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Katarina Build Guide by Whybecauseican

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whybecauseican

Why? because I CAN Low ELO Build

Whybecauseican Last updated on January 2, 2014
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Katarina is an Ap-Assasine Caster with melee attack range.

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Early Game and laning Phase

Start Boots and 4 pots. Start to Outfarm your Enemy with your Bouncing Blades, sinister steel combo. Once you zoned your enemy that hard, that he needs to B your mission gots completed, because your mission is to get fast more gold and exp then the enemy. In low elo like silver and bronze you can start roaming to bot and pick up kills/assists and get Control over Dragon. In high Elo I think it's better to stay in lane and keep farming. Roaming to top isn't that good, because bot is more squishy and you can burst them easily down.

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You start Boots and pots in almost all cases. EXCEPT you have an AD laner, then you start Cloth and pots. And If you have a Hard Poking Lane for example Lux Start Dorns Shield. Abyssal Mask is a nice choice for Katarinas mid/early game because kata is always in the middle of the fight so the effect can stack at all enemys. Haunting Guise makes you more survivable. Rabadon's Deathcap is for your burst damage. You really need a Zhonya's Hourglass to wait the cool downs if you can't get resets. Void Staff is an item that every midlander could need. If you never die or get in trouble in fights you can sell your Haunting Guise for a Deathfire Grasp. BUT NEVER build the Haunting Guise into Liandry's Torment it's pretty useless for kata. Only if the Enemy Laner has no magic resist in runes you rush Abyssal Mask as your first item.

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Katarina farming is very simple. Normally you can kill 5 minions with a Bouncing Blades and a sinister steel the rest of them you can finish with Shunpo. Katarina have no resources like mana or Energie so you can use your spells ever, when they're not on cool down so USE THEM.

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Skill Seqence

Your skill Sequence is like always the same. You throw a Bouncing Blades on the enemy, Shunpo on him do a sinister steel and finish him off with Death Lotus.

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Pros: -High Mobility
-high Burst damage
-no mana/Energie so you can Spam your abilities to farm
Cons: -can easy Interrupt the ultimate
-high cool downs
-easy to play hard to master

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In Teamfights you should NEVER be the first one go in. it's better to wait the enemy's CC got burned so you can go in. Your target in Teamfights is to get as much resets as possible. The first reset you should try to get with your full combo on the enemy adc/apc. As an Example: if the enemy have a , a , a , a and a is this one of the WORST cases you can have. In this fight you have to wait all the cc that can interrupt your ultimate. You let your team engage. You really can't wait till all cc skills get burned. So when you see Blitz, Malphite or Gragas ult then you can go in and try to kill the adc or apc

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Famous Katarina Streamer

- TiensinoAkuma
- Bischu
- HooN ( Korean )

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About me

Hey I'm darkspider09.
I'm a German silver V league of legends player and I'm 16 years old. I really love katarina because of her high mobility and her high burst damage. She's so op in lane *_* I got at least 6 Pentas with kata.
Well I hope you enjoined my guide and only cause I'm silver I'm not a bad player...
I'm out
Cya ;)