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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Last Mohican

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The Last Mohican Last updated on August 7, 2010
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So amumu is a hard champ to play but once you get your build started and get passed around level 11 people will start calling Never Die. Spells well I go with ghost and exhaust... Both can be used offensively and defensively... When you add the damage you do with your sunfire capes and your despair tears these are really useful. Nothing is better as a tank than when you ghost and chase someone through two turrets absorbing all the damage just to cry on someone till they die. The added exhaust and ghost point in my mastery tree and the upgrade in time on both abilities allow you to do more damage as well. For my runes I stack magic pen to go with his passive, lots of instant cooldown for your stun rope as well as your tantrum, and then some dodge seals... This added dodge chance, added to your increased movement speed after dodging, as well as in the cheap but useful ninja tabii's ensure that you can always follow and persue an opponent tryin to escape your devestating tears or the smart choice to abandon your kill attempt. I start my games with armor and 3 health potions as well as one mana potion. This allows you and one other person to kill the two golem for half your xp to level 2 and some gold while waiting on the minions to walk. Amumu is very difficult to use early on so I like laning with a stunner... If you get a good one like taric sion or twisted fate(someone with a 2 second stun or a stun they can use anytime or constantly) you can easy stunlock and kill other squishies in your lane. Try not to waste your mana for early levels because your tantrum just isn't that strong yet and you can use the extra defense. As soon as I can afford my heart of gold and a couple more health potions I go back to the shop, be sure to waste whatever mana you have left on getting some last kills on minions... It's not hard to run out of mana with amumu. For your boots and amumu build it's this simple... get a sunfire cape and your ready to farm and absorb as a tank. So the cheaper the better, the tabii are 350 gold cheaper and early game for amumu that's a lot to acquire. The faster you get your boots the faster you can get whatever you can get to your capes So boots are always inportant but for amumu I usually get ninja tabii. The mercury treads are great for getting away from stuns but by the time you have actually gotten your gameplay down with him you'll come to realize being stuck next to someone who thinks they can kill you will make you laugh. The chance to dodge and the overall defense against high constant damaging champs that DO NOT have to wait on cooldowns is far more important... After your boots stack a couple capes... this will ensure plenty of health and armor to absorb damage. If you're playing against a lot of casters the you can get a guardian angel after one cape but it's important to get one first just for the farming gold help early on. Basically you can stack capes and watch people fall over dead all game. If they have high physical attacks you can grab a thornmail late, or a force of nature if they have a bunch of casters... this of course requires you sell your heart of gold but at this time you have no need for such a weaker item late game and you should already have all the gold you could ever need. My games usually end with a ninja tabii and 4 capes and a guardian angel... try to get the mana golem as much as possible cause it helps with your cooldowns and it allows you to run into huge crowds of enemies crying the entire time and even while chasing. Amumu is the anti tank with his tears so don't be scared of a built tank... 3 percent of damage a second with your capes goes a lot farther and by the time they realize they should be running you have a stun or spell to pop to ensure their demise. Remember play very defensive at early game... start ganking with your team as soon as you get your AoE stun and late game laugh as you chase people down and they fall over dead. Turn on your tears rope stun to grab someone, tantrum for some starting damage and then ulti if you are in a crowd of enemies... Any dps looking for a penta kill should be following amumu anywhere... His 2 stuns give the good chance to kill any number of champs looking to stand next to him as they try to burn him... As they suddenly start to wonder why he still has half his life when they've blown all their ultis and now they can't move... Just be careful though, Amumu's power makes him a beast all on his own and one, in my opinion, of the few tanks that can kill 3 champs trying to surprise with a gank and still knock over a tower with his weak slow physical attack. good luck and have fun.