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Xin Zhao Build Guide by junyu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author junyu

Xin zhao: The one of the best meele champion

junyu Last updated on July 2, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hello, As you can see this build is for Xin Zhao the Legendary DPS Champion. Xin Zhao is considerd a DPS Champion because of the attack speed and damage it can unleash. I'll explain further more below.

Befor we start heres a Description of Xin Zhao's Abilities.

Tireless Warrior: Xin zhao is healed for 30 points every 3 attacks that he lands. This amount increases by 5 every 2 levels.

Three Talon Strike:Xin Zhao prepares to unleashes a fearsome combo, causing his next 3 standard attacks to deal his attack damage +15/30/45/60/75 to enemy targets, with the final attack knocking his opponent into the air.

Battle Cry:Passive: Increases Xin Zhao's attack speed by 15/20/25/30/35%
Active: Xin Zhao unleashes a battle cry, increasing his attack speed by double the passive amount for 7 seconds, and causing his standard attacks to reduce all other ability cooldowns by 1 second

Audacious Charge:Xin Zhao charges an enemy unit, dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (+40% of ability power) damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

Cresent Sweep:Xin Zhao unleashes a fierce spear sweep on targets around him, dealing 150/275/400 + 25% of their current health in physical damage. His magic resistance and armor are increased by 30/40/50 for the next 8 seconds.

(How to play)

Early Game:
Start with a Dorans shield. The first skill I start with is Three Talon Strike because it's Xin Zhaos main skill he would be using to down other players. Now you help your team and try to get first bloob, and after first blood you go back and buy a mana potion so you can stay longer and don't need to recall back to home because you don't have any mana left. If you can, try laning with a Evelynn, this will generate a deadly lane because when Evelynn is invis the other team will be afriad of a stun, but just in case their not, Evelynn can stun then Ravage, while you charge in with Audacious Charge then finish up with Three Talon Strike, By 10 minutes in game, you should have enough for a B.F sword followed by berserker greaves, as you know this only works if your well fed in your lane, if not slowly gain the gold by farming or using the method of stuns and disable with Evelynn.

Mid Game:
At this point with a Dorans Sheild, Berserker Greaves, B.F sword you should be ganking with your team mates in their lane to help push and put pressure on the other team. Xin Zhao is a major initiator as you quicky charge in with Audacious Charge then quickly popping your Crescent Sweep, followed by Three Talon Strike. This will create enough time for the rest of your team members to come forward and help if the target is not dead already. Using Battle Cry while pushing or while activating Three Talon Strike is also very effective as it makes it faster for your Three Talon Strike to reach its third hit as well as the extra hits you'll put in while your target is in hang time. During mid game you should have your Phamtom Dancer, Bloodthirster and maybe a bit of your Frozen Mallet completed.

End Game:
By now you should be collecting Lizard, (maybe Golem) buffs and killing dragon constantly, Also staying near your team just in case of incomming ganks. At this rate you should be well fed enough to be able to intitate and take down a few champions. You should have your Frozen Mallet, and maybe Infinity Edge.
At this stop you should have Berserker Greaves, Phantom Dancer, Bloodthirster, Frozen Mallet and a Infinity Edge. In this stage of the game, Intiaiting fights are quite dangerous and you probally won't survive altho the enemy team might be killed. If there's no other way and you must initate then be carefull if not, be the second to initate because if your not the one to initate, you would be free to deal a huge amount of damage to enemies champions alone.

Tips while playing:
*When your low hp, try to stay and heal off minions or creep as you heal alot, unless you think its dangerous then go back to base and heal up.

*Try getting as much kills as early as possible as it will help alot mid game