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Leona Build Guide by Xeptron

Xeptron's Leona SEASON 11 GUIDE

Xeptron's Leona SEASON 11 GUIDE

Updated on May 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xeptron Build Guide By Xeptron 3,198 Views 2 Comments
3,198 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Xeptron Leona Build Guide By Xeptron Updated on May 13, 2021
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Font of Life
Second Wind

Hextech Flashtraption
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Flash & Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Xeptron's Leona SEASON 11 GUIDE

By Xeptron

This rune is the perfect rune for such an aggressive champion like Leona. The extra defense stats that Aftershock gives you, helps you to soak a lot of the damage from the enemy team and gives you the extra AoE damage. Always good for teamfights or 2v2 skirmishes.
Since Leona is all about stuns, this rune fits her just perfectly. As soon as you impair the movement of an enemy chmapion, you heal your allied champions for 2 seconds. Use this rune to help out your team to heal up whoever is hitting the target. Heal increases with the amount of max HP you have, so keep in mind to build some items that increase your health amount.
Since Leona is meant to play aggressive, Second Wind helps you out to survive the damage taken from the enemy team. You don't have to rely so much on potions as your health healing is increased. Thanks to this rune you can always keep yourself healthy and prepare for the next engage to surprise enemy team and you can keep playing aggressive.
By picking this rune, you allow yourself to have the extra tenacity and slow resistance. At first, you gain 10% of each but when your HP is bellow 30%, it increases up to 20% of tenacity and slow resistance. It can be very effective if used properly. Extra tenacity can be pretty strong if you are playing versus heavy CC champions, such as Braum , Thresh or Morgana.
Not many champions use Hextech Flashtraption rune. Most commonly you can see it on champions like Alistar or sometimes Thresh, but it can also work very well on Leona. While sitting in a bush, make sure enemy team has no vision and when your flash is down, Hextech Flashtraption can be channeled out of vision to surprise enemy team. Use it in your favour to make plays or potentially escape of trouble.
This rune page is very effective against range champions who can bring out a lot of poke, such as Vel'Koz, Xerath, Zyra etc. Eating Biscuit Delivery restores 10% of your missing health and mana. Leona doesn't have a lot of base mana and if you tend to use your abilities often, this is the perfect rune for you. Whenever you are missing a little bit of mana to engage - eat your cookies. Can also be used to heal up after losing some amount of health.


Use Presence of Mind rune page if you tend to play extra aggressive or tend to run out of mana whenever you engage. After getting a takedown, it restores 15% of your maximum mana and increases your mana regenaration by 1.5 - 11 mana per second for 4 seconds. It is very usful if you know you will be fighting a lot in the botlane. Get the early lead and roll with it.
If you are playing against a heavy CC team or botlane, I'd advise taking this rune. You gain 5% tenacity of the rune and you earn 2.5% more for every Legend stack. Every champion takedown, epic monster takedown, large monster kill and a minion kill gets you a stack. You can increase your tenacity up to 30%, which is insanely a lot and can help you against all the heavy CC that enemy team can throw out.

The item gives you wards, some HP and Ability Power. Since Bulwark of the Mountain gives AP, it's the perfect fit for Leona due to her abilities being AP. Definitely helping out during the early game for the damage.

Leona wants to be as tanky as possible and Locket of the Iron Solari is one of the best items to buy. It grants nearby allied champions bonus armor and magic resistance, not only that, but also grants a shield when activated, shield amount is from 230 - 385 HP. Can help you to tank more damage and help your allies when shield is needed!
Leona brings a lot of CC to the table and Zeke's Convergence benefits from that. After you immobilize an enemy, your ally who you connected the item to (most likely AD), will deal bonus magic damage, in other words - when it's ON, you give your accomplice more damage. Not only that, but the stats also benefit Leona, some extra HP and MANA never hurts.
For this item, you should ALWAYS buy Bramble Vest first and then go for the Giant's Belt . In most of the games, you will never ever finish this item due to it's cost, but picking up Bramble Vest is a good choice if you are against a heavy healing champions, such as Soraka , Aatrox, Karma, Seraphine etc. A lot of the champions can heal, so Bramble Vest takes their healing away (not all of it, but some of it for sure).
A classic support item, tanky and loyal. A great item to buy if you are ready to tank the damage of your teammate. Usually it's built as a last item and most of the time you need an inventory slot for Control Ward, so you never end up buying this item, BUT if you ever do Knight's Vow is not a bad selection.

Eclipse > Zenith Blade > Shield of Daybreak

As a Leona your main job is to be tanky and by maxing Eclipse you increase your armor and MR stat dus making Leona incredibly hard to kill. Not only does it help you with tankiness but also brings some AOE damage to the table. It's pretty usful whenever you need to push the lane or whenever you are engaging to deal damage.
By maxing Zenith Blade you can lower it's cooldown. At rank 1 Zenith Blade cooldown is 13 seconds but at max rank it goes down to 9 seconds. With the items you've built, it can lower the cooldown down to 4 seconds, making your engage tool on super low cooldown and you can keep engaging onto enemy team like CRAZY.
Some of the Leona players would prefer maxing Shield of Daybreak over Zenith Blade but there is no reason to do so. Why? By maxing abilities, it usually lowers it's cooldown but for Shield of Daybreak it doesn't. It stays the same cooldown all game long (5 seconds in all ranks). The only way to lower it's cooldown is by building Ability Haste while if you max Zenith Blade over Shield of Daybreak, it lowers it's cooldown, dus making your engage tool be more open.
Summoner Spells

Most commonly Leona uses Ignite. By taking this spell it increases your pressure botlane, as you do more damage and you decrease healing of the champion you ignite. Use this to win trades and skirmishes in the botlane. Additionally, it's a MUST to take Ignite into champions that can heal, such as Sona, Seraphine, Soraka etc. As you ignite any of the healing champions, you reduce their healing potencial by a massive margin. Use it in your favour to win all-ins.
Not so often will you see Exhaust taken as a Summoner spell whenever you play Leona. Exhaust has taken a lot of nerfs in the past, so it isn't as strong as it used to be, but it can still be used into some specific team compositions. Whenever enemy team drafts assassins, such as Zed, Talon, Katarina, Yasuo, you can bring Exhaust into the play. It does hurt your botlane pressure, as you lose some of the early damage that you would get from Ignite, but if used properly Exhaust can not only win botlane skirmishes but also match. Be wise and careful how you use your spells.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Xeptron
Xeptron Leona Guide
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Xeptron's Leona SEASON 11 GUIDE

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