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Xerath Build Guide by Hellusss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hellusss

Xerath- The Rampaging Ascendant

Hellusss Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everybody,

this will be my first build ever so I'm sure there will be points to improve you can leave a suggestion in the comment section below.

Xerath is champion who can deal alot of damage throughout the entire game, and with the correct combo you will be carrying your team to victory in no time.

I intend to make this guide a very simple guide, with a few tips and tricks to help you to become an even better xerath then he naturally is.

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Pros / Cons

-Huge range and harassing power due to W
-Bit more beefy then other AP carries
-Great finisher with W and R
-Decent escape mechanism

-His casting time on his spells take longer then you want
-Often picked on by anti-carry(akali for example) because Xerath is far away from protection in W state
-Xerath builds requires a load of cash to make him worthwhile

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Summoner Spells

Why? As xerath should be in solo lane I would advise teleport so you can stay in lane longer and outlevel your opponent. it also comes in handy if you want to gank another lane; teleport to a ward, activate your W and pick them of next to their turret where they feel safe. sure beats walking,.. err hovering

Why? as stated in many other builds, if your skills arent enough to get you out of trouble you simply flash away. can also be used to chase that lucker you cant kill because you didn't choose ignite. in short; very versatile spell

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Magic pen marks
Why? well I believe that every carry can and should be countered. by buying magic pen marks you are one step ahead of the enemy and you will have a nice damage bonus before they do build it too.

Ability power seals
Why? Xerath is deals magic damage with AP what more to say. Also works very well with his passive.

Cooldown reduction Glyphs
Why? Xerath greatly benefits from CDR in my opinion, here is why:
-Stun available more often.
-More spells can be unleashed in locus of power
-Better items can be bought then CDR items

Greater quintessence of focus
Why? read the above ^^

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I go for 9-0-21 masteries.

Xerath will have natural survivability due to his passive and with Abyssal Scepter you also got some Magic resistance so no need to do anything with the defense masteries.

the rest is pretty straight forward.

I took 1 point in utility mastery because Xerath can solo blue quite early, enduring the length of the buff

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Ah yes, the item list.

As seen at the top of this page this is where you want to add. like I said this build is my first and will not look as fancy as all them other builds. still ill give you a short walkthrough on what you want to build and when.

Start of with a Doran's ring, I know this item will be sold in the end, but its still a nice item and Xerath can use all the attribution it gives.

Try to stay in lane untill you can buy Cataclyst the Protector. this will allow you to stay in lane longer.

depending on how your enemy is reacting you should go and gank a bit with teleport and get some kills to make your Sorcerer's Boots

Now you have your boots you can go ahead and gank a bit more, you need the money and you can relief your teammate who is struggling so hard.

Next stop is Rod of Ages you want to pick this up A.S.A.P. it needs time to grow to its full potential and with Xerath games dont last long, get that beauty!

The next item you wan tto pick up is something with CDR, you got damage now, and you want to deal it to them as much as you can. Grab Fiendish Codex first gives you the CDR you want and some mana regen which is never bad. Turn that into Morello's Evil Tome as fast as you can.

Teamfights are getting harder and harder, and the enemy will focus you because of your ossumness. time to get some more survivability.

We are going to get a Rylia's Crystal Scepter, this beauty gives you survivability, AP, and an amazing slow which will come in handy in chasing or fleeing from the enemy.

You have a decent ammount of armor now, so you got the enemy AD covered. That nasty akali is still focusing you and you are having a hard time with that, what to do, what to do. Here is where I build an Abyssal Scepter. This item might sound a bit weird because your aura wont have much effect if youre far behind bringing havoc to the enemy. that is correct! But on the other hand you cant stay in your W skill forever and you will have to get close eventually. This item gives you some magic defense, AP which is what we want, and the aura if you ever have a close combat.

You could also choose to build Rabadon's Deathcap before Abyssal Scepter[/b
] if you feel you can do without. The reason why I build this item in late game is because it is quite expensive, and I feel that the other items you are going to buy make more of a difference to Xerath.

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Well that is it basicly, a short guide with in my opinion the best way to play and build a Xerath.

As stated before this is my first build and I worked hard on it so dont bring me down just because it looks like a troll guide^^.

I enjoyed writing this guide and I hope it helps fellow LoL players to become a better Xerath.

Constructive comment is allways welcome and feel free to vote!

Greetings from The Netherlands,