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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ezreal Build Guide by StaticFX



Updated on July 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StaticFX Build Guide By StaticFX 318 53 901,898 Views 338 Comments
318 53 901,898 Views 338 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StaticFX Ezreal Build Guide By StaticFX Updated on July 3, 2011
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Spreading Excitement all Over the World with the Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade

If you don't know some of these acronyms or whatever I suggest you go out and play this game a bit until your familiar with the game mechanics, I don't want anyone downvote bombing me because they're chronically enfeebled, thanks. <3

Oh, also this is all pretty outdated, I'll work on a revamp soon... Maybe....

AAAAAAAAAAALLLRIGHTYTHEN Welcome to my Hybrid Ezreal guide! so uh, I'm just gonna skip all the awkward formalities until I can find something clever and funny to put here, so yeah, lets just cut right to the pros and cons.

-Very fun to play
-Many different item paths, very flexible
-Amazing tits
- deals great damage, unlike AP builds
- , , and deals amazing damage, unlike AD builds
-Hybrid gives you "The best of both worlds" as Hannah Montana would say
-Have you seen this guy's dance?....No?....Have you seen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?....No?....get the **** out

-Hard to play
-Even harder to learn (but rewarding)
-Purely skillshot, so if skillshots aren't your thing, I suggest finding a different champion to play, but if you really want to learn because of Ezreals fabulous dance, practice Dr. Mundo's , Kennen's , or Anivia's first. Or you can do 1v0 custom games, and just practice on minions, they don't give a **** if you miss.
-No CC
-Reserved for when I find out anything "bad" about Ezreal
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Runes, Masteries, and Summoner Spells!


Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation-ArmPen works with . YOU WANT THIS.

Greater Seal of VitalityGreater Seal of Vitality- I guess SOME hp is good. I would buy these runes last, not that important if your good with Ezreal and know when to run.

Greater Glyph of Force- AP to help a bit late game, so you don't lose your uh....thunder. Lol who am I kidding, runes are totally unnecessary if your good with Ezreal. Wellllll, these do help a bit, if you take the "Ap increasing" masteries at level 18 you'll get about about 40 extra ap.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationQuintessence of Desolation- See "Greater Mark of Desolation" :3

Like I said, Ezreal has little need for runes, they don't make THAT much of a difference except maybe the ArmPen, so just use whatever the hell you've got.


Okeydokey. Here you have some options, wooo!

A) 9-0-21, Spam your and a lot more. You also get more mana which is great for your and , my favorite Mastery Tree, only use this if your confident you don't need more survivability/damage and you know what your doing.

B) 21-0-9, Increases your damage, which is good if you don't think your killing fast enough; For the slightly "seasoned" Hybrid Ezers...lolidk.

C) 0-21-9, If you haven't figured out that your ranged, and to not let melee champs like Master Yi or Jax get to you, use this set up to delay seeing that gray screen for a few seconds; For noobs. <3

Summoner Spells:

Teleport- For the I-Need-To-Be-There-Right-****ing-Now-**** moments, My favorite spell.

Flash- If you use this with your your impossible to catch, or escape from, unless they're like Kassadin or something, then its a bit harder ._.

Clairvoyance- Hey if your pro with this, by all means take it, I'd replace if you do. Its great for aiming your but I've never been in a position where I wish I had it.
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Sheen- GREAT with

Berserker's Greaves- Good for attack speed and uh...moving, speed is great for Ezreal, you'll need it to kite and position yourself, if you're thinking "**** AS, I wanna be faster" then go .

Manamune- Helps your AD and Mana ofc. Good for getting ***** of mana, so will give a LOT of AP.

Guinsoo's Rageblade- A staple for any hybrid, everything you need, AP, AD, AS. One of my favorite items :3

Archangel's Staff- So much AP. Goes great with

Rabadon's Deathcap- Dat AP.

Trinity Force- I've never gotten this far in a game, but it will make your Hurt. Like. ****ing. Hell.

Ezreal is pretty item/level dependant since I chose these items for their passives instead of the AP/AS/AD they give, thats just a bonus.
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Mystic Shot- Really great range, and amazing damage, use this to bush check and harass/kill chasers that are in range of it.

Essence Flux- Another good range skill, goes over minions, so aim this only at champs, you'll look stupid shooting Baron/Dragon with it. I speak from experience :(

Arcane Shift- I wouldn't use this for damage, its cooldown always seems to get me killed, use if for chasing and positioning, but when someones mia, save it for escaping. I like this as something to fall back on when is on cooldown.

Trueshot Barrage- Lol, see that guy running? *Presses R* "An Enemy Has Been Slain", throw this into a team fight and check out those assists.
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How to be an SOS Brigade Deputy Chief!

Early Game (Mid Lane):

Alrighty, so your sitting in your spawn, say "Hi" to your team and grab your little and your pot then make your way to mid. When you get there go near their tower and slap your opponent with to show him whose boss, unless your against then sit near your tower and admire your /dance. Last hit minions with and DO NOT just randomly auto attack minions, you don't want to push so much, you'll be vulnerable to ganks. Just last hit and get your gold. Whenever you can afford it, press B and buy Mr. , do a cartwheel and go back to your lane. Keep on last hitting, when you get enough, go back to spawn and buy you some cute new boots! ( / )

Mid Game (Mid Lane)

So, now that you got your cute little high-heels or Hermes-Style Nikes. Your ready to strut your ****, gurl. K, you should be level 6-8, so check everyone on the map if they have 300-ish hp, and try to snipe them with , if your not confident hitting from the side, return to spawn and attack from there. Gank a little and buy your absolutely adorable Tear of the Goddess, or the manly Manamune, depending on how much cash money you have.

Late Game (Mid Lane):

Now you are God, with your Blade of Rage and Wand of...Blastation. Keep on buying **** and if your doing everything right, you'll have very little deaths, bunch of kills and amazing assists. This is the phase where you make your enemy team wish they /surrender'd at 25, just kill using the standard combo:

( Arcane Shift- to position yourself.)

1! Essence Flux- we use this before because
has a smaller range, so you want to get it out before they leave your range and when they do.

2! Mystic shot- use this when they get out of range of and only when you know it won't hit a minion, kinda embarrassing when they dodge your attacks without even trying, if they have low hp and are running, FIRST TRY to see if any other skills will hit them, if all else fails.

Trueshot Barrage- Great for getting those pesky runners, killing creep waves, STEALING BARON, throwing straight into a team fight across the map just for the assists/kills to charge up Mejai's, my favorite skill in the game.
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Stats! and Conclusion!

K, got awesome idea, the following stats are rounded down, the damage outputs from the individual skills are also rounded down considering your fighting someone with average armor/magic resist, you're level 18, and have most of the items built.

End Game Stats:

Attack Damage: 260/100/420
Ability Power: 540/650/85
Attack Speed: 70%/0%/60%


Damage From Mystic Shot: 420/250/600
Damage From Essence Flux: 580/670/300
Damage From Arcane Shift: 680/760/350
Damage From Trueshot Barrage: 1000/1100/700

Entire Combo Damage:

Hybrid: 2680
AP: 2780
AD: 2000

huge wall of text incoming....

Now, see how AP deals the most damage? thats because the "Entire Combo Damage" is when you just use each skill once. If you were to be a little more realistic, you would use your whenever you can right? because it has a 2 second cooldown. So if you were to use , say, in between each skills, Hybrid's "Entire Combo Damage" would be about 3500, AP 3300, and AD 3800. But since whenever you hit a target with , you reduce the cooldowns of your other skills by one second, which means even more spamming=more damage. So Hybrid's output would be about 4800, AP 4500 and AD 4500. So, basically Ezreal has a skillset thats built so that he ALWAYS has something to cast. But with AP, the most spammable one is useless, meaning you can only do a full rotation ( - - - ) and then have to run. With AD you rely on only your 2 second nuke ( ), the other 3 skills are just pathetic little pokes. But with HYBRID...sure your , , and are a bit weaker than AP. And your is a bit weaker than AD. But you can deal more damage over time, not in a huge burst, because you always have a decent nuke cast; your always throwing **** at your opponent, which usually equals=better. But sometimes a few shots from an AD's 2 second nuke is all you need, a quick AP's rotation is enough to knock someone out, so it all comes down to preference....

**** yeah, check out them words.

Push like Nunu bot, sting like Master Yi. ~Senor Launchpad, aka WTF! EZ MAPHACKS, ****ING MAPHAX WTH!!!
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