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Xin Zhao Build Guide by LaserLoserJr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LaserLoserJr

Xin Zhao Super Jung

LaserLoserJr Last updated on October 29, 2014
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Xin Zhao Build

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Xin Zhao can either be a tank or a really good AD Carry. He is can top top and, in my opinion, excels at jungling. He can stay in the jungle for a very long time thanks to the passive on his W, which restores health every third attack. His Q will be most of his damage output. It resets your basic attack so use it right after a basic attack.

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I like to build my Zin Xhao build with lot of life steal. This gives him great sustain in team fights. You get Feral if you are jungling. Then either your mobi boots or your hydra. get you boots If you need to help out your lanes in their struggling or get hydra for great AoE damage. Bloodthirster is what really make Xin Zhao a beast in mid-late game.The shield gives him even more sustain and gives you great damage and life steal. Blade of the Ruined King gives Xin Zhao attack speed which is really good for him in late game to deal as much damage as possible. Gunblade is an item you won't usually get due to how long it will take. Gunblade's spell vamp heals you if you use your E, which does AoE damage.

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Skill Sequence

Start off with your W. This helps you stay alive when you are getting a leash form your team. then get your Q. This will help your clear the jungle much faster. Get your E, it is great when catching an enemy running away from an early game gank. Max out your Q, and upgrade your ultimate when possible. Then alternate between your W and your E, also upgrading your ultimate when possible.

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I take smite and heal. Swap out smite for flash if your want the extra mobility.

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Jungle Order

Get a leash at your blue, the mana helps a lot. get wolfs or wraith depending on what side your are on. Then get the wolfs or wraiths, depending on what side you're area on. Go for red buff next, you should be at level 3 at this points. get golems, big wraith, wolf/wraiths, wolfs/wraiths. Grind until you get your Feral Flame Once or at least most of the way done. Now start ganking your lanes.

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Pros / Cons

Great jungler
Late game is really good
Ganks are really good
Can solo Baron after getting Bloodthirster
Early game is not so good
W is his only sustain and it does not do really good at its job
Very mana hungry at early levels

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Xin Zhao is an amazing jungler and is great at zoning his opponents. Even though his early game his teammates can help him out. This is my first build so don;t expect much from me.