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League of Legends Build Guide Author YuroKizen

Wow Why Yi Dealing so much Damage?

YuroKizen Last updated on December 23, 2010
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YO Guys this build work great for me, hope for you too :P

Ok the fisrt thing i gonna show you like Skills.

*Alpha Strike-Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies Dealing Magic Damage to Enemies and you have a chance to hit 400-700 or something to Minions.

*Meditate- Master Yi meditates restoring Heath over 5 sec.While Meditating Master Yi has a bonus 30 Armor and Magic Resist and it 30 seconds colddown.( Its great if you be a AP yi becuase your Meditate will Heal you up to 1100 over 5 seconds and you hit more Magic Damage with your Alpha Strike.

*Wuju Style- Passively increases Physical damage Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, this removes its passive bonus damage until Wuju Style becomes available again.( this ability its really good in early game because you hit a lot damage with Wuju Style.

*Hight Lander-Increases Master Yi's Movement Speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 30/50/70%, and he become immune to all slowing effects for 6/9/12 Seconds.Killing a champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns.( this Skills is great in team fight and pushing turret and much more things...

*Double Strike- Every 7 Attack MAster yi do Twice attack damage.( You hit 7 attacks to minions and you know he next attack will do twice so do Alpha Strike to enemies and you will hit Twice after you have do Alpha, so its a nice combo from early game, you will see when you do it :P

2) about the spells.

*Ghost- Ghost and Hight Lander its a Great combo because you run really fast and ghost is really good in early game when you not lvl 6 yet and get Hight Lander.( Try to use Ghost and Hight Lander often you can because you can kill all enemies so easy because you run so fast and if they do flash or Ghost it nothing to care about.

* Ignite- its a good to kill enemies when they Low hp and its Dealing more damage when you lvl up.

*About the Items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Dorans Blade- its give you hp and damage , a bit Life steal but its good in early game.

*Berserker's Greaves- give you movement speed and 25% attack speed.

*Stark's Fervor- its great because its give you life steal, attack speed and HeathRegenations, and nerby team they will get 20% attac speed and 20% life steal.

*Youmuu's GhostBlade- Its give you Crit Chance and attack damage. When you active its you will get attack speed, movement speed and attack damage for a few seconds.

*Zeal- Its give you Movement speed and attack speed.

*Infinity Edge- Its really good because it give much damage and crit Chance. Its good for all assasin or Fighter.

*Phantom Dancer- Its Great because give you much attack speed, movement speed, crit chance and Dogde Chance its verry good for Master yi so dont forget buy it to him.

* Littel Tips) Dont be Afraid to attack enemies and use Hight LAnder because when you kill a champion all your Skills will done Colddown. MAster yi its very good in Team fight so dont forget it too and you can be AP Yi its great too because Meditate its good when AP and you hit good with Alpha Strike and soon i gonna do AP Yi if you want some help just comment dude :P

Thats all guys Hope you pwn much now with this OP Build. SO becool and now and not be a Afraid :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Good luck.