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Xerath Build Guide by BloodGenisis

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BloodGenisis

Xerath: Calling down the thunder!

BloodGenisis Last updated on January 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction: THUNDER BOLTS!!!

So you want to call down thunderbolts? Now we aren't talking about sticking a fork in a light socket, we are talking about thunderbolts that would make thor hide under his bed and cry for his mother! This requires pure dedication to one thing only, Ability Power!

Now to get such rediculous AP you have to do some sacrificing, mostly in the form of survivability. So if you get caught by the enemies jungler or AD carry, it's time to use that sorc. chains you have and stun him as you "fall back" and snipe him, or be ready to respawn.

In this guide I will explain my reasoning with;
-Summoner Spells

Now prepare yourself! This may be a guide that allows you to blow enemies into oblivion, or get shredded yourself!

The statistic's above say 500 some odd ap at max level, but with a full soul stealer it it actually... 753!!!

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Runes: The Beginning Spark

Quite obviously you can see all of my runes are dedicated to dealing crazy AP damage early game, which even at level 1 allows Xerath to push almost any enemy around with a mere poke! Granted you could switch some glyphs for Magic penetration, and same goes for Quintessenses. These will allow you to knock down enemy champions much faster late game, but lowers your early game threat, and this build is for getting that early game feed.

Another option is opting to use Cooldown reduction seals, AP Marks, Magic Penetration Glyphs, and AP per level Quintessenses. This allows you to be more blanaced out, but not as filled with raw destructive force.

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Masteries: Self Explanitory Really...

Simple, go for whatever affects your AP the most. I go for the 21 in the Offence tree simply for the raw damage, and the Utilities for the spell vamp.

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Items: The Tools of an Electrician!

Now these items are once again forged for raw AP, but each also has another purpose.

Now I chose the amplifying tome over Doran's Ring for 1 reason, the fact it's a piece of the Void Staff. It also adds 20 AP to Doran's Ring's 15, but loses the MP regen. and +100 HP. With the extra gold you can grab 2 HP pots, 1 HP pot and 1 mana pot, or a ward if your a parinoid fella.

The void staff is a must for Xerath, no matter what build it is. The 40% Magic penetration is just devistating vs those players who stack Magic Resistance. With its relativly cheap cost, and high AP bonus it really is a great buy.

This is the ultimate mage item in my eyes, 140 AP and 30% of AP becomes...wait for it...MORE AP! This really makes the rabadon's give you 182 AP for just it. Also if you followed the guide to the T, the void staff added on brings you to 273 AP just from items, and about 44 AP from your runes! Bringing you to a total of 317 AP at 2 items!

Rylia's Crystal Scepter
With this item you gain lots of things, besides 80 AP, you also gain +500 HP! That HP causes you to not be quite as squishy and gives some survivability. The passive is why you want this though. The ability to allow arcanopulse to slow is so deadly, it will allow you to snipe enemy champions with it, then it's almost assured you ulti won't miss!

Will of Ancients
The point of this item? The spell vamp. The +80 AP is a plus, but the spell vamp allows you to soak up damage, run away then snipe till your back up to full. It also has support properties, but W/E you are here to get ALL the kills!

Sorceror Shoes
Besides the move 2, you want these for the +20 Magic Pen. If you feel content with the void staff get the CDR shoes instead.

Mejaj's Soul Stealer
Now this is kind of a cocky item. It means you are sure in your ability to anhillate every enemy in your way, and die very little. If you can max out the stacks, CONGRADULATIONS you are now destroying enemies with the flick of a wrist, and have caused the gods to change there undergarments!

Though if you are losing never get this, instead opt for a Banshee's Veil or a Rod of ages for the survivability.

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Now Xerath has, in my mind, three ways to build his spells. Arcano-sniping, stun-ganking, or a fusion. The one I have presented is a fusion of the two.

All result in arcanopulse at level 1, any other spell is not worth it as you need arcanopulse to make them liable. At level 2 I like to take the "siege mode" as I call it, allowing me to poke those tower hugging champions, or kill the runners. At level 3 mage chains, allowing for long range stunnage. Then after you just rush arcanopulse getting ulti where you can, next I max mage chains for the extra damage and stun. Finally maxing out of Locus of Power you are done with leveling and hopefully are a few seconds from victory.

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Summoner Spells: The Actual support!

The two spells i always take are, Teleport, and Clairity.

I take this for the consistant lane pressense it allows me to have, but mostly for the offensive power it gives. Allowing me to tele undetected to any ward/mushroom (which tends to happen as my premade has a teemo) and nuke with Locus undetected for until i cast arcanopulse.

You will constantly be starved for mana, and blue buff or baron does get rid of this issue, but those only last so long and theres no way for you to magically get one early game (unless the jungles fail...) so clairity is the next best thing!

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Summary: The Wrap Up!

Now that you know how to form an AP killing machine you can go out into the world of Runeterra and destroy your foes. Just don't let your guard down or your a dead mage!

Happy hunting!
-Blood Genisis