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Nasus Build Guide by HolyMagician

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HolyMagician

Who let the Doge out of the top? *woof woof*

HolyMagician Last updated on October 14, 2015
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The early farming/stacking phase

Always start bot lane! I write for both sides, also i´m writing the names of the old jungle monsters

Blue Team:

Start at the krugs, smite the big one and save your q if you are sure you can kill them to get your stacks(if lost some health, use a health pot when you are on your way to the naxt camp). Now move on tored buff and make sure to kill the small monsters besides the red brambleback with your q, after them make sure to kill the red with Q. Move on to the scuttler, take the second heal pot, and make also sure to kill it with Q. go to te raptors kill them with Q.

Pink Team:

Start at the gromp, smite it, and kill with Q. Now move on the the Blue sentinel, and like he camp with the red brambleback on the blue Team, kill at first the small Monsters than the sentinel(always last hit with Q). Now go on and take the scuttler(last hit with Q as always). After the scuttler move on to your wolves and smite the greater murk wolf. After this steps are finished you look if mid and bot are pushed, if not go on and take the raptors in the top jungle(don´t Forget to Q last hit them[it´s a shame to tell you but i forgot it sometimes])

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Ganking ASAP

Pink Team & Blue Team:

As the Name chapter me says: gank as soon as possible everywhere, where it´s pushed enough, or if an enemy is low on health help your Team towerdive ´em.

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.)Stay as much time as possible in jungle or on lane stacking your Q up.

.)Be the tanky*** bodyblock which protects your Team if the Support isn´t able to do this.

.)Take only kills, if your adc/midlaner isnt in range for it.