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Wukong Build Guide by Boredom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boredom

Wukong - Quit monkeying around

Boredom Last updated on August 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my guide on Wukong. In this guide I will be talking about how I play Wukong; the types of combos I use, decoy, placing your ult in a teamfight, etc. This is my first guide and I did it out of boredom, so rate and comment.

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Not great, but I'd say they're pretty decent

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Pros / Cons

-Decoy is fun and simple to use
-A good chunk of AR and MR in the beginning
-An easy-to-use AD carry
-Can be an assassin thanks to decoy
-Tanky without really buying tanky items thanks to his passive(Stone Skin).
(An early game tank in ARAM 61 AR and 71 MR at level 1 without any items)
-Really nice escape mechanism with decoy, ghost, cyclone, and flash(if all else fails).
-Gets ksed quite a bit
-No guarentee escape if 2 out of the 4 are in cooldown (ghost, decoy, cyclone, and flash).
-Unable to do anything if focused with a lot of cc because he is a melee after all.
-Decoy becomes useless when they have an oracle

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Basically the same one Phreak uses with the exception of swapping health regen. quit runes for more armor penetration and armor. I get a Greater Quintessence of Resilience because with my armor seals I just like seeing that I have 41 armor in the beginning, but other than that you can get all 3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation .
Your basic tankier Wukong, 8/21/1. 1 in utility for the improved ghost

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Early Game
I start out with boots of speedand 3 potions. Shoes for speed to not waste any second of nimbus strike's as boost and potions to help lane a bit longer.
On my first trip back I try to have enough to finish my shoes(if they have a bit of dps) or(mainly I'd grab these) and buy a sapphire crystal or enough to buy the sheenand finish the shoes later.
The next item I buy is either the zeal or phage depending on if the turrets are pushed or someone is overextending enough for me/us to gank. Afterwards I earn enough from farming or ganking to finish the trinity force.

Mid Game/Late mid-game
You probably finished the trinity force, and have the items for atma's impaler or madred's bloodrazor depending on the other team.

Late Game
You've finished the core items,,, and then the rest of the build depends on the enemy team, but this build balances out both sides giving me nearly 200 armor and magic resistance.

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Summoner Spells

I personally prefer:

- enables you to go through walls, run, ks baron and/or dragon, but the cd is a bit long.
- a great movement,used to reach somewhere quickly like defending your turret, running with/without stealth from decoy, ganking,and helping your teammate.

Other possibly viable options:
- great against melee/dps. Swap with flash if you prefer this
- great for first blood, finishing people you cant reach because your skills are on cooldown, or an afterlife kill. Swap with ghost

Options I just plain don't like:
- not a support
- doesnt really mana burn after getting the sapphire crystal
- decoy, ghost, and flash should be long enough for you to get away from the cc unless it's a team filled with mass stuns i.e. veigar, leona, ashe, amumu, xin zhao. <~gg?
- sure, I guess..., but why?
-annoying people sure, but other than that it won't help a lot.
-Tutorial is there for a reason!
-If you're jungling, but not with this build.
- People should have
decent map awareness by the time you're summoner level 20+

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- Really nice for that quick burst of 2 hits in 1 plus the sheen and now reduces 30% of their total armor. Should only use this asap if they're building armor. Practice with the timing of how fast wukong attacks to get used to using the skill right as he lands an autoattack for a quick 2 hit burst, even on turrets.
-Can really get you out of many situations. Sometime gives you that random kill where you go "wtf how'd I get that?" :D. Great for ganking and confusing your chaser by decoying in the direction of where you think they're thinking you're going to go one way, but while unseen walked a different direction.Using decoy to escape the obvious way wont work most of the time if you dont have a clear escape route. Can also block skill-shots. Hitting 's' works if only you over use your decoy and they're no longer attacking you the moment you come close;instead the wait for your stealth to die out.
-a nice farming tool, gives a great amount of as, and to get you to where you want to be (can be used to escape ganks if an enemy minion, pet, or champion is in your escape route with no cc like leona's shield of daybreak.

- A pretty annoying AoE ultimate, knocks them up and does a nice bit of damage, great to catch up to or run away from enemy champions. This skill is all about position and timing depending on your and the enemy's team, i.e. if there is a champion with a channel ultimate, , .

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Early Game

Again shoes, some potions, and farm as much as possible. Lead with nimbus strike, an autoattack, crushing blow, and decoy a few times to make them think you'll aways do this. Sometimes hit 's' instead to not waste decoy.

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Mid Game

By now you've finished your trinity force, and working for some MR like,,,butworks really nice with Wukong because it gives hp, MR, and dmg because of atma's impaler, and an armor item like,,,, but I recommend.
Let your tank charge in first then you come in with nimbus strike, crushing blow,and cyclone if no cc has been used on your team or cyclone after your team's cc is on cooldown. flash and ghost if you need to catch up to them or run away.

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Late Game

By now you really should have finished your core items, and have at least 1 of a defensive item, or life steal and attack speed.

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Farm for gold, nimbus strike, autoattack, then immediately crushing blow.
Watch the map and mias to not get ganked.
Shoes, Trinity force and atma's impaler are a few important items for Wukong.
My build is for a tanky Wukong.
Again though other than the core items the last 3 are based upon countering/taking down the enemy team
260~280 damage depending on the build you use, 1.4 attack speed, and 14x armor and magic resistance with no enemy champions around.

Farm, practice with decoy, and experience to get better! Thanks for reading