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Wukong Build Guide by akroma21

Wukong FTW!

By akroma21 | Updated on August 4, 2011

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Alright this is my first build so i will try and be careful to not screw anything up. When I first saw Wukong I was so excited to get him and play with him when I first started to play with him I was doing horrible but now that I have found the perfect build I can hardly be beat. I also did look around at other builds and see what would work best for him. So here we go and enjoy! =]
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Alright for my runes I begin with Armor Penetration Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Flat Magic Resist Glyphs, and Armor Penetration Quintessences. I use these because I feel that my seals and glyphs give me more survivability and my marks and quintessences give me more dmg in general. I know that his passive gives you armor and magic resist but honestly who wouldn't want more haha.
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Now for my masteries I go 21/0/9. I do this because I'm building him as a dps and I already have my runes set for armor and magic resist on top of his passive so I aim for the dps side of the tree. Getting the CD reduction part of the tree is vital because if you can have he CD's very low then Wukong can be very powerful. I also get the 1 point in the increase buff duration because in 5v5 if you get golem buff your CD reduction is amazing and you will have all yours spells back up in no time o also the mana regen helps too. =]
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Ok now for the item build! I know it may seem like I stole off some people builds but I kinda tweaked it around you could say to my play style. Well first I start off with Doran's Blade for life steal, health, dmg all that good stuff. Next we make our way to making Trinity Force by starting off with Phage first because it gives you health and a slow which is always good, then second would be Sheen, because of the mana and sheen's ability, then third u would get Zeal and finish off Trinity Force. Alright after that I grab a Vampiric Scepter for the extra life steal because Doran's Blade is not enough. I usually wait until I get the rest of the gold for Bloodthirster to buy it but if u cant wait to get B. F. Sword then go ahead and get it. After that comes my most favorite three items on the game! First starting with Youmuu's Ghostblade which I usually get The Brutalizer first then finish it off. Second comes the #1 combo build in my opinion on the the game starting off with Warmog's Armor and finishing off the build with Atma's Imapler. I feel like these two together is amazing and they sinergize really well giving u boat loads of health and health regen and plus the more health u get the more dmg u get from atma's! O did i forget to mention the extra armor. lol
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Summoner Spells

Whoops forgot about my summoner spells haha. Well I choose Ghost and Exhaust because I think those two work well together for Wukong ,but other summoner spells that could work for him are ignite or flash. I rarely stray away from those spells because I dont like the other ones to me some are just not needed and others are just down right aweful.
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Well there is my build and I hope you all enjoy it. =] plz comment and give my feedback on anything you guys may see wrong with it. I wana leave u guys a picture of one of my games with Wukong and here it is.Sorry for the image being sideways but as you can see I went 27/0/7 it was a great game and I give props to my team mates who were actually my friends.
League of Legends Build Guide Author akroma21
akroma21 Wukong Guide

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Wukong FTW!