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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tru Faulken

Xin Zhao - Asian of Demacia

Tru Faulken Last updated on August 6, 2010
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Hey guys, this will be my first build so go easy on me. Whenever I use this build, I always get lots of early kills and it helps with the feeding as well. I know some people say that getting health regen for this character is not necessary because he heals every so often when he attacks. But I say, it gives him a bit more edge during early game battles. As u can notice, my skill build is pruely focused on his attack speed, exhaust, critical strikes, defense and damage. This is good for Xin because in early games, he can take on 2 people quite easily at level 3 and he is excellent at defending himself against a max of 3 or 4 (at most) enemy champions. (this depends because Ryze does heaps of damage to Xin if he is caught in a gank.)The two abilties u get to select b4 game should be ignite and exhaust. I like this combination because in early game, I like to get a few kills without having to run at them and risk being taken by the tower. Ignite is great for depleting their last few bars of health while they are running away. Exhaust, I use for when they r nowhere near the towers but can still retreat back safely. I use it to slow them down and then combo it with audacious charge, crescent sweep, three talon strike then battle cry.
Now ur rune build should conecentrate purely on attack speed, dodging, cooldown reductions and health+health regen. This is because it gives him a powerful early (and late) game push. His attack speed will be faster than most heroes, and the cooldown reductions for easier, quick and decisive action when pursuing or taking down an enemy champion.
For early game I like to go and get some good early kills, annoying them, not going to near the tower and charging them at the right time. I buy Regrowth pendant first to give me a slow health regeneration so I do not need to go back or risk killing minions when enemy champions are around. Once u get to level 2 or 3, u r basically very strong in early game. Audacious Charge, three talon strike and then Battle Cry is a good combo for slowing ur opponent and giving time for yourself to get in some hits and hopefully kill the dude. Your next item should be Berserker's Greaves for your movement speed and better your attack speed. I dont usually jungle since I get so many early kills and minion kills, but u can go ahead if ur on a low level for some reason.
Now u should have quite a treasury and u should either (if ur rich) get Guinsoo's Rage blade or (if u aint got THAT much lolz) go for Last Whisper and then Malady to get your attack speed up to meet satisfying justice. You should begin ganking and have no trouble 1 v 1](or 2 if ur skillful ;)] -ing champions and actually try to get a few towers.
Now u should be absolutely pooning the field with ur almighty justice and killer spear. With lots of money, you should buy Phage in order to easily get the Frozen Mallet which comes in handy for slowing enemy champions and giving urself time to kill them with ur uber attack speed. U then should buy the bloodthirster to get some life-steal and more damage into your attacks. Finally to get your health up and become an OVERLORD with heaps of health (for a dps character) buy either Warmog's Armour or Force of Nature and this will guarantee GODLIKE status and invulnerable to enemy ganking.

I do hope u find this build very helpful because I found it fantastic for when I play. I may not be a pro or even (maybe haha) a noob but I am part of the gaming community just like u. A hardcore gamer and a friendly player who accepts it when defeat comes my way. But I like the fact that it is the end of the game and you have lost but when u start a new beginning; a new game - we can learn from our mistakes, grow, become skilled and start again stronger in the next battle ON THE FIELDS OF JUSTICE. :D

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long description, but the more you learn, the more you play - the MORE you will get better and become awesomely pro! GOOD LUCK OUT THERE.
(oh and one more thing, if the game you r playing still hasn't ended, replace the items with better ones like Trinity Force or Infinity Edge for damage and Sword of the Divine or Phantom Dancer in replacement for attack speed ;).) [but really it shouldn't go longer cos u will own ;D]

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