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Master Yi Build Guide by b_space

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League of Legends Build Guide Author b_space

Yi Masta' Killa'

b_space Last updated on October 22, 2011
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Hello guys. I am a new member of mobafire. Since the first day I joined LoL I joined mobafire too, but without an account. You have always been here, and I am so happy now that I am making this build. This is my first one, so don't be so critic.


In this build I will explain how Master Yi is played. Master Yi is an easy champion. His price in the shop shows NOTHING. Some new *** or w/e can go say "Omg 450ip champ **** that i buy noc noc ftw!!". There is no difference. For pro players everybody is strong. He has his own abilities, Pros and Cons. Well I adopted this guy as my first champion. Since I came, I made my first match with... Shen, I think. My score 5/5/1. Well for a new guy it was cool. Then I headed to the shop, and saw all the 450ip champions. I saw Master Yi's attack bar (not full, but close to full). I bought him, and my other match ended 15/2/3. Then I loved this champion. Now, I will share my knowledge with you.

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Pros / Cons


    Great farmer
    Great escape skills
    Amazing DOV (Damage Over Time)
    Terrible ulti


    Not a great farmer early game
    Squishy before lv6
    Not a big hp bar

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DPS Playstyle

Master Yi is an heavy DPS. His skills can be used to jungle, to gank, and more successfully to destroy turrets. These kind of champions are not so... heavy... until level 6. Their ulti is their final weapon. Master Yi needs a solo lane. If you metagame with your team i recommend you to go top (Where the carry AD is). You need to farm all the game, even when you are level 18 and don't need XP, YOU NEED GOLD. Those fabulous items can't be bought without gold. Somebody can say that to play this guy right you need to jungle, unless you are trolling. Well, with such a heavy APen build I don't need to jungle to get on top of my enemies. If you want to jungle with this build, then take ONLY the Red Buff from the Lizard. I keep constantly taking it when level 16+ (when team fights begin) to slow my enemies. Fortunately your enemies can't escape from you, nor any other DPS. These guys are equipped with strong escaping/capturing skills. Sometimes u must keep roaming through the river (or jungle) to get to your enemies and exhaust them, slap-slap-slap-slap ==> KILL.

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Now, about my runes. This is the way I play Master Yi. In a successful game (when fed) I usually get more than 2 pentas. In an usual one (not fed) I sometimes don't get any, and sometimes 1~2.

Greater Mark of Desolation
It's the perfect choose for all DPS'. It seems a little amount but early game it can crush enemies.

Greater Seal of Malice
Critical chance. Trust me, when you get high level (14+) you will get more crit chance than a Tryndamere with all runes. It happens to me I usually get 600 crit each shot.

Greater Glyph of Focus
CDr. Your skills need some improvements. I saw many Yi's who let the enemy escape because Alpha Strike was in cool down state.

Greater Quint of Desolation
This will give you even more APen.

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Item selection is handles the biggest part of your skills. You can go AP, Tank, Hybrid, AD, etc... For Yi I go AD with only a Sheen.

Sheen's important role

Sheen gives you 250 mana and 25 AP. This mana and AP boost is very needed early game. Mid game not so much, because 25 AP + 300 dmg that AS deals are not a big deal for tanks like Dr. Mundo or Ammu. What do I care is it's passive. After I deal a hit with my ability (or just activate it, like WS or HL) my next basic strike will deal 100% (2x) dmg. It crushes enemy's hp bar. Let's count it with a 100 AD Yi.

AS = 325 dmg
Base AD = 100 dmg

I attack with AS == -325hp (enemy)
I activate WS == +35 AD
AD = 135 dmg
I HIT HIM == 135 x 2 (sheen) x 2 (crit)

That is equal to

AD x 4

If you crit you will deal 4x your Base damage. If you get Infinity Edge (250% crit dmg) you will deal EVEN MORE. With 100 AD (Infinity Edge included) you deal 675 damage. Imagine if you have 300+ AD (1500 dmg 1 HIT)

Other items are the original DPS super items, which give attack speed and damage. However, you cannot think to win every game only with those items. You need to get new choices each time you play. However, I suggest you some items like:
Just cool. Big AD boost, crit damage, but expensive.
This is the best item. It's designed for Yi (I think), because it gives everything needed. Attack Speed, crit chance, etc... I recommend you to buy this item each game with Yi (unless ur a tank).
Just great. If you get it's stacks this item will scare even more your enemies.

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Summoner Spells

I suggest you :

Sometime your ulti can be in cd state. This is the only way to escape

If this spell is combined well with AS it's so deadly and amazing for chasing. If you are 1v1 and your opponent is beating you slow him and escape.


Now, these are not the only chooses. Each one of you may be thinking of Ghost or Cleanse, but this is how I play Yi and it's successful.

Not Recommended:

Leave these two for supports. You are a DPS

I don't like this spell. You should not be dieing you should be killing.

Just NO. Terribleeeee

I am not jungling....

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Team Work

Yi should be shining mid/late game, when team fights begin. It's very simple to gank an enemy with AS + Exhaust and slap-slap-slap-K.O. him. In most of team fights you should play smart. Usually team fights start mid, to take the turrets. My team faces the opponent team, and the tanks of both teams initiate the fight. I slap some, then I go back, where I take a shortcut and get them from behind. While enemies are focused on the tank, I do AS on the enemy tank (well, with at least 280 AD + APen I should damage him), I slow him then slap-slap-slap-K.O.. That's how it works. My mates see me, and the run to help me and get some free kills. That's how I get pentas about each team fights. Let them focus to your tank, get them from behind, slap-slap-slap-K.O.. This is just a way how to quickly get into the fight and finish the tank off. There are other ways that seems better to you, but you have to imagine them. With a little work, everyone can think a good plan and strategy.

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Additional comments

Well guys, this was my build introducing Master Yi. You can comment below and then vote. I want you to share your ideas about my build as well as about Master Yi's tricks. Other build ideas are also appreciated. Hope I get good comments, because I will be writing more guides, other champions etc...

That's all folks!

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22 October 2011

- Items Updated.

12 May 2011

- Guide Created.