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Kennen Build Guide by StaticFX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StaticFX

Tankennen; Oh Yes I Did.

StaticFX Last updated on August 3, 2013
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Introduction to Destruction!

Chea' s'right, Tank Kennen. Before you call me fat, think about what makes a tank, and if Kennen can do it:

Can they Initiate? | Kennen can stun the ENTIRE TEAM with a good combo. Yes.
Can they prevent damage/escape well? | Escape yes, prevent damage, no.
Can they take a carry out of the fight to be focused? | Yes. Kennen with max CDR can stun-lock someone for a long time.
Can they prevent a teammate from dying? | Yes. Stunning the biggest DPS char is a good way to prevent someone dying, as is the mini combo. (+, then s and auto-attacks)
Can they be ignored in a fight? | Not unless you enjoy being stunned repeatedly...

So. Kennen can tank. Leave me alone. Oh, btw. Don't use this build until your familiar with how to play Kennen (Can aim well with , know when to use , the / combo, etc.) Shouldn't take too long, Kennen is pretty easy to play. This build will have everyone raging and facepalming, giving you the element of surprise. (LOLOL KENNEN HAS
RANDUIN'S GGGGGGGGG. 5-Man Stun, someone on your team gets a pentakill.)

A Question That Most of You May Have:

Why tank Kennen? AP/AD/Hybrids can still 5-man stun.
Well, 2 reasons. 1, because as a tank, your gonna die a lot less often, letting you stay in a fight longer, and get more stuns out. 2, it may be just me but I've noticed people don't really like to play tanks, coz they think they are boring or whatever, but when your a squirrel ninja throwing lightning balls all over the damn place...idk, sounds pretty fun.

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Masteries, Skill Sequence, Spells, and Runes!

Ok, sooooo. Weird masteries...

Ardor, Evasion, Willpower, Nimbleness, and Veteran Scars are all great because they help with survivability and Ardor gives you a teeny bit more damage, the point in Haste is there because I think its more important to have a speed boost than another point into Sorcery. You can use your average 9/21/0 if you want, but I personally like 6/23/1 :3

(sorry if this chapter looks kinda stupid, its hard to make an entire section about masteries, and even harder to make it look like I put some effort into it so uhh.... **** I'll just add skill sequence, spells, and runes since their sections are small as hell too, k here goes)

Skill Sequence:

Ok, so we max out and e with one point into . Because as a team fighter, you need "Team-Targeting" and . =D


- Good for more damage with spells.
Greater Seal of Defense - More armor, less physical damage taken.
- More MR, less magical damage taken.
- More HP, less damage taken in general, flat because it helps you early game.


Ok, so. to chase/run. And taking is good so you can get out of bad looking team fights if your CC'd with and / the hell out of there. I guess you could take instead, but is kinda a staple. :3

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A'ight, theres only 5 items on the cheat sheet because like all tanks, he should be built to counter the enemy.

Vs Balanced Team:

Vs Heavy Caster Team:

Vs Physical DPS Team:

And if you think your team is doing good, you might wanna get an early . And if the game is late enough, or if you think your tanking enough in the middle of your build, get .


If you feel like this isn't enough HP for ya.
If your enemy team has AS/AD champs.
If your "Too pro for Cleanse".
If you took Ignite, put a somewhere.
If you want some more AD.
If the heavy caster team is TOOOO HEAVYYY AHHHHHHH!.
If you give a mouse a cookie.

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Illusion of Conclusion!

Tank Kennen is a pretty cool guy. Just play him right and stay near a teammate, try not to solo mid, you dont do as much damage as an ap/ad build. We're focusing on his stuns, the damage is just a little bonus.

---For those of you *******s that downvote because your afraid of Tankennen coz hes different, change your vote to a +1 and **** off. I made this build because I see so much QQ about how theres only 5 tanks, when there are so many other champions(like Tankeon) that are totally viable as tanks, your just too ****ing blind to notice, and here I am trying to enlighten you dense ****s and you go and hurt yo mama's feelings by downvoting me.