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Kennen Build Guide by NextFTW

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NextFTW

Yes they make shurikens this small

NextFTW Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So I have been playing LoL for a while and I decided to make a guide on my favorite hero, Kennen.
Apart from having one of the coolest dances in this game we call LoL, Kennen is a force to be reckoned with. With his unique chasing ability, he is one of the most fun heroes to play. This is my first guide ever, so be easy on me =D.

This guide will show you how to successfully play Kennen as an AP carry (even though RIOT doesn't label him a carry)

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- Great chasing ability
- Tons of damage
- Great AoE stun
- One of the best early harassers in the game

- Squishy
- Easily CC'd (That's why I take cleanse)
- Gets focused late game (Due to AoE ult stun and the damage output)

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For my Kennen build, I take 9/21/0. I do this because early game, Kennen needs all the survivability he can get. With the points in defense rather than utility, he is able to take more damage (not that your going to get hit of course) and stay in the lane longer. I have tried 9/0/21 and its good, but I feel that the bonus in defense helps more in the long run.

ALSO I would like to point out that if you feel comfortable with Kennen, middle lane is amazing for him. Playing against just 1 person makes it easier to harass them without worrying about getting hurt too much. ALSO his chasing ability allows him to gank top/bottom when he has reached level 6 with ease.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells:

: Since Kennen doesn't have much survivability besides Lightning rush, this spell could save your life. Personally this is a must get.
: This is a good spell to lower their magic resist and get first blood, as well as reducing your opponents healing, but it is situational later on in the game.
: Great with your Lightning Rush to either chase someone down or to initiate. BE CAREFUL when initiating though as to not over extend.
: My personal favorite spell, this is one of the best to get away with. Using cleanse to get out of stuns and flashing over a wall can and will save your life. This can also be used to flash over a wall with your ult so kill an unsuspecting victim.

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: A must have rune for Kennen, its magic pen, nuff said.

greater seal of vitality: Having the health per level is better than flat health. This gives him more survivability, which Kennen can take all he can get.

: Some people go for the AP on level, but I find that having the flat out AP helps out your early game tremendously. Your shuriken which is your main source of damage early game gets that extra boost, which could grant you that early first blood/kill.

: I have tried health and CDR quintessences, but I found that what gave the biggest boost and most help was the flat AP Quints. This helps you tremendously early game with the early AP boost.

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Fight Rotation

Everyone's skill rotation will vary a little, but here is how I do it with Kennen:

Your going to want to harass as much as possible with Kennen's . If you can successfully hit your opponent down to about 75% of their hp, then all you have to do is wait for them to over extend. Once this happens, lead in with (he should already have one Mark of the storm, so this will make 2). Try and get a few auto attacks in, then immediately hit . This will stun your opponent. Next hit him with a since this should now be off cooldown. Now is the time to use your ultimate, . Keep using your Q whenever off cooldown as well as your W, and this should guarantee you a kill. This is based on if you are at least lvl 6, having your ultimate, but 7 would be better with 1 more point in your shuriken to insure the kill.

For team fights, you pretty much follow the same thing, except its not a big deal if you can hit with your first. As long as you in and then hit followed by , your team will appreciate the AoE stun.

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Early Game

Harass, harass, HARASS! The beauty of energy is that it replenishes =D. Kennen is one of the best mids, so try and take it before anyone else can even think about it. That being said, start off with your . Personally, I think this is the best starting item for Kennen. The health regen as well as the health increase make this item a must have. This will allow you to stay in your lane longer and harass longer. The more times you can make your opponent go back to base the better. Remember to either harass or last hit with your Q ability. Its short cooldown makes it a great skill to have early game. Stay in your lane as long as you can, and at around lvl 8 or so, you can then go back and start following the core build, gaining first.

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Mid Game

This is where Kennen shines, mid game. Assuming you have done a decent farm using your Q ability, maybe even achieved an early kill, you should have your and be working for your . Now it's time to gank. Make sure that your next auto attack will apply a mark of the storm, and go gank. With all your abilities, you will be able to start killing people and adding stacks to your soulstealer. Make sure you know what your getting yourself into when you go gank, and remember not to over extend. You can't afford to die. This will take you into late game.

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Late Game

Ok, so your almost done with the core item build, you have your and your working for . Keep ganking and getting stacks for your soulstealer, but now team fights are occuring, what do you do? KENNEN IS NOT A TANK! so don't try and be a hero. Follow the tank in and do your AoE spells and mess some people up. Once you can obtain you can be a little more aggressive. A really cool combo I like to use is Ult + hourglass. Follow your tank into a team fight and ult. If your as powerful and farmed as you should be, people will be trying to focus you down first. This is when the hourglass comes in handy. As you are doing your ult, hit the hourglass. This renders you immune to damage and people can't target you. When it expires, get out. Stay around and use your Q + W combo, but make sure your not going to die.

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Final Words

- Never stop harassing. You have energy, use it whenever you can.
- Don't over extend. People will be waiting for your mistake, don't give them an opening.
- YOUR NOT A TANK! Please remember this.
- Your a huge source of damage/stun during team fights. Make sure your there.
- Farming is a breeze with Kennen. You can take out a whole wave of creeps with Q + W + Q when off cooldown, take advantage.
- Kick some *** =D

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This is my first build so keep that in mind please. I would love to hear some constructive criticism, so please leave your thoughts on how I could improve this guide, or things that you like that I said.

Thanks for reading this =D

Have fun playing Kennen, and show people who's boss.