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Build Guide by Numeroten

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Numeroten

Yi 3000 Damage in 1.3 Seconds DPS

Numeroten Last updated on May 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yi is an amazing DPS character. IT is very easy to get fed with Yi just as long as you know the right moves. I have seen many versions of Yi, but fine critical strike Yi is the best! Especially, with his burst like continuous Damage it is CRAZZZYY!
Please read the guide before you vote, and do this build.

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Alpha Strike - Your main farming skill. Use to easily clear minions. Also, use to engage an enemy.

Meditate - This skill helps you get right back out there when you are hurt. The 700 heal at level 5 is amazing. Also, the 100 MAGIC Resists, and 100 Armour is also amazing. 2 key points. If they turret dive you, and you can't get out. USE THISSSS it will severely lower the damage they take, and you can let your turret do the work for you. SAVED me so many times! Also, if you are up against a Veigar and his stun doesn't allow you to get out. Use this to lower how much he takes!

Wuju Style - Use all the time every time you engage. It gives the damage of pretty much another Infinity Edge

Highlander - The one of the most amazing ULTTTTT You can easily kill an enemy with this! Plus what is fun if you get the kill the CD disappears! IT is amazing! You can easily get a penta kill with this ult! The movement and attack speed can help you kill just about anyone

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High Damage
Awesome Farmer
Great DPS
Awesome Ult
Crit Crazy
Easy Penta Kill
Easy to get Fed

Squishy (Frozen Mallet and Seals Help)
Stuns Hurt (solved with cleanse and ult)

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CLEANSE (I can not specify how crucial this is when you are stunned)


Please Don't Get
Revive (No one should ever get this...)
or any other spell actually.

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Beserker's Greaves
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge

I start out with a dagger just to help get that first kill. If you are with a smart team member you can easily alpha an enemy/exhaust/attack, and you get first blood.
Upgrade to Berserker's Greaves
Next, get a zeal for attack speed, Crit, and movement speed. Which will upgrade to a phantom.
I know many of you are asking why not Youmuu, but even though its active is awesome it isn't really needed with this build because you are more than fast enough, and there is not 60 sec CD. However, if you really want it you can trade one of the Phantom's for it.
Next, get Infinity edge. With this item you will have about 60% Crit if you follow my runes and masteries. This IS CRAZY because you will be taking about 600 when it Crits! with its passive of 250% Crit Attack. Now with your attack speed being at 1.5 without your ult, and your alpha being at Level 5 by now you can easily take 1200 Dmg in a sec.(plus their armor so about 800(unless tank)) The cool thing about this is you can easily obtain these items within a short amount of time. Yi is amazing with killing early if you are with a partner, and exhaust and highlander works magic! With your ult on you can easilly take 1200-2000dmg a sec
By now you are going to be awesome force! This is around the time they will start targeting you first. That is why you get Frozen Mallet(slow is awesome to)
If the game is still going just finish out with another Phantom which will enable you to take 1500 a sec without ult.
The last item, is a Atma Impaler (100% Crit Chanace)or Blood Thirster(82% Crit Chance). It is very easy to use blood thirst its passive since you are a farming champion. Your Critical Stike will be Super high! enabling you to take about 3000dmg in a little over a second with you ult on. It is AMAZING! with 2.5 Attack speed And Critical srike of 900. since you cant really half it the last attack will be in 2 seconds. But if you can Alpha and attack that is 2100 Damage in 1 second. With one more that is 3,000damage!!!!
If you do complete all this you can sell your boots for either the Atma Impaler or The Blood Thirster whichever you did not buy.

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Skill Sequence

With this build you will have massive CC and attack power!
All the time go Wuju/Alpha/Highlander/SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM/Run
With cleanse even if your ult is on CD it enables you to get away all the time.
Best Case scenario haha
Wuju/Alpha/Highlander/SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM/double kill
Wuju/Alpha/Highlander/SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM/triple kill
Wuju/Alpha/Highlander/SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM/quadra kill

PS when u have exhaust it is literally murder!!! Just use it on someone and they will die even before they try to run. IT is AmaZINNNG so Wuju/Exhaust/Alpha(optional depending on range)/Highlander/DIEEEEEE

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Early game - until u get your phantom yi isn't that strong. Play smart and GANK. Using alpha to harass is awesome. For those of you who don't know use alpha on minions it will most likelly hit the champion if they are near. Early game never hit the champion your alpha will chase and you the champion and you will get killed.
Mid game - by now you should have your phantom and your bf sword at least. Own all the squishies.
Late game - if you played yi the right way all i can say is OWNAGE!

Yi can just about kill anyone in a 1 vs 1 fight. If you are stunned first use Cleanse or you ult and quicky alpha the enemy. If he/she doesn't run spam and kill. Even if it looks like your dying Yi quickly makes up for it, and with exhaust you can easily kill them.

Team Fights - NEVER ENGAGE! Yi should be the last one to come in because they will target you! I prefer hiding in the bush and coming out when your tank engages. Quicky, kill their carrier first. After, move on based on how squishy the opponent is. LEAVE tanks for last even though you can kill them always attack the characters who do the damage first. VERY CRUCIAL

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HEy i run the website and i want to do top 10 most like champions. So if you comment can you tell me your favorite champion to?

Please try the build before making any decisions. The build looks expensive, but it is very easy to get fed which is why it is so expensive!