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Ezreal Build Guide by major2k

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author major2k

Where'd your hp go?

major2k Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Today I got bored and decided to put the build that I use whenever I play EZ. Frankly this is my best character and while I'm still not that great a player I would like to share what my playstyle is.

If you want to know HOW to play EZ this isn't the guide for you. I'll just post a purchase order and a little bit more. If you do need a guide on how to play as Ezreal then Check out any of the other guides, they are pretty darn in depth.

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This guide is centered on a hybrid type of character. I found that I can do a lot of burst damage while using all of your spells. I found that before with an AD only build that W would almost be useless. Now all my spells pack a punch and I have actually killed people at lvl 18 with 3 spells. This is why I like this build.

Whenever I play as Ezreal, I usually like to take the mid. Whenever you play you want to stay behind minions and use Q to damage their characters from a distance. Try not to waste your Q on minions, only hit their champion. There is a problem if they also have a Q type attack on you, so they could try to hit you back. Only auto-attack minions. This seems logical, but you don't really want to be using auto attack on champions until level 2 when you go for the kill. I find that if you can get them down to at least 1/4 hp you can get a kill. You would use your Q and try to E on them when they run away. Then you might get the kill. You should try this yourself and do what works for you. Also, I like to get the blue buff for the mana-regen.

Also, on a side note about Ezreal's ult. I found that whenever there is a teamfight ezreal can take out a huge chunk of hp from the opponents. Use your ult when you can, you can save teammates, get assists, get kills from people with low hp, clear minion lanes, save turrets, force people b, and many other things. The best part is that if you do use your ult, use Q a lot to cut the time in half. At level 18 you can use your ult almost every 30 seconds if you have blue buff that is.

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Skill Sequence

What I found about this skill sequence is that it works really well with the items. It takes a while to get the bloodthirster, but when you do it is an AD only increase. W is a spell that relies on AP so by the time you hit lvl 13 you can start buying your AP items. This will allow for your damage output to go through the roof at the right levels.

The reason that I decided to not even upgrade W is that I feel as though the fact that you will not be getting any real AP damage W is slightly useless. It does do damage, but Q or E will do a lot more than it. You will have to be able to have straight shots to the targets, but if you hit them the amount of damage they take is worth a lot more than if you use W.

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Summoner spells

There are only a few summoner spells I would use for Ezreal.


I would say just stick to those 4, you could use flash but I like to use E instead.

I have not seen Heal used, but I would say to NOT get it. If you have teleport you can go back to base and teleport back quickly. If you do get into a situation where you need heal, then you are being way too aggressive and should try hiding behind your teammates.

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I know that it is kinda wierd to get the Bloodthirster as your first complete item, but it's lifesteal and AD helps you to get great damage at low levels. You'll be able to get kills and use your ult to do a lot of damage.
Sometimes with this build you can choose to swap certain items out. If you find that you want more AD you can swap the soulstealer with a sword of occult. If you get enough money at the endgame you could Swap out the soulstealer with another deathcap.
The thing that I really like about the items that are here are that aside from the ionion boots, all he items will increase your damage output (I know the boots do decrease your cooldowns). This way you will be able to hurt others, Isn't that great?

Also, if you are doing very well I would suggest to buy the soulstealer before the deathcap. That way you start to get large AP bonuses faster.

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I really do not want to write anything else. I feel as though anything I could put about masteries or summoner spells that has not been done before.

I had 2 not so great games in there. At least you know I didn't edit the picture or change my scores!