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League of Legends Build Guide Author StaticFX

Worst Malzahar Build Ever? Yeah, Probably.

StaticFX Last updated on December 11, 2010
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Yeah yeah, I know you think AD/AS Malz sucks. But just hear me out, your abilities hurt like hell even without the 200-300 more ap most malz builds end up with. But with this, your auto attacks kick *** and you can actually take a bit of damage before dieing. So just try it out before you down rate my build.

Item build:
Your core should consist of Sorcs, Malady, Rageblade, Gunblade, and Nashor's Tooth. around the end of the game. The last item is up to you, I usually go Lich Bane just for the super awesome Autoattack buff. But ya know, Zhonya's for the ap, IE for the damage, Bloodthirster for the life steal, etc. Just make your last item whatever you think would be best for your team.

Summoner Skills:
Teleport because of the I-Gotta-Be-There-Like-Right-****ing-Now moments.
Ignite because...well, to ensure that kill or just have a **** ton of DoT by spamming Ignite, Null Zone, Deathfire (if you got it as your last item), Malefic Visions, and Nether Grasp, then some auto attacks in between and watch that green go red.

You could take Flash instead if you want since malz isnt that great at escaping. Or Exhaust so you can stop then from running so you can use your ulti. Ya'know, the obvious reasons people take Exhaust.

Skill Sequence:
I focus on upgrading Call of The Void coz I hate when people run and Call of The Void usually stops them, but thats just me, I don't care much for Null Zone because it eats mana, although I do like the Malefic Visions/Null Zone farming combo, but I could still farm a lot of creeps with just Call of The Void/Malefic Visions. Also the Nether Grasp/Null Zone combo almost always gives a kill. Don't be afraid to auto attack, coz with this build, '**** hurts.

21/0/9. mmk ty.

Get what you think you need, this build is partly for personal reference, make your weak points stronger, and DO NOT be stupid, don't tower dive, its almost never worth it. When you die your missing the game, a lot of **** can happen in the 20-70 seconds it takes to respawn; You could get behind in levels, miss money from minion kills, and sometimes miss a baron kill.

A good thing about Malz's DoT is that no one can tell how much damage it will do until its too late. For example, I have...100 hp, Teemo (I use Teemo coz I hate him) has 300 hp, he rushes to try to get a kill, big mistake, I activate my Level 5 Malefic Visions and run like hell, instead of using his heal or something he thinks he can survive Malefic Visions and still kill me, Malefic Visions kills him, I'm lol-ing. DoTs stack I can Ignite/Malefic Visions/Null Zone/Deathfire him like crazy and he doesn't know it would kill him, and with this build you can auto attack his *** while Voidling and all those skills are poison his hp. Also, if you were to somehow die (lol) while all those DoTs are on the killer you could do one of the most annoying thing ever: Stalemate, hear that? QQ and Rage, QQ and Rage everywhere. Just laugh. :)