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League of Legends Build Guide Author NLSilverBolts

[WIP] [ALL CHAMPIONS] Overall Champion Roles

NLSilverBolts Last updated on July 18, 2012
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Hello, My name is NLSilverBolts and i am a starting YouTuber. I've player League of Legends since October 2010 and find myself quite expirienced with the game. I came from DOTA, so i was quite used to the game, though i found LoL to be very refined and easy to play.

In DOTA, all DOTA players know that there are a few roles champions can fulfill. I can list most champions to their role, although some champions can fulfill multiple roles.

During this guide i repeditively use the term Primary Targets. The Primary Targets are always, and i really mean ALWAYS the enemy's Ranged AD Carry, AP nuker and/or AP Bruiser.

In this guide i list all chapions from Jayce patch, and future patches in their respective role category and it will be up to you to decide who to play.

You can find my channel at
Enjoy the reading.

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Role 1: Initiator

Initiator's are mainly tanky characters that can create a teamfight and provide enough CC (Crowd Contol) or disruption to get your team a big advantage. If you decide to play this role, i suggest you get used to dying alot, because you cant survive every assault on summoners rift.

Initiators grow stronger from mid-game on, as they mostly have a relativly weak early game because they cant absorb damage good enough to be a succesfull initiator. therefor getting gold/5 items are a must, to get beefy (high amounts of health) and tanky (strong resistances).

The following characters make good initiators.

Alistar Alistar is a good initiator, because of his ultimate he can be very tanky. He can be played as a good initiator, but because of his relatively long cooldowns, it can be hard to disrupt during the teamfight.

Amumu Amumu is a top tier initiator, His Q can launch him in place to use his R and lock down the enemy team. While inbetween all enemies he can use his W and E to damage constantly and making it easy to focus down the enemy's primary targets.

Blitzcrank Blitzcrank is a mediocre initiator, but because of his Grab -> Knockup he can take down an out-of-place champion with his team. Because of this, you are 4v5 and it will be easyer to win the teamfight. his ultimate grants a silence, making him very effective at disrupting AP nukers and AP bruisers.

Fizz Fizz is a mediocre initiator, his ultimate has a amazingly strong slow. This slow when applied to the enemy's ap nuker/bruiser and/or ad carry can turn the fight completely around, when the ultimate hits, jump on top of them with the entire team, grating your team 1 or maybe even 2 - 3 kills in a short time.

Gragas Gragas is a good initiator, but this requires him to play tanky, either AP tanky or AD tanky. His ultimate has a very good knockback, when thrown just behind the enemy team, you can knock the ad carry and/or the ap nuker/bruiser towards your team. They will find themselves vunreable and easy to kill, taking out the enemy's primary damage makes them almost unable to defend. Your E grants a strong repeditive slow, making chasing much easyer and you and your team can catch up to fleeing targets.

Hecarim Hecarim is a good initiator, His ultimate (when it hits everyone) fears them making them unable to do anything for a short period of time. Your team can make advantage of this by attacking the primary targets. You also have a movement speed steroid (an ability that boots a certain stat) making catching up easyer, and on op of that, you even have a knockback on your E.

Malphite Malphite is in the top tier initiators. The combination of his passive, Q, W, E and R make him one of the most deadly initiators in the game. When engaging with your R, you knock them up, granting them helpless. Followed by your E, which burns their attackspeed and finally your W giving you additional AD and armor, making you even tankyer. and on top of that your Q slows and enemy primary target and speeds you up, so you and your team can take them down much easyer.

Maokai Maokai is a good initiator. His W into his E can lock down an enemy primary target, so your team can focus it down. His R Reducing damage inside the area makes him and the rest of his team much tankyer, therefor maokai is one of the best support-jungle-initiators in the game.

Nautilus Nautilus is in the top tier initiators. His Q, E and R make him an absolute nightmare. When Nautilus engages with his Q into a auto-attack, locking the enemy primary target down. Then your team comes in to focus them, during that you launch your E for the slow and your Ult on the champion that is the msot far away to knock up all enemy's in a line. all of this combines nautilus into a strong disrupting support-jungle-initiator.

Rammus Rammus in a good initiator. The reason Rammus is not a top tier, is because his abilities all affect targets that are very close to eachother, making his area disruption too weak to be a very effective initiator. But his inborn tankness makes up for that, Rammus can absorb huge amounts of damage, and when taunting a enemy primary target he can let his team focus it down with ease.

Sejuani Sejuani is a good initiator. Her auto-attacks and Q into W slow her enemy's alot, making catching up easyer. her E makes the slow even stronger and her ultimate can lock down an enemy primary target easily. She is mainly played suppot-jungle-initiator.

Singed Singed is a very tanky mediocre initiator, but his main strength is his disruption. His E can throw enemy primary targets inside your team, making it easy to focus it down. Your ultimate is a super-steroid, increasing everything you need to escape, or chase. Your W slows by a huge amount, making escaping extremely hard for them.

Volibear Volibear is a mediocre initiator. His Q can fulfill the same role as Singed's E, but not as effective since he doesnt throw them back far enough and his E doesnt have enough slowing power to keep them in place for long, making flashing out easy.

So far for the Initiators, if you feel that someone is missing, feel free to ask and i will tell you why they are not included as initiator.

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Role 2: AD Carry

The AD Carry on your team is always melee. Huh? melee? they are ranged lol n00b l2p.
No, they are not. Your team's AD RANGED CARRY is ranged, your AD Carry is always melee, with exeptions on some ablilities.

Fiora Fiora is a strong AD Carry, her ablities provide steroids on her auto-attacks and she has the needed gap-closer on her Q and R, and a one-use dodge on her E. her W is purely steroids since it increases your attackspeed by a riducolous amount late game, making her a exellent ad carry.

Jax Jax is a strong AD Carry/ AD Bruiser. He is capable of building Fratmogs, ( Frozen Mallet, Atma's Impaler and Warmog's Armor) to be a tanky AD bruiser, but he can also build full AD with for example: Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer. His Q is a strong gap-closer, his W resets the auto-attack timer, which makes it even more effective after landing a basic attack. His E dodge's (non-turret) auto-attacks and then stuns for a short time, useful to disrupt enemy's. His R is very strong, giving him a reason to build AP giving items. But besides that, it gives armor based on AD and Magic-resist based on AP, Thus making him very suvivable.

Master Yi Master Yi is a mediocre AD Carry, because he is very easy to disrupt during combat. But he makes up for that with his passive, granting him 2 auto-attacks every 7th hit. this is very strong when pushing or when fighting another atuo-attack champion. His Q is a good gap-closer and his E gives him a AD steroid. His W can be used to regenerate health outside of battle, unless you play him AP. His ultimate is great for chasing, escaping and pushing, making him a hard-to-counter duelist unless you have any sort of stun.

Pantheon Pantheon is a good AD carry, His passive is strong during teamfights, because you block one attack that might just painfully crit you. Your Q is a strong harrassing tool, and also good for finishing off enemy's, even though i feel it needs a on-hit-effect buff. You W refreshes your passive and stuns your enemy briefly, therefor its a gap-closer and a disrupting tool. Your E is strong when you aren't getting focussed, because you can deal a high amount of damage is a relatively short time. You ultimate is rather weak, you can use it to jump in teamfights when you can't seem to get in safely, or use it as a transport tool.

Shaco Shaco is a strong AD Carry, his Q always crits, can be used as a gap-closer or escape tool, and is very strong early game. Your W can be used as a disrupting tool during a teamfight as it briefly fears the enemy. Your E can be used as a constant slow, as a catching-up debuff on your enemy or as a finishing tool. Your R deals damage itself, although not too much, Shaco can use it to confuse enemy's while letting it make player-like moves. it can deal some extra damage to make finishing off easyer.

Sion Sion is a mediocre AD Carry, as he is easy to counter with stuns and heal-reduction. But he has a stun on his Q, which can be used wisely to catch up to running enemy's or to disrupt combat. his W can be used as a little extra health, and his E is a AD steroid and a very good farming tool, as it gives health every time you kill something. Your ultimate is very scary when you aren't getting CC'd or ignited, as it gives a lifesteal and attackspeed steroid, and it heals nearby allies for a percentage of the life stolen.

Talon Talon is a strong AD Carry, expecially when teamed up with someone who can constantly CC a enemy, like for example Sejuani. His Q resets the auto-attack times and is best when used after a basic attack, it also applies a DOT (damage over time) on the enemy. His W slows and damages enemy's 2x, when it goes and when it returns, making it very good to finish or catch up with. Your E is a gap-closer, and also a disruption tool as it silences the enemy, making him strong versus AP nukers/bruisers. Your ultimate is a good AoE (Area of Effect) ability that is strongest when using it before entering the battlefield and activated behind all the other champions, making all the daggers hit the enemy's, it is also a good escaping and finishing tool. It is also useful for disrupting during a duel.

Tryndamere Tryndamere is a mediocre AD Carry, as he is easy to kill when ignited or severly CC'd. His ultimate however makes him very hard to kill, as he cant die for a while, and he can use it to escape or to just finish off that last enemy. His Q heals him for a base amount + extra from his rage bar, his W slows enemy's and debuff's their AD. His E is a good gap-closer and escape tool.

Xin Zhao Xin Zhao is a strong AD carry. his Q can disrupt enemy's, leaving them helpless against the assault. his W is a attackspeed steroid and also lowers cooldowns on auto-attacks when activated. Your E slows and is a good gap-closer. Your ult damages everyone around you and gives armor and magic-resist per champion hit.

So far for the AD Carry's, if you feel that someone is missing, feel free to ask and i will tell you why they are not included as a AD Carry.

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Role 3: Ranged AD Carry

Ranged AD Carry's are complete death late game, as they deal tons of damage with crits and attack fast. The trick with a Ranged AD Carry is to stay behind a bit with the AP nuker/bruisers, so you can attack from a distance and are safe from the other Ranged AD Carrys and AP nuker/bruisers. Most AD Carry's are equally strong, as they are all item-dependant, but some of them fulfill their roles just a bit diffrent than other Ranged AD Carry's.

Ashe Ashe is a normal range Ranged Carry. Her Q can slow every basic attack, making it hard to escape from her, or to engage on her. Her W deals damage in a cone and applies a slow. Her E is a scouting and farming tool as it gives extra gold per last hit. Her ultimate can be used to slow enemy's around the initial target or to stun a single target during a duel. it is a global ultimate making it hard to dodge, because you might not see it coming.

Caitlyn Caitlyn is a long range Ranged AD Carry, making her auto-attacks even scarier. Her Q deals damage in a line, useful for farming and harrassing. Her W snares a champion in place, making it easy to hit them. her E is a escape mechanism and a slow, can be used to slow a champion when the jungler comes to gank. Her ultimate is a long range snipe, mainly used for finishing off low health enemy's.

Corki Corki is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, his passive makes him scary because it deals 10% true damage of his AD. His Q deals damage and reveals stealthed enemy's and/or enemy's in a bush. His W is a gap-closer and a escape mechanism, it also leaves a trail that deals damage, but it does give away your location. Your E deals damage every second in a cone ahead of you, making duels easyer. Your ultimate shoots a rocket and deals damage, usefull when finishing off low enemy's and farming. Every 4th shot is a Big One, dealing even more damage.

Draven Draven is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, His passive applies a DOT each time it crits, making him a bit scarier. His Q deals damage and bounces back off, so he can catch it. it also applies his passive. This makes him predictable as you will know how he will walk along his path. His W is a attack speed and movement speed steroid. His E slows and disrupts enemy's and also deals damage. His ultimate it global, just like Ezreal's ult it decreases in damage each time it hits someone. But it returns upon hitting an enemy champion, making it deal damage 2x.

Ezreal Ezreal is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, his passive is a attack speed steroid each time it hits someone with a spell and it stacks 5x. His Q deals mainly AD and applies on hit effects. His W increases allies attack speed when hit and burn's the enemy's when hit. His E deals damage and also blinks him to target location, making it a good gap-closer and also hard to catch up to him. His ultimate is global, dealing damage in a line, decreasing each time he hits someone.

Graves Graves is a short range Ranged AD Carry, his passive gives armor and magic-resist per champion near, this can be used to see if there is a enemy nearby. His Q deals damage is a cone. His W blinds the enemy's vision to inside the globe, usefull for when juking. His E is a attack speed steroid and also a gap-closer and escape tool. His ultimate deals damage is a line and explodes when it hits someone or when its at the end of the range, leaving a big cone that deals damage.

Kog'Maw Kog'Maw is a long range Ranged AD Carry. His passive allows him to become a timebomb when he dies that explodes and deals true damage to enemy's around him.
His Q passively increases his attack speed and deals damage plus debuffing their armor and magic resist when activated. His W extends his range and makes him deal a percentage of the enemy's max health in magic damage. His E damages and creates a slowing line. His ultimate deals damage and has a really long range. when you hit an enemy, you reveal them for a short time.

Miss Fortune Miss Fortune is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, her passive gives movementspeed over time untill it reaches a cap, making her extra fast. Her Q Deals damage and bounces to a target behind the initial target, usefull for harassing. Her W applies extra damage per shot and is also an attack speed steroid when activated, it also cuts healing when activated. Her E deals damage in a circle and also slows, usefull to catch up to enemy's or to slow them in the chase. Her ultimate deals damage in a cone, not very usefull late game but could be used for farming.

Sivir Sivir is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, her passive gives her 50 movement speed when she attacks an enemy champion with a basic attack. Her Q launches a boomerang that deals damage to and fro, reduces per enemy hit. Her W gives additional damage on her next auto-attack and bounces off to other enemy's, damage reduces per enemy hit. Her E is a spellshield that will block any spell, if it blocks a spell, you regain 150 mana. Her ultimate gives a attack speed and movement speed steroid that has half effect on allies.

Tristana Tristana is a normal to long range Ranged AD Carry, because her passive increases her attack range each level-up. Her Q is a attack speed steroid, her W makes her jump to target location and deals damage and slows, refreshes each time it makes a kill. Her E deals damage around a killed target and applies a DOT and reduces healing when activated. Her ultimate deals damage and knocks back the target and targets behind it, making it usefull when jumped ahead of them and then shoot them back.

Twitch Twitch is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, his passive makes him apply a poison DOT on enemy's and can be used with his abilities. His Q stealth's him, and when attacking an enemy from stealth applies a attack speed steroid. His E Deals damage dependant on the amount of stacks from his passive on the target. This also removes the stacks. His W slows targets around him, also applies his passive. His ultimate gives him AD and makes his shots longer and they penetrate the enemy, making it useful when they stand close together, and as a farming tool.

Urgot Urgot is a short range Ranged AD Carry, His passive reduces the enemy's damage by 15%, making him a scary carry. His Q deals damage and locks on to targets affected by his E, It also slows if he activated his W. His W shields him and puts a slow on his attacks. His E deals damage and lowers their armor, it also applies a poison, so he can lock on his Q to the target. His ultimate steroids his armor and magic-resist and makes him switch places with the enemy, useful to use on fleeing enemy's or on Ranged AD Carry's and AP nuker/bruiser during teamfights.

Varus Varus is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, His passive grants him a attack speed steroid each time he kills a minion, it gives twice the amount on champion kill or assist.
His Q deals damage in a line, the longer you prepare the shot, the more damage it deals. The damage reduces per enemy hit. His W deals magic damage on auto-attacks and place a 3x stackable that can detonate when hit by the other abilities. His E deals damage and leaves a slowing field, it also reduces healing effects. His ultimate deals damage and snares the enemy champion in place, and it continues to do so on other champions. Making it easy to auto-attack them.

Vayne Vayne is a normal range Ranged AD Carry, Her passive gives her 30 movementspeed when she moves to a enemy champion. Her Q makes her roll towards a location and deals extra damage on the next auto-attack. Her W stacks 3x and when it reaches 3 stacks it deals a percentage of the enemy's health is damage. Her E damages and knocks-back her target, it stuns and deals damage again if the enemy hits terrain. her ultimate gives her a AD steroid, stealth during tumble and her passive becomes 90 movement speed bonus.

So far for the Ranged AD Carry's, if you feel that someone is missing, feel free to ask and i will tell you why they are not included as Ranged AD Carry.

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Role 4: AD Bruiser

AD Bruisers are more tanky than that they are strong. Going bruiser on a champion makes you turn in damage for survivability, making it hard to exually kill someone from 100% health on your own. (unless you are Darius or Garen)

Darius Darius is a very strong AD Bruiser. What makes him so strong is his ultimate, which can kill people very frequently when timed right. Making him a nightmare when ignored.
His passive is a DOT that deals quite some damage early game. therefor harrassing your opponents is a must. His Q deals damage around him, applying his passive. its stronger when hit with the edge of the skill's reach, so make sure to hit the squishy targets with the edges. His W deals damage and applies a debuff on movement speed and attack speed, making him a good AD Carry/Ranged Carry counter. The cooldown is reduces if you stacked your passive on them. His E pulls the enemy towards you, so he has the needed gap-closer. His ultimate is a complete nightmare to everyone. it deals true damage, can kill squishy targets extremely fast and comepletely destroy and entire team. the only way to counter darius is constant stuns, hard slows, and silences. getting a banshees veil can counter this. Good counterpicks are Garen (because of his ultimate and W), Nocturne because of his spellshield and Sivir because of her spellshield.

Gangplank Gangplank is a strong bruiser. His passive applies a slow and DOT, so harrassing early game is a must. His Q deals alot of damage and applies on hit effects, so its a hard nuke. His W heals any CC on him and heals him. His E has a constant AD and Movementspeed steroid, and when activated its doubled and allies receive it too. His ultimate is a slowing and damaging field, which is really effective when put right on top of the primary targets, so its harded to get away.

Garen Garen is a strong bruiser, because he is very sustainable and has a strong ultimate.
His passive heals him when he hasn't been hit for a while by 0.5% of his max health, making his laning easy. His Q Damages and silences the target hit while speeding up garen for a short while, useful for chasing and escaping. His W passively increases his armor and magic-resist after farming some minions or killing some champions, when activated it reduces damage by percentages, making it very useful mid-late game. His ultimate deals executing damage, but unlike Darius's ultimate, it deals magic damage instead of true, which i think has to be adjusted, since darius can repeat it, and deals true damage. (which i think is a bit imba). this does however make him a good counter for Darius, since he can hit him with his own trick.

Hecarim Hecarim's bruising potential is quite good. His passive makes him ignore unit collision making him hard to escape from in a lane, and it also increases his damage by a percentage of his movement speed. his Q deals damage around him, and is very repeatable, but mana-burning, it does make him a good pusher. His W deals damage around him and heals him for ALL damage he does when activated, making it easy to regenerate health. His E gives him a movementspeed steroid and makes his next attack knock back the target, making it an exellent disrupting tool. His ultimate fears all targets hit, and deals damage, making him a good initiator.

Irelia Irelia is a strong AD Bruiser, Her passive reduces CC per enemy champion near, making her very resilient. her Q strikes to an enemy and refreshes on kill and refreshes half the mana-cost. Her W passively makes her regenerate health if she auto-attacks, when activated the regeneration doubles and she deals some true damage to the enemy. Her E damages, slows or stuns and enemy dependent if their health-percentage is higher than hers. her ultimate shoots 4 blades that damages enemy's and heals her for a percentage of the damage dealt, but only half effect on minions.

Jarvan IV Jarvan is a Tanky AD Bruiser, made to intercept enemy's and lock them in place. his passive deals a percentage of their total health on hit, every 6 seconds bu caps at 400.
His Q deals damage in a line and reduces their armor-percentage, it can also be used to jump at his E and knock enemy's up. His W shields him for every enemy champion near and slows enemy's around him. his E increases his attack speed and armor, and when placed it can be teleported to and increases allies' attack speed too. his ultimate deals damage and caged enemy's around his initial target, useful for locking in the tank and AD Bruisers on a team so that your's can destroy the primary targets.

Jax Jax can be a tanky AD Bruiser, but his real strength lies in damage. when building jax AD Bruiser you buy Frozen Mallet, Atma's Impaler and Warmog's Armor. reccomended items after that are Randuin's Omen, Tinity Force and Banshee's Veil. but that's entirely up to you.

Jayce Jayce is a mediocre AD Bruiser. His passive gives him a movement speed steroid and ignores unit collision when he transforms his weapon with his ultimate. His Q with hammer deals damage and he leaps to the target, and also slows them. His Q with cannon shoots a bolt that deals damage in a small AoE, But when fired through his E in cannon mode, the AoE, travel speed and damage increases by 40%. His W with hammer passively regenerates mana per hit, when activated it deals damage around him. His W in cannon mode max' out his attack speed for 3 hits and do an increasing percentage of his damage. His E with hammer Deals damage plus a percentage of their health and knocks-back the target. His E with cannon makes a line-gate that increases movement speed, but decreases over time.

Lee Sin

So far for the AD Bruiser's, if you feel that someone is missing, feel free to ask and i will tell you why they are not included as AD Bruiser.


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