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Xayah Build Guide by sinatra1633

Jungle Xayah Jungle (Assassin/Hybrid)

Jungle Xayah Jungle (Assassin/Hybrid)

Updated on April 14, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sinatra1633 Build Guide By sinatra1633 7 0 7,581 Views 0 Comments
7 0 7,581 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author sinatra1633 Xayah Build Guide By sinatra1633 Updated on April 14, 2022
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Runes: Best Runes

1 2
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Champion Build Guide

Xayah Jungle (Assassin/Hybrid)

By sinatra1633
Why Xayah Jungle?
1. Always win Smite-Fights due to E + smite being insane instant damage.
2. Once getting abilities, clearing the jungle is super quick.
3. Xayah's E does 50% less damage to minions but not jungle camps.
4. Don't have to worry about mana and health because of blue and red buff access.
5. Insane damage and safety with R.
Jungle Clear
Always start from the bot side to get a leash from ADC and support.

The goal is to use your Q to get as many feathers and press E to deal the damage and root the Jungle monster so you can clear very fast.

Starting from Red Side:

1. Red Buff using Q and auto-attacks

You should try to kill it as fast as possible using smite. This is because you want to get your E as fast as possible so you can farm as efficiently as possible.

If doing without a leash, using Q and auto attacks on raptors while doing Red Buff will help give you health from your jungle item's omnivamp.

2. Proceed to Raptors (Ignore Krugs)

You should be able to easily stack feathers and one-shot every single raptor using your E ability.

3. Proceed to Wolves

Again, stack feathers and one-shot the camp with your E.

4. Blue Buff

Kite with Q and auto attacks, once u get to the max distance you can travel away from the blue buff, Use E to root it and deal damage and continue kiting.

Optional: Before using your last E to one-shot the blue buff, you can attack and attract the Gromp to use your E together on both the camps.

5. Gromp

Quite self-explanatory, Q and E one-shot

6. Scuttlecrab

Use your Q + auto-attack and immediately E to break the shield and continue attacking it till it dies.

Starting from Blue Side:

1. Blue Buff

Q and auto-attack and smite to kill as fast as possible.

Optional: Attract the Gromp using one auto-attack just before you finish blue buff so you can immediately deal burst damage to the Gromp with your E.

2. Gromp

Quite self-explanatory, kite with Q and auto-attacks and damage with E.

3. Wolves

Stack feathers with Q and auto-attacks, One-shot the camp with your E.

4. Raptors

Same as wolves, stack feathers with Q and auto-attacks, One-shot the camp with your E.

5. Red Buff

Same as blue buff, kite with Q and auto-attacks and use your E to damage and kill the camp.

6. Scuttle

Use your Q and auto-attack and immediately E to get rid of the shield. Continue damaging it with your Q and auto-attacks to kill it.

Why ignore Krugs?

Krugs is the only camp you cannot really benefit from your high burst from E. Only do Krugs if you have nothing else to farm.
Win Smite-Fights
If you know the monster is dying very soon, you can use your E and immediately smite to deal confirmed 900 from your smite and the added burst from your E.

Late game Xayah can pull some crazy E damage such as 2000 physical damage so you should not lose any smite-fights unless the enemy kills you or stuns you.
Items (Mythic and Core)
Lethality Build:


1. Prowler's Claw

Prowler's claw is great for dealing damage as it gives a huge chunk of lethality.

However, the reason why it's so good is that u can combo it with your E to provide undodgeable one-shots.

Simply prowler's claw on an enemy and immediately use E. Your feathers should hit the enemy as if they have a lock-on aim.

Note that this is somewhat difficult to get used to, so practice before utilizing.

2. Duskblade

The passive stealth invisibility after every kill makes this mythic great when going for multi-kills.

A lot of synergy with Death's Dance or Axiom Arc.

3. Eclipse

Good if you need survivability.

Best lethality mythic against tanky compositions due to the max-health damage and the passive armour penetration per legendary item.

Core Items:

Serylda's Grudge

Amazing Utility thanks to the slow abilities.

Useful in ensuing enemies get trapped in feathers and you can kite easier.

The armour penetration and lethality are amazing and work really well to provide insane burst damage potential.

Black Cleaver

This item is what makes this build shine really amazingly.

Your feathers and E stack Carve which provides armour penetration based off stacks.

This is great as you can easily stack up to the maximum of 6 stacks in just a simple combo of Q + auto-attack and E as it counts as 6 attacks.
(2 attacks from your Q, 1 attack from your auto-attack, 3 attacks from your E)

This means that you basically have 30% armour penetration every single time you fight and it also provides movement speed which will be great for kiting.

All in all, your core items should always be giving you 60% armour penetration which lets you one-shot even tanks once enough feathers are stacked.

Axiom Arc

Your ultimate is your main source of damage with E.

This item gives you more ultimates. Ultimate is good. Therefore, this item good.

Sustained DPS Build:


1. Divine Sunderer

A very solid item that provides damage, healing, health and some sweet armor penetration. Does absurd damage late game with this build.

2. Galeforce

Self-Explanatory. Gap Closer, escape-tool, finisher, movement passive. Can be used for combos with your E if required. Solid item if you really feel that you need to use this item on every ADC you play.

Core Items:

Black Cleaver

(Nothing different from the reason to buy this on the Lethality build, for the reason why you build this, read the description for building this on lethality.)

Lord Dominik's Regards

The only reason you are building this instead of Serylda's Grudge is because you need the critical strike for the build to work effectively. Though the extra 5% of armor penetration will come in handy and the damage to higher health enemies might help if they have a really tanky champion.

Navori Quickblades

The best critical strike item on xayah.

This item has a great AD ratio, provides amazing ability haste, and also helps you to reduce your CDs even more.

The reason Lord Dominik's Regards is built instead of Serylda's Grudge is just because this item synergises with critical strikes.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sinatra1633
sinatra1633 Xayah Guide
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Xayah Jungle (Assassin/Hybrid)

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