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Olaf Build Guide by Ownagenesss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ownagenesss

PainLaf - Fnf up

Ownagenesss Last updated on September 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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You are Olaf, you take literal ****s on top lane any time you are picked. You don't care for fancy moves, you just dominate. You are a 1v1 God, you laugh as the Titans send forth their best solo top champion. You deal some of the strongest early game burst, it's so strong that the God's actually had to make it hurt you everytime you use it. Come friends, let us see what Olaf can do.

Often times you will think of this song when owning top (I do atleast). Mobb deep another good option!

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Pros / Cons


Strong early game burst
++ Most likely the strongest 1v1 champion that is viable
Heavy damage and health
Strong scaling
++ An absolute force late game.


Easily kited
Easy to gank pre 6
-- Exhaust still negates his attacks
-- No real gap closer outside of ghost
If shut down has a hard time coming back

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Summoner Spells

The Best

This is the fundamental spell for Olaf, you absolutely have to take ghost on Olaf if you want to close gaps and kill. Also due to the flash nerf this spell is all the more important.

This is superb spell. It really is strongest early game due to the lack of phage. Late game is is also supeber for making your target useless when they try to fight back. All around it turns Olaf from a good anti carry to a superb anti carry.

Other great spells

A great spell if you are going to be pushing alot or you are facing a tougher opponent top (Ryze, Yorick, Tryndamere)

Still a good spell to use, excellent for ganks and finishers.

After the buffs this spell is superb, it goes a step further then Ragnarok and gets rid of exhaust and ignite (not completely).

Great spell for finishing and if you flat out want to go kill whatever is out there.. However it is situational in my view; I only ever take it if they have a Mundo or Tryndamere top, and even then I prefer Exhaust.

I take Olaf with heal mainly against Gangplanks and Yoricks, it's great on juggerlaf.

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Due to the new changes Q turns into your main squishy slayer late game.

Superb late game sustain and early game life saver. It's a mini Atma's and can get Olaf up to 400 damage with a full build. Max this 2nd.

Your bread and butter early through mid game. Amazing tank melter, superb cooldown and turns Olaf into a 1v1 and solo top God. Max this right away.

The new Ragnarok makes babies cry. The armor and mres keep you alive as you rip a hole straight through their team. The CC immunity was good, but this is officially a super steroid.

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Core Items

This is the first major item you get. It gives you early attack speed and really works well with your passive early game.

This turns you into an anti carry, you can now perma slow the enemy and completely chase them down with merciless efficiency

Right here in my view is the best possible item you can buy for Olaf. It gives you crazy crit, crazy attack speed and the best part, more movement speed. Get this every game you can right away.

What I get

This item is a superb item for solo top, especially against champs like Gangplank or Riven. It gives you armor, lifesteal and damage, it's amazing for it's price.

Great late game damage item, great for it's cost and adds some armor and crit chance for even more anti carry goodness.

Armor pen, attack speed, damage. I only get this after I have my 1st 5 slots filled.

Trade in wriggles for this if you want. I have only ever gotten this once, and it was after about 50 minutes. It's got serious damage and it scales, add this to everything and you can get up to 350-400 damage.

Other good choices

Good item for teams with heavy ap and heavy CC

Good item for teams with heavy ad.

Great against teams with fed ap carries and great for blocking that initial focus fire.

The alternative to Frozen mallet, however you lose out on the slow. I find this item better for jungling due to constant red buffing.

This + Warmog's = great synergy. As a stand alone item this great for dealing with heavy DPS.

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The Builds


This build makes Olaf into a complete carry machine. 52% Crit chance, over 300 damage without W, Attack speed over 1.9 and over 400 movement speed. This build is meant to melt squishies. You are not supposed to go run in 1st, you are supposed to run in after the initial CC burst.

When is this build good?

When the enemy has 1 exhaust, when the enemy doesn't have many tanky fighters and when the enemy has a lack of high burst damage.


This is a balanced tankier Olaf build. It gives you alot of resistance still coupled with that 50%+ Crit Strike.

When is this build good?

When the enemy has a fed carry in either AD carry or AP carry. When the enemy has alot of burst, and when the enemy has alot of CC.

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Early game

Start off with a pair of boots and 3 pots . Since you are maxing out your E first you should be getting alot of kills. After your 1st kill go ahead and head back and grab your boots and begin Wriggle's with a Vamp scepter . By now you should be farming alot and completely zoning your lane, mid game is approaching so you need to work on your major items. Before level 9 you should have boots and Wriggle's Lantern . By now you should have your turret down and you should be focusing on Champ farming. At this point you should be able to kill squishies by yourself, however it will be dificult due to lack of damage outside of your E.

Mid game

So you are entering the transition phase, you should be working on that Frozen Mallet . If it is becoming clear that this game won't end well don't be afraid to wait it out until late game. It is often better to hold of risky pushes mid game with Olaf due to his scaling. Hopefully with your mallet finished you have alot of kills. This means one thing..... Phantom Dancer .. You are now able to melt squishies and ap carries alike. The only champions that stand in your way are very beefy strong duelists , , and .

Late Game

Congrats, you made it to the phase Olaf shines brightest. Olaf excells at cluster fights and long dragged out brawls. Olaf has some of the highest sustain in huge fights and crazy damage. Focused or not you are going to take someone down with you. Squishies now run in fear at the sight of you, in a mear 3 hits you can completely melt people. All those 1v1 Gods are now on an even playing field with you, PainLaf fears none. You should have atleast Atma's and your BC . If the mortals dare to go any longer into the game trade in your wriggles for supreme domination with a Bloodthirster .

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The Titans (solo top competition)

Tougher lane. However due to Reckless swing Manlaf wins

Easy lane. Fiora thinks she can duel well but Olaf crushes her, she can not parry your E and her burst of speed is easily negated by cloth armor. Your ult is superb against hers. Combine W and R for insane grit. Free farm, free kill, run wild.

Easy lane. I have never once lost to an Irelia top. Max E go to town. Free farm, free kill, run wild.

A bit tough after 6 but easy as butter prior. Once she hits 6 she will ult you often, however without her Q on you it won't do much. When she ults onto you just use your Undertow and give her a Reckless Swing value meal.

Nasus is a pretty easy match up. Bully him with E and free farm.

Really hard lane if he's AP, fairly easy as AD. For AP Sion you need to go after him once his spells are down, and consider maxing Q first this is the only way to punish him.

Pretty tough but do-able. Most Wukong's will just Nimbus Strike and Crushing blow and then Decoy. Do not use your E when he comes at you, instead throw your axe (since he will usually juke to the bushes or back) and use our E since Wukong will avoid drawn out fights.

Levels 1-3 is really quite tough, however after that it becomes fairly easy.

Probably the hardest lane I have had to deal with yet it it still winnable. You might want to consider maxing out Q over E depending on the armor on Ryze. Try to farm and exploit him when he makes a mistake. If he becomes too hard ask for a gank.

Avoid him levels 1-3, then go after him hard and shut him down.

Easy win for Olaf. Free farm, free kill, go wild.

Easy prior to 6 and even after 6 not too hard. Just remember that he cannot dodge your Reckless Swing.

Tough lane due to his ability to kite. However after level 5 your Reckless Swing will hit hard, exploit this and make his life miserable.

So easy.. Free Farm, free kill, go wild.

Pretty easy. Even after 6 Trynd won't due too much damage to you due to your lifesteal, armor, ult and pure damage.

Pretty tough. Just be careful for his Q because he can heal back your E damage with one Q.

Fairly easy after levels 1-3. You will outdamage him with your E and due to your passive you can chop him down quickly. However don't take underestimate his Q damage and W sustain.

Easy... Free farm, free kill, go wild.

Easy after levels 1-3, keep your farm up and zone him out.

Easy easy easy... Free farm, free kill, go wild.

He actually does a good ammount of burst, but Olaf does not care, he simply takes it like a man and uses his Q E combo.

Annoying lane. I've only faced 2 and it was only because we sent a Talon mid. She doesn't do much damage but her shield makes it hard to slow her down with your Q. Once you get to her it's easy.

So much armor it's hard.. Wait, you have true damage. He will attack with often with his AOE, however just fight back with Reckless Swing.

Champions you don't want to face.

He will outsustain you and make your life miserable due to his poking. You can try to exploit him early with your E but his passive makes it very hard to make any lasting impact. You won't farm well and most importantly you won't champion farm.

Crazy range, crazy sustain and he can 1v1 extremely well. Do not go top against Yorick if you can help it.

Dont, just surrender or queue drop, she has no counter only equals.

An absolute God top, he is so often forgotten yet he has some of the strongest poke and strongest early game damage. Get hit with 3 Acid Hunters and you will wonder why you ever went top.

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Important Olaf notes

- You are not a tank unless you choose to play as Juggerlaf. If you take up Painlaf you are not meant to absorb the initial front of damage

- Ragnarok turns Olaf into a much tankier fighter due to the changes.

- Do not turn on your until you are getting lower in health due to it's high lifesteal

- Olaf can hard/hyper carry if played right, this however does not mean you can run into a 1v5 and expect to win.

- Late game Olaf relies on armor pen over his Reckless Swing due to lack of scaling, this is why armor pen of some sort is very important.

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Some good Olaf games

The numbers

The builds used

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To conclude Olaf is a strong solo top with strong carry potential. Hopefully you guys will do well with this build. And if you guys have any question post a comment or send me a message on my account below.

Thanks guys,

No Malice