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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lavn


Lavn Last updated on March 17, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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If you are curious about the title..

What happened was the save button wasn't working.. Out of fear of losing my work I decided to publish opposed to risking it. I am still working on this build, anyway feel free to give me tips as I am new to Mobafire

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Hi! My IGN is BoomLavn and I main mid lane in s4. In this guide I will be explaining the basics on Vayne and how to effectively play her from early game to late game. I will be also explaining why she is bad in the late game compared to other adc and much more.

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Pros / Cons

- Scales really nicely into late game
- Deals % True damage
- Very mobile with her Q and R and Passive
- Great for chasing
- Very fun!
- Very weak early
- Hard to master

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Abilities, how to use them and what they do? (WIP)

I plan on working on this section in the future. Briefly I will explain what each ability does as well as some tips and combos with them.

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Why is Vayne bad/good in early/late game

I have been asked this many times and for some it may be obvious but due to many new players who are still learning I feel like I should include this in the guide. So, Vayne is really bad in early game due to her being a sort of "unique" AD carry as she rushes attack speed items such as BORK (Blade Of The Ruin King) the reason for this is because with Vayne's W (Silver Bolts) she is dealing 60 + 8% of the targets health in TRUE DAMAGE (True damage is damage that cannot be reduced in any way with things such as armor or magic resist) Therefor the more attack speed that Vayne has, the more true damage and % Health you will be dealing. To summarize Vayne will deal significantly more damage the more attack speed she has therefor until she is close to full build she will be debatably dealing less damage then other AD carries will be in the early game. On another note, again Vayne brings true damage and percent health to the fight. Therefor if there is a situation where Vayne is left fighting a tank such as Mundo,, she will not only do damage for the maximum amount of health the enemy Mundo has, she will also "bypass" Mundo's armor with her Silver Bolts

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Spells: Why Flash + Barrier

Flash: Flash is a overall really good spell, it gives you more way more mobility and allows you to reposition yourself if needed to in fights.
Barrier: I feel like Barrier is essential on any ADC. It opens more opportunity for outplays. essentially you will get more damage off with aa's then you would with ignite anyway.

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Lifesteal Quints: This is to sustain yourself in the laning phase. As stated earlier you most likely will lose lane as Vayne against other AD carries so you should be playing a fairly passive farm game.
Attack Damage: These runes are the best possible runes available to fill in the blanks.
Armor/Magic Resist: These runes are just tanky stats and may just save your life.

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So, why the boot enchantment Furor?

Boot enchantment really depends on how the game is going. Personally I love Furor on Vayne opposed to any other enchantment or the most commonly taken homeguard enchanment but again is depends on how your game is going. If you find that the enemy team is in your base and has a huge disadvange homeguards may be the safest pick as it heals you to full health after a short delay and gives you a massive speed boost that swiftly decays. If this is not the case then I suggest you grab Furor. Furor gives you a short speed boost that triggers once you auto attack an enemy. What this means is you can kite easier due to this enchantment. Overall I think this enchantment fits Vayne's playstyle very nicely and should be picked up in most situations.

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What is your job?

Early game: As I said before Vayne's early game is relatively weak and should lose against most enemy AD carries. What you should do is farm best you can and try not to give up any kills in lane, if you can out farm the enemy AD carry then essentially you won lane because you should scale better into late game than your enemies AD carry. I am not saying to not seek opportunities to get kills, I am suggesting to play less aggressive early game especially if you are new to Vayne as it can be challenging.

Mid game - Late game: Depending on how the game is going or the enemies team comp will decide how you guys want to play at this point. If they have champions with abilities that gain strength with minions killed ex. Nasus, Veigar etc. then you are going to want to end the game and teamfight as fast as possible to deny them of getting as much of stacks as possible. But if they have a team that scales poorly into late game then you can decide to farm up more as you scale really nicely when full build. Either way in team fights you are going to have the same job as any other ADC, keep yourself well positioned and deal tons of damage from a safe distance. Your R (Final Hour) is an attack damage buff, passive buff , and a Tumble buff all of this helps you keep yourself well positioned and helps for cleaning up those low health enemies. Her R (Final Hour) also opens tons of outplay opportunities but I plan on discussing that in the future with possible video examples.

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Final hour (WIP)

I am working on this section still. Briefly this section will tell you how to use your Ultimate.
I feel like this ability has so much potential that it needed to have its own chapter.

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As this guide is still in progress I would like to list the things that I intend to make/finish for the future of this guide.
- Match ups
- Farming tricks
- Which items and why?
- Much more
I hope this guide helped you out when playing Vayne. If you feel like anything else should be added to this guide please feel free to leave it in the comment section