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League of Legends Build Guide Author KohakuRyuu

Yi, The unsung Master of Mid

KohakuRyuu Last updated on November 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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When you think of Master Yi, It's usually as a Carry DPS that teams with a tank, or a ranged DPS carry and just acts as a beat stick. Well, When I saw him, I discovered his true potential. The first thing I noticed was Alpha Strike. A ranged Teleport that deals damage to about 5 or so targets, and has a chance to automatically kill minions and neutral monsters. It really should be his backbone early/mid game.

Early game: Start off by grabbing Alpha Strike, a health Pot, and Dorian's Blade. Take mid lane, and stick by the tower until the first wave of Minions passes. Follow the wave in and Alpha Strike the first minion you see. Fall back until it cools down, then repeat. Not only will you get kills, but you also harass the enemy, a three for one godsend. Once you run out of mana, Kick clarity and keep beating face until you hit lvl 6.

Once you hit 6, blue pill back to grab your Greaves, and run back mid. Immediately kick ghost and Highlander and Wuju Style as soon as the enemy comes in range, and chase him back to his turret. You really should be able to get the kill, even if you have to take a hit from the turret. Then go back and alpha strike the remaining minions and wail on the tower, hiding behind your wall of minions.

Mid-Game: Once you hit lvl 11, Mid is in the bag. Every time you face a 1v1, kick highlander and Wuju Style, and watch as their health drains to 0. Once you complete the Infinity Blade, Grab the cloak of agility and Brawler's Gloves, boosting your crit strike for excellent damage. Really, even soloing a good tank is easy at this point. Your dmg output is ridicules, and if you get ganked while killing someone, finish your target, and kick Highlander again and hightail it out of there. By lvl 14, as long as you are holding mid still, you should be on the inhibitor, or working on another lane.

Late-Game: once you hit 18, you are officially the top damage dealer on the board, bar-none. If you can single someone out in a team fight, you kill them. Period. And, once you can get the Warmong's armor, you can even take out 2 people in one go. You can take out a tower while tanking it and a champion, and you can Alpha Strike right into the middle of a Team Fight, and take out two or three people at a time.

Things to Watch Out For: Look out for stunz and disables. If facing a stun heavy group, grab Mercs or a sash, and hope they don't focus you too much in TFs.
Stealth Ganks: If fighting an Eve, invest in an oracle immediately! You can take her, as long as you can see her. As soon as she pops up, AS to her and wail on her. And especially watch out for team ganks early game. You WILL die. If people are MIA, turret hug and pick off minions with AS when they get close enough. Play it safe, and You will be fine.
Teemo: Grab a Quicksilver Sash, and whenever he blinds you, pop it and highlander, and go to town. You SHOULD beable to out DPS him, even with a slight head start from being blinded.

Item Build: I choose this item build because I have had excellent results with it so far. Greaves are a great starting item, then grab the cloak, then the bf Sword, then finish the IB Then grab another cloak, then the gloves, then finish Zeal, then the PD, repeat order for the second, the other BF Sword, then blood Thirster, then Giant's belt, then Warmog's Armor. Sell the Dorian's Blade when you start to build the BT, as it will be pointless to hang onto after that. I think that is the most efficient build for Yi, but that's just me.

Abilities: It is most important to lvl Alpha Strike first. The more kills you can get with it, the faster you can lvl, and the faster you can lvl Highlander. once you lvl AS all the way, focus on Wuju Style to up your dmg.

Tips and Tricks: when you are under Exhaust, use Alpha Strike, as it will take up most of the blind, and it hits through Blind.
You can deal with Ignite by running back a bit, and using meditate to counter the DoT.
Slow: Use Highlander and go after a target if you can.

Chasing a Target: "Patience if a virtue." You must live by this if you are gonna play Yi. I like to let someone push a lane while I sit in the bush, and once they pass me, run in behind them and Highlander them in the back, that way you can get between them and their base, and insure a kill, even if you let them farm a bit while you wait. It's worth it in the end.
When you chase someone, Ghost stacks with Highlander, so next to Rammus and Singed, you are the faster character in the game. And, if you just can't catch up, use Alpha Strike to close the gap. Yi is seriously the best chaser in the game, and really, you should be able to catch anyone if you play your cards right. Grab a frozen mallet if you have to counter a Singed, and wail away!

Summary: Well, Yi is all about Patience. Don't initiate team fights, wait for your target, and Crit Strike, Crit Strike, Crit Strike! Oh yeah, Red Buff at lvl 11, try to keep it at all times, even if you have to go for the enemy's!