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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jedbacca

Xin Zhao - I've come to bring the pain

Jedbacca Last updated on July 24, 2010
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I have now edited the item build to something that is more suitable, I've been on a winning streak with the new build and haven't lost in 4 days running this in the 5's. Enjoy.


I would like to start off by saying that I've seen quite a few Xin Zhao's now with many different damaging type builds plus even the champion's spotlight build for jungling utilized. I Would like to point out that this is my playing style with this character and I highly appreciate suggestions for improvement and comments of things I could quite do differently to improve my game.

Character Spells:
Flash: I personally love this spell for two reasons. First, obviously if you are in a pinch and things are bad when you are getting chased you can run toward a wall and flash right through it. Second, If we are chasing and we have enough room before the next turret I will flash Audacious Charge the hero to get the snare and kill off with probably only taking one, two or if I'm fortunate enough no turret hits.

Teleport: I take this because I like to be mobile with my team, and I like to punish people for diving against our team and I'm built up enough by then to come from behind and reverse the tides. Example: Enemies dive past minions, I tele behind and come in with ulti and re-initiate a fight and depending on how good the match is going, usually kill 1 or 2. Plus, I use TP on my Ashe as well and I love to gank.

I have also seen ignite and exhaust etc etc. Honestly I would take what you are most comfortable with, I prefer these skills for Xin.

Mastery Tree: I go 21 Defense and 9 offense. Please see tree for details. I like to take D with Xin so I can last longer in fights and get that big damage out, plus you won't be getting focus fired too badly, and if they do, it's almost like you're an off tank anyway so let your team mop up.

Rune Build:
9 Armor Pen Marks
9 Alarcity Seals
9 Glyph of focus
3 Quintessence - Flat health

So, I like to add some speed with my damage and I dig having the extra armor pen, maybe that's from playing Ashe too much.. I dig having the extra life, so that's 95 health off of the runes plus the 60 from my tree, so an extra 155 health to start off from runes is quite nice. I also dig having quicker recharge to get that TTS (Three Talon Strike) out more frequently when I'm pushing or taking someone down.

As far as leveling skills go I like to get TTS up in level first because it's your bread n butter. I'd suggest playing with the skill order a bit, I still am, whatever you get most comfortable with go for it.


Three Talon Strike (TTS) - This skill I said was your bread and butter, they even quoted that in the spotlight, really is. It's nice to hit twice with it on a minion then with the third knock up a target while you are laning, thus getting out more DPS on the target. In the majority of the games I've been in lately we have scored first blood by level 4 in almost every match. Plus, when you focus fire in team fights and you are hitting the other teams heavy hitter DPS target, it alleviates a nice bit of pressure.

Battle Cry - Passively increasing attack speed = win. This skill when used lowers your cooldowns, this is also made of win, what's not to love about this?

Audacious Charge - Love it, not only do you get to dash at your opponent causing damage, but you snare them to. So, take for instance, I have a high attack rate plus damage with that snare and a knock up, I think that target is going down.

Crescent Sweep - Big damage if you use it as the first skill when you go in as a team, this can also disorient teams big time when you roll in as a team. I've seen teams spread out real fast and like helpless cattle they scatter, leaving you to charge at them with Audacious Charge and cleaning up house.

Item build:

Start with:
Heal Pot x2

Game With:
Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads - Defensive purposes, but in all reality grab the boots that are going to be more handy that game.
Youmuu's Ghostblade - Atk spd armor pen, plus up atk spd in bursts.
Frozen Mallet - Added snare assists with waiting for your dash to recharge if you used it to initiate.
Infinity Edge - Heavy Dmg
Guardian angel - Just cause
Then any pots


I started to dig laning over jungling. With Jungling you can leave yourself in a disadvantage if you don't pop an early gank off. If you do, then awesome, you won't be boned for money in the game. Although I have played the jungling version of Xin, pretty much just the champions spotlight build. I was able to pull off wins due to how defensive the build is and was able to tank my way through levels and last hits. That really doesn't go with my play style of gaming in general. I like to have a solid base to build off of, hence the steady exp gain from laning.

Laning Phase - Start off with just going in for the last hits and harass with your partner if you have melee targets to fight. Use your TTS to push the lane when needed and also when jumping your opponent. I like to go for TTS, then Battle Cry, then Audacious charge. Usually if you and your partner are maneuvering well you can pull off an early game gank with Audacious Charge with TTS. You get in, snare, hit twice then pop them up, with little effort from your laning buddy you guys should land the first blood by lvl 4 usually. This is a reason I get boots first and am defensively spec'd. This way I can chase and get more hits off while they don't have boots yet. Also if I need it I'll flash the target if I have to.

Mid Game: I go for lizard a lot and dragon as much as possible for the extra gold for the team. The teleport helps a ton to get those ganks off, if you place wards in the gank bushes and teleport on them enough you can be the initiator for your team, score a kill and run back to your lane and jungle on the way.

Late game: Concentrate on the team fights as usual and going for squishy targets then utilize your Audacious Charge for harder to kill characters that will need to be snared unless of course you are taking out the DPS.

Overall: I enjoy playing the character because you can be considered as an off tank with higher DPS.

As I stated earlier, if anyone has any feedback, I'm willing to try newer ideas, but thus far this build has gotten me the most wins out of Xin Zhao. The higher attack speed to get the knock up with TTS and higher damage plus initiate attack of Crescent Sweep followed by dash for chasing is a great way to land your kills with this hero. Not to mention the defense tossed up by the build, I personally feel this is a good mix.

I hope this works out for others as it has worked out for me.

Enjoy the guide if it works, if it doesn't please post comments for improvement, I'll test in multiple matches and see if it's a viable option.

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