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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ownagenesss

Xin Zhao, the terror from up top.

Ownagenesss Last updated on November 24, 2010
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So this is my Xin Zhao build

The reason I named this build Terror from up top is because I was giving that name when I locked down top in 5v5s. I never really have a problem getting kills so when I would go on a rampage thats what I was called.


    Alot of attack speed
    Higher movement speed
    Great at initiating
    Extremely hard to beat in 1v1
    A good amount of HP and a good amount of damage


    Often targeted.
    No real escape move
    Not much defense against CC

Why Ignite?

Ignite is one of the greatest early game spells in all of Lol. If you use it with exhaust it is great for first blood. The spell is also great mid to late game. Sick of a Warwick you are fighting? Annoyed of him healing while he cripples you? Even the odds with Ignite, cuts his lifesteal HP regen in half while dealing damage. This is great if you are often in 1v1's or for finishing champions.

Why Exhaust?

Exhaust is the perfect insta-slow for any user. If you also put a mastery in cripple it reduces the magic resistance and armor by 10. As if that wasn't enough it even extends the duration by half a second, thats a big deal in Lol considering things happen fast. Exhaust is amazing on Xin Zhao. By the time you have frozen mallet use exhaust to catch up and then slow them with your standard hits. Before your enemy knows it they are dead and they will be wishing they had faster boots.


I go 21 in offense and 9 in utility. I take 3 points in crit to give a little boost to the phantom dancer. I put a point in exhaust simply because of the cdr and the affect it has. I take 4 points in attack speed to help out in the game since I usually only get zerk treads and wait till I finish mallet to get more speed. I put 3 points in armor pen because it works well with my build overall and works nicely with my runes. I put 3 points in to reduced respawn time and then 4 points into overall exp gained. The exp boost is actually very useful, if you are having a hard time getting kills just farm and you should be ok with the boost.


I take 9 runes for attack speed in seals. This will be my initial dose of attack speed, it will carry me over till I get the boots. I take 9 runes in armor pen marks. This works amazingly with my masteries and the black cleaver, but the armor pen is just enough to tide me over till I get the cleaver. I take 9 runes of magic resist in glyphs. Magic resists works well with early game in-case you lane against mages or ap oriented champions. The MR also works pretty well with your ult. I take 3 attack speed quints. This is the finally touch on your Xin Zhao build, this will add an extra element of speed to your early game.

Core items:

Why those items?

Nowadays alot of people don't like attack speed, sure I see their points, but that doesn't mean they are right. Jax versus Master Yi is a classic example. If they were to both get in a 1v1, who would win? Yi. If Jax had high attack speed he would win. Attack speed is huge on some champions, on others not so much. I choose Berserker Greaves to compliment my starting attack speed. Its a good base for beginning your DPS, and you will find that while you build frozen mallet you wont need insane attack speed to be good. Frozen mallet is the best item for Xin in my opinion. It gives him alot oh HP and the slow is amazing. With Xin's charge it works great to follow up with standard slow while you pick them apart piece by piece. I build Fervor for the added attack speed and the lifesteal. This builds great with Xin's passive. The item's passive for the team is also amazing, it is the essential Xin Zhao team help item. Finally I build Black Cleaver. This is insane on Xin! With his attack speed and lifesteal cleaver gives you the ability to rip through tanks that dare stand up to you. It is also a great finishing item, the passive on cleaver is what really makes it worth while for Xin.

Early Game:

Early game with Xin Zhao can make or brake a potential epic game. It doesn't mean you are dead if you have a rough early game, but it does make it harder to carry late. First off I try and rush first blood by checking bushes. Even thought it isn't much, the 6% lifesteal from my dorans blade helps out a bit when you get Xin's passive up and running. If I can't get first blood before the minions I wait till I am level 3 to try once again. By then I usually have my full slate of abilities, so I go for the kill. Once I get first blood I continue the pressure while trying to maintain farming. By level 6 I go back to base and get my zerk boots. I come back and around level 8ish I usually have about 2-3 kills, if not kills then assists. Towards level 9 I go back and start my phage. This carry's me over to level 11 where mid game begins (usually)

Mid Game:

This is when the laning phase has ended and I start going for solo kills. This is where Xin thrives. I usually find a squishy champion on the enemy team for easy gold, this is actually where I got my nickname. After I have finished off Frozen mallet I star building starks. Now I going after the big boys. Xix is great with this type of stuff. Even if you have a quite game Xin is able to take on a fed member of the enemy team. You need to be careful though, you cant always 1v1 champions. By now we are level 14 and we are marching down mid, this is where Xin is absolutely needed the most. If you have a tank let him go in, but right when he starts you follow in with Xin's 4 hit K.o. This build can also be a savior to your team. If its clear that a member is about to die that you can save, do it. Xin's slow from frozen mallet and his 3 hit knock-up coupled with attack speed can save a member of your team. The HP you get from the mallet should be enough to keep you alive while you are flooded with ty's.

Late Game:

By now the enemy team should be avoiding you at all cost, this is due to the pwnage you are dishing out. Depending on what you have you might be opting for Phantom Dancer for crit strike or Last whisper for armor pen. Either way both are viable items on Xin. By now you are level 18 and should have the black cleaver. The game for me rarely goes this long because we end it quickly. But in-case it does go this long you should be able to take on any champion 1v1 with few exceptions. (A fed mordekaiser, Tryndamere, etc.)

Xin's 4 hit K.O.

Why in that order?

The reason why we do


is because of his cooldowns. Charging with E is easy, his ultimate will give you mag resist and armor after you use it, plus his ultimate is an initiator not a finisher. We use three talon strike so we can knock them up after taking the damage we just unleashed. If they are stupid enough to stay with jack up the damage by using W for some serious speed. And even if they stay around for more Q should be coming off of cooldown fairly well.

Thanks guys, hope you like it.

Please leave comments and grade it =D