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Ashe Build Guide by JumpingWombats

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JumpingWombats

Whip L'Ashe

JumpingWombats Last updated on August 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Ashe?

Ashe is an awesome and fun way to carry your team. With Ashe you can do insane damage and annoy the hell out of people with your slow at the same time. All you have to do is stay back shoot arrows and enjoy the pentakill you get by simply basic attacking while your team takes all the damage. Not to mention, Ashe's ult is one f the most fun ults in the game and is super rewarding when you land it.

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Ashe's Moves

To start the game off, you might want t go ahead with your W.
Volley: this move does a good amount of slow and a ton of damage early game. This puppy will let you safely harrass the enemies when they are at their own tower due to its wonderful range. If you have a support like blitz who can pull them down lane in the beginning of the game, volley will insure a large amount of time to basic attack and also do good damage.

The next move can depend how you are doing farming wise.

If you think that you are dominating lane and are going to get kills, go ahead and get your Q.

Frost Shot: Frost shot, with volley, truly makes Ashe one of the best kiters in the game. This move can not only sav your life, but can also destroy enemies. When you start to shoot frost shot, the enemy will often just freak out and not know whether to run or attack, and once they have already reached you, you will be running back further and they will have no health.

If you are pretty evenly matched, then level up your E first so as to get some more money from you farm and to protect from ganks.

Hawkshot: Hawkshot is great because it allows you to gain extra gold on minions kills which can really help you out in beating out another ad carry. THis move also is great as a makeshift ward when laning. The active part f it is also nice if you are in a jungle team fight or if you are fighting the baron or even checking to see if the enemies are at the baron.

Ashe's ult is the ****. While its not the most OP thing in the game, it is fun and very useful.

Enchanted Arrow: If an Ashe is a good Ashe, her aim with this ult will be hitting the carries. In team fights, Ashe can use this ult to stop damage from a carry and then kill the carry in maybe 3 basic attacks... it's awesome. Also, this move can b used to save teamates as it produces a 3.5 sec stun if hit from long range.

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Depending on your support, start out with Dorans blade or boots and 3 pots. I usually go boots and 3 pots. While this build generally changes based on how well you are doing.. I generally get berserker boots rushd fo the movement and atk speed. Then I grab a dorans for the health and damage and life steal. Now the main items:

Infinity edge: VITAL FOR ASHE - the infinity edge really just makes Ashe dominate everybody in the face. THis item ups the power of her crits and also adds a ton of atk damage. This item is a must need.

Phantom Dancers: I generally get two of these because it gives you a very high chance of a crit (85%) when added to the infinity edge and also therefore gives you about 2 crits per second - which is more insane than if you grandma wrestled a bear and lost... grandmas are OP.

Blood Thirster: this is a wonderful item as it gives you great atk damage and sustain in fights... a must need

Last Whisperer: This item is the fnal item for me as the armor penetration allows you to even take down tanks in seconds. Its a wonderful item but this can also be swapped out for a tiamat or really whatever you like depnding on the enemy team.

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Ashe really needs to be in the back in team fights. Sometimes I will even count to three before entering a team fght just to make sure I dont get focused. As Ashe, it is your job to tak out the enemy sources of damage (ap carry ad carry...). Your ult will make this easy so just let your team run in, ult, then atk. If you decide to go in for a kill, dont use flash immediatley... save your flash to escape.

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Ashe's Jobs

1. kill enemy damage sources
2. CC the **** out of the enemies
3. take down towers
4. make people rage and cry their eyeballs out.

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A good ashe really can make people rage like crazy, so go out ther and make some nooby caitlyns and tristanas smash ther keyboards in rage and show the world who the true best AD Carry is.