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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Ryuuki.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryuuki.

Xin zhao

Ryuuki. Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Hey guys this is my very first build that I decided to make on Xin Zhao one of the very good champs that I like to play.

Xin Zhao is a great fighter that is able to take down opponents by himself as well as teamates behind him.

First I'll show you the Pros/Cons to tell you if this is the right champ for you.

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Pros / Cons


He is able to knock up opponents
Very good at initializing team fights with his Ult
Very fast so he can life steal well
Great for early ganks if played well with your lane partner
exceptionally good at harassing people early game
Can heal himself (passive)


He is rather squishy
would be one of the first to be targeted in team fights
You can die if you don't use Audacious charge properly

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Summoner Spells

The reason why I chose Exhaust because it is a must if you're going to chase down your enemies to ensure you get the kill without then running away. This doesn't help as much as slowing your enemies if they're chasing you early game but if you feel that desperate and or are certain you may not reach to safety on time then use flash to get to your turret early game.

Flash is another way of running away such as blinking over trees so that you're pursuers have to run an extra length to be able to catch up to you. although this can also be used to get up close in battle as I use flash a lot in early game as well as my exhaust so that I ensure I get the kill.

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The reason I chose the masteries 21/0/9 is because Xin is a full on offensive champ that will shred enemies if built properly and even better if fed. you can go 21/9/0 if you wish although this is my recommendation but really it can be up to you to decide what's best.

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Now if you build Xin differently like I have shown above for my item sequence, I'm guessing most people go for a zeal right after they get their Berserker Greaves? well I've tried it out and yeas it works fine if your planning on building towards a phantom dancer or a Trinity force. Though what I am building here is slightly different. I believe building a Recurve bow and building that towards a Sword of Divine really helps out with the attack speed and extra 100 magic damage. Also its unique active of making your attacks un-dodgeable meaning its great against Jax and Nidalee. After that building a black cleaver will help shred down those big buffy tanks like rammus with heaps of armour and so on a blood thirster and then finishing off with a phantom dancer if not you've already built one at the start or mid game then go for a trinity force or force of nature if the opposing team has ap carrys.

I see some people build a Guinsoos rage blade, ironicaly it doesn't work well with Xin seeing as how he has no need for ap. also I believe building a sword of divine would be much better since it offers enough attack speed that goes well with the damage when you activate Q then charge in with your E and aswell as activating W and make sure to use your ult at the very start to knock off health then you should be shredding them with your black cleaver and by the time you realise it, that's one down.

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Skill Sequence

The reason I take Three Talon strikes isn't because of the knock up bonus it gives but for some reason people are feared by the bling that surrounds your spear when activated forced them to back off making them think your attempting a gank, and trust me this gets quite a few people.
next you want to max out audacious charge pretty quick as it can be a great harassment skill if you charge in and then hit them a time or two and then backing off and it should tick off some health, and by the time all your skills have cooled off then you should be ready for a gank and before you know it, the guy is dead. Taking battle cry at level 5 for the extra passive bonus and crescent sweep when ever possible, after audacious charge is maxxed out then its three talon strike and then soon after a battle cry.

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Laning Phase

So first off for items I would start off with a boots of speed 2x healing potions and 1x mana potions, build towards a berserker greaves rather quickly then sword of divine soon after. If you gank well early game then you should build up to your sword of divine without any problems.

Ganking: start harassing them, unless they're all ranged and you can't get close to them without getting harassed yourself try hiding in the bush and if your lane partner can harass reasonably well then you should be able to get the chance to charge in, and at around level 4-5 you should get around first blood and pick up an extra kill or 2 if your doing well in your lane.

Though there is one thing that you'll need to know about your audacious charge.

Never charge into the enemies turret even if they are right beside it with low health unless your certain your going to get the kill and assuming that you will make it out alive. But if the opposing lane partner has cc or stuns such as Alistar, Veigar(although Veigar may be mid instead)Sion etc you can consider yourself dead for not thinking well enough.

people also bait you into chasing your opponets off seeing as how Xin is good at chasing, the opposing team will use that to their advantage. If your mid game and you see a champ trying to push a lane, assuming that theres no one hiding in the bush waiting for a gank, be aware that if their near by any a enemy champ is bound to come in and try gank you.

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In the end I just wanted to say this is my very first ever written guide and it may not be well in depth written as it would compared to others, and that I hope this guide will help you towards playing Xin

Please comment and leave your thoughts below
into how I could make this Build better

I will try my best to reply if you
send me any messages or post comments.

Thanks for reading and please vote!