match= 14 7 13/ Won match= 15 5 6). You are a really good teamplayer with rumble slowing enemys maybe tanking because your shield will me quite strong in the end so will have about 3300 hp the enemys have to put down and as you can cast the shield pretty often in a row it will be nice.

I'd say Rumble, with this build, is going to rule a lot of games.:) And the best about playing Rumble in ranked matches is nobody will bann him, because nobody fears him like some fear Tryndamere, Karthus or any other char. But they should.... :)

(BTW. haven't tested him in 3 vs 3!)

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Creeping / Jungling

If you are on the middle line you will need to kill minions to be as fast as pusher mages for example, so what you do is you are looking for minions with low hp and then aim them twice with your harpoon as often as possible or just simply walk in there with flame spire.
I wouldn't recomment jungling in the beginning, if you are about getting red or blue buff you should first do it when the team phase has begone before that I wouldn't recomment that.
Now here a small tipp for attacking turrets, cast all your skills that you are overheating and than attack. Why? Simply because your auto-hits aren't pretty high normally, but if you overheat you're silenced but your auto-hits will increase, means the turrets is getting killed faster.

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Pros / Cons

- Able to kill a lot of champions in a row or at the same time
- Great support for your team for escaping/killing
- good combination of resisting and dealing damage
- No mana problems
- Overheat

- Overheat
- Gets targeted first most of the time
- Is not a pretty powerfull champ in the beginning (mid-/lategame champ)

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Alll in all

All in all the build got me till now always positive stats and I even heared people saying "You're the first Rumble I saw who isn't failing and feeding!".
I hope you enjoy playing this little Yodle as I do and that you may get another sight of Rumble. Riot did another very good job!

Please leave comment down below and not just vote. Because I really would apreciate some critic. So, leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.
I'll will update this build as often and as good as possible.


PS: Can please anybody tell me how to insert those graphics, oh my gosh I am a totally mobafire newbie!