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Wukong Build Guide by Slash N Dash

Wukong, The Rising Ape

Wukong, The Rising Ape

Updated on November 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slash N Dash Build Guide By Slash N Dash 3,838 Views 2 Comments
3,838 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Slash N Dash Wukong Build Guide By Slash N Dash Updated on November 20, 2011
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Alright, this is MY guide to Wukong. In my opinion, he is a very strong AD carry, due to his very strong damage output throughout the game, great scaling on his abilities, and also is able to take lots of damage (unlike other strong AD carrys).

Note: This is my first EVER guide on Mobafire, so I have no idea how to use this site at all, so I'm sorry for that.

Note: Any and all feedback is MUCH appreciated, and Thanks for reading this guide!
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Pros / Cons

[*] Very good harrassing skills early game.
[*] Can pull off some nasty jukes with Warrior Trickster.
[*] Very tanky late-game with insane damage output.
[*] People often under-estimate his power.

[*] You NEED a good lane partner.
[*] Wukong has NO CC aside from his Cyclone.
[*] Good players instantly realize its your Warrior Trickster, and can judge where your going.
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For runes, I go with flat Armor Penetration Marks, flat Armor Seals, Mana Regen/LvL Glyphs, and Movement Speed Quints. This set-up of runes gives you true damage against most carries once you get your The Brutalizer and/or Youmuu's Ghostblade. The Armor seals allow you to take extra damage at earlier levels, improving your laning phase. The Mana Regen/LvL Glyphs allow you to constantly harass without taking a major beating to your mana pool. Movement Speed Quints are just amazing on almost every champion, I HIGHLY suggest them.

NOTE: Runes are usually for YOUR preference, so don't think these are MANDATORY, as they are not. If you work best with different runes, by all means use those instead of these.
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The masteries are generally for a lot stronger harass and damage throughout the game. After the remodel of masteries, I feel like the Offense Tree got a huge buff, and increases your damage by an extremely large amount.

NOTE: Masteries are just like Runes, you fit them to your play style. If your extremely aggressive early game, you may want to take Defensive masteries. I'd generally stay away from the Utility masteries because I believe they just got worse due to the revamp, but it's all your choice!
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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells, I HIGHLY recommend Ghost and Flash, due to how well they work with every champion. Ghost, paired with Wukong, allows you to press Ghost, walk into a bush, pop your Warrior Trickster, and get into range with Nimbus Strike without the enemy ever seeing you! Also, you can pair that with Flash to get out of sight from enemys before they even realize you used Warrior Trickster!
Other Summoner Spells that would work well with Wukong are Ignite and Exhaust, as I usually suggest two Ignites per team and atleast one Exhaust, but Ghost/ Flash really shines on Wukong. It even makes sure your enemies stay in your 500 true damage a second Cyclone (Late Game)!
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Item Order

I will NOT list an item order here, because you should never build the same items every game. Start learning how to build according to enemy team composition and how fed specific champions are on the enemy team. I would like to say, however, that I believe Phage and Sheen are basically your core items.
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How to Use Your Skills

Wukong's skills are pretty easy to use in all reality. When initiating fights, use Nimbus Strike to get right into the middle of the enemy team, then use Crushing Blow on the main carry on the enemy team (reducing their armor to 0 for you) and follow up with Warrior Trickster. Use your judgement to use your Cyclone in a devastating area, which will hopefully hit all five of them and be the equivalent of two of Katarina's Death Lotus going off (insane damage).
Some unique tricks that Wukong can pull off with his abilities are the following:
[*] You can Nimbus Strike to a far-away enemy minion/jungle mob, and proceed to run from an enemy trying to kill you.
[*] You can use Warrior Trickster, and run away with Ghost and/or Flash, and watch your enemies be confused as to why you just disappeared.
[*] It is also worth mentioning that your ultimate, Cyclone, CAN be used to escape because it does give a slight Ghost buff, but it is not recommended to use it to escape unless you see fit to do so.
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Wukong is heavily reliant on items, so farming and getting kills is very important for him. Luckily, Wukong can easily destroy entire creep waves from using Nimbus Strike on the Caster Minions and then proceed to whack the other minions with your staff and using Crushing Blow (ONLY DO THIS LATE GAME, OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR MANA AND BE USELESS EARLY GAME)
Early game, just focus on last-hitting minions and try not to take too much damage from other champions and minions (ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT BELOW LEVEL 4, MINIONS CAN POSE A SERIOUS THREAT TO YOU IF YOU LET THEM HIT YOU).

Note: NEVER use Warrior Trickster to kill large Minion Waves, cause if an enemy pops up to gank you, and your low health, you might as well run into their turret also.
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Who to Lane With

Now this is the tricky part. You picked Wukong, the game starts, and you have an Akali, Garen, Ryze, and Nocturne on your team. Nocturne should be jungling, so you can't lane with him. Garen will obviously take top lane and insult your enemies for thinking bushes are safe. But wait, now your stuck with Ryze or Akali, both who do good in Duo-Lanes, and also Mid. Wukong really shines with champions that can do some CC, and still let out large bursts of damage.. and hey, Ryze has just that! Let your Akali take mid and get fed cause the enemy team thought it was a good idea to let that random Evelynn go mid.
In all serious-ness, Wukong needs a laning partner that has a reliable CC (Hopefully the champion is ranged) and still strong burst damage. Use your skills of the game to figure out who could work, and just because Xin Zhao is melee, doesn't mean you and him won't completely faceroll the other lane due to immense charging and damage output.
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How to Play

Wukong is a champion that REALLY shines in the dead center of all the action, also known as in between five clumped enemy champions. This is due to his passive, Stoneskin and his Cyclone. With his passive, he can get up to 40 Magic Resistance and Armor from just being by enemies! This shoots you up high enough that YOU can be considered your teams tank (it is still wise to have a true tank, as you are not tanky early/mid game due to passive scaling and when you buy items).
Early game, you will want to harass your enemies by using Nimbus Strike, auto-attacking, then follow up with a Crushing Blow (then get away from enemies, hopefully entering a bush or sometimes just using Warrior Trickster), but always remember to ONLY last hit minions (don't push your lane too much or you WILL get ganked) and try to stay above 40% health. Also, don't forgot to try and gank mid every once and a while, as Wukong can put some nasty Lane Presence if the enemy sees you in the middle lane.
Mid-Late game, you and your team will ALWAYS want to be together, pushing lanes and ganking. It is YOUR job to do that 300 damage Crushing Blow to a turret, and it is YOUR job to knock-up the whole enemy team with your Cyclone, of course after using Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow on the enemys most dangerous carry (insuring that your team or Cyclonecan pick up the kill with no problem).
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This chapter will just include all of my changes to the guide, so don't bother reading this chapter unless you really want to.

-Posted the Guide, August 27
-Massive Overhaul to Guide due to lots of changes, November 20
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