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League of Legends Build Guide Author JakofAllSpaydes

Who's gonna Mid? (AP carries)

JakofAllSpaydes Last updated on January 8, 2012
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Sorta Intro? :)

Wanna check out what me and my friends are doing recently? Care to look around for some videos or reviews of games? Well then go check out my blog!

Click Here!

If you have any questions or things you wanna talk about or ask me, go on and find the Discussion section and leave a comment, as I don;t really use mobafire anymore.


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What is mid?

Have you even seen that lane in the middle of your minimap? Yeah, that's mid, in case you don't know. If you've actually played this game before, then this is pretty simple stuff.

The question is...Who should go mid?

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Soooooo....Who should go mid?

A solid Mid character is generally ranged; so you can safely last hit minions while staying away from harm. Although, there are some melee champions who can mid,
Yeah, enough of that....IMO, ranged champions are generally better for mid. The 10 characters I chose to put in the builds are all very good mids. They are not the best, but they are certainly some of my favorites

The champions are also all AP carries, although, I will be making a seperate build for AD/DPS mids.

Many different characters can go mid, but here is the tier list for AP carries in my opinion:

Top Tier:
- Annie
- Brand
- Cassiopeia
- Gragas
- Kassadin
- Kennen
- Malzahar
- Morgana
- Zilean

These are the champions you generally want to choose when playing as a AP carry at mid. The other champions are not bad for mid, it's just that these work very well at mid. If I missed someone, please tell me :/

Not the best but still great picks tier:
- Ahri
- Anivia
- Twisted Fate
- Orianna
- Akali (Nerfed hard Q_Q)
- Nidalee
- Swain
- Veigar
- Karthus
- Ryze
- Vladimir
- Xearth

These champions are still great picks for mid, but they might have their uses in other lanes or they are just not a top tier champion.

Tier Fiddle.
- Fiddlesticks

Fiddle is the only mage jungler, and IMO, (NUNU IS NOT A GODDAM MAGE) he just needs to jungle. He gets out-bursted by lots of other champions at mid, and if you're not fed, you are pretty much useless. Therefore, you should always jungle with fiddle and gank like crazy.

Tier 3:
- Heimerdinger
- LeBlanc
- Katarina
-AP Ezreal (just not a good pick in general)
- Mordekaiser (nerf too hard HUEHUEHUE)

These aren't the best choices, although they are semi-viable. They have their different uses, Lux is a decent support, but people like heimer and leblanc are not very useful. They lack late game power. Katarina is great for pud stomping. But in legit games, everyone will just CC you to death.

Tier Support/AP mid:
- Galio
- Karma
- Lux
- Janna
- Maokai
- Kayle

These are more or less supports or tanks. They can go mid, and usually, they are pretty good at mid if played right, and have decent sustain because of their support capabilities. But usually, you want your AP carry to have to farm for a more successful game.

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What's last hitting? This is so unbelievably important, and I cannot stress how key it is to last hit. Basically, if you land the killing blow on a minion, you gain extra gold. This is one of the things that makes a player "good" or "bad". Regardless of how "pro" you may be at this game, if you are against a player with 300 last hits, (approx. 6000 extra gold, probably more) and you only have around 50 last hits and no expensive items, you will no doubt die.

Last hitting does not mean clicking on a minion until they die and hope you get the "last hit", but you rather have to learn to attack at the right time.

Every character has a different attack speed and attack animation, so it might take some time to get used to the timing of different characters. Generally, you want to attack the minion with very low health, just enough to die when you attack them.

You should try to hit minions at around this health. 99% of the champions can get a last hit from a minion this low.

If you're lane is getting pushed back too much, IT IS OKAY to use you're aoe spells or abilities to clear the wave if you want to avoid the tower taking too much damage. But if the 2 players are around the same skill level, the minions should always be at the middle of the lane, where you can harass and farm without being too vulnerable to a gank or to tower shots.

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If we need to constantly last hit to get gold.... When can we go back?

This is a very good question, and having the right timing can get you healthy and filled with items, but choosing the wrong time to go back can make you lose your tower.
Generally, if you are not winning or losing too badly, you can spam all of your spells to quickly push your minion wave to their turret, then head back immediately, buy items fast, and run back. By the time you get back, if you don't spend too much time buying items, the enemy wave should only be pushed 3/4 to your tower. Even if they do get to the tower, if you hurry, it shouldn't take much damage.


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What exactly is MIA?
MIA stands for: Missing In Action
Some people like to use missing, or mis, but MIA is the most common IMO.
Basically, it's something you would type in chat after someone from your lane disappeared, and you are not absolutely sure where they went. This means that the enemy might be going to gank one of the other lanes.

Duff, I agree that you should have map awareness, but really, when I die from a 5 man gank that came out of nowhere, and my teamates are all pushing their towers, I'm pretty annoyed. It is not a necessity, but just for being a good teammate, you should call MIA whenever you have a doubt of where the enemy is. Also, remember to call "re" or "returned" if they come back, so your teammates on the other lanes will not freak out over a gank.

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Your jungler and you

When does he gank mid? When does he cover for you? This will differ with the situation. You can't really do exactly the same thing everytime. There is no guide that says: At 7 minutes into the game, you have to ask for a mid gank, at 9 mins, go back and let your jungler defend. You have to learn it, but of course, with a few tips.

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Having your jungler cover for you

Generally, if you are mid lane, you can go back after you push. (As I said above), but what if you can't push back? Here's the dilemma.

You are at 200 hp, almost dead, and you know that the enemy can dive you. The lane is pushed to your tower and if you go back, it will go down.

Before you get to this position, you should already be aware of what is happening. Ask your jungler to quickly come to mid and cover the lane for you while you go back to heal. If you have a decent jungler, he shouldn't fall behind in levels, because he will be farming at mid waiting for you. There are a few problems though.

What if your jungler is very low as well? He just finished his jungle route while you got destroyed at mid. You notify him to come, but he will die just as fast as you if he's there.
What Now?
Sometimes, you have to give up a tower. It is not the end of the world, but you should take it into consideration. What did I do wrong? Did I play too aggressively and got ganked? Maybe I should've called for my jungler before we were both dead. Things like that could prevent you from losing the second tower.

Think about it this way. If you leave and let ur jungler continue jungling, you will only lose a tower. But if you two are both in bad shape and you go and try to defend it, you might give them a tower and a double kill.

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Having your jungler ganking your lane

First of all, you need to let your jungler know that you see him.

If you think that you have a good chance of ganking the enemy, ping the acknowledge him/her by pinging the enemy. This tells your jungler that you know he/she's there and that you are ready to engage the enemy. Go in when your jungler attacks or initiates. Sometimes, you have time to plan it out with your jungler. Maybe you need to act as a bait, etc etc. If you don't sort it out, just stun/slow/snare/etc the opposing champ when your jungler goes in.

Sometimes you won't have a good chance. Perhaps the enemy isn't pushing at all, perhaps bot is both MIA and you think the 1v2 will soon turn into a 3v2, don't try. Your jungler will benefit more from farming or ganking another lane than staying in a bush for 2 minutes.

Don't get mad if your junler fail ganks or you died in the process, it takes timing and skill to do it properly.

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Tips for midding

1. Just because you can harass the enemy, doesn't mean you should ignore your farm to harass. Remember, harassing the enemy won't win games, but farming for items will.

2. Move often. Dodge skillshots. Don't be harassed to death either; if you go back too much, you will lose valuable gold and experience.

3. If you are losing the lane, and then enemy is pushing the lane, remember to tell your jungler (if you have one) or someone from a duo lane to come and help gank mid. This will often grab you a free kill or even the odds by pushing back.

4. Same goes for if you are winning the lane badly. Don't push too hard unless you know that no one can get to your lane fast enough to pull off a successful gank. Focus on last hitting, not auto-attacking everything you see.

5. Remember to ward!!!
I cannot stress how important this is. 1 ward can often save you from several gank attempts. if you think you don't need that 75 gold for pots, get a ward. It's definatly worth it. There is a build all about warding, and I would suggest you find it and read it to have a better understanding.

(I didn't write anything about MIA's, because I have a whole section about it.)

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This build is still in progress~

I will update this build with any comments or advice that people might give me, and a lot more sections. For now though, gimme some advice and comments :P

I will not write a little guide for every single mid champion, but instead, write about midding and more general ideas. I might add a few tips for each of the champions listed above, but if I do, it will be done after I finish the rest. Thanks for Jebus for the suggestions.


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