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Gangplank Build Guide by Saronsen


By Saronsen | Updated on December 27, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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So here you are, at my guide for Gangplank. The greatest, deadliest pirate this side of runeterra.

Here I'll show you how to make your entire enemy team fear encountering you, and how to dominate your lane early on.

Here's an idea of how well this build works (for me). This is all from just one day. The most recent wins, I was supporting my Pantheon buddy. He's even scarier when fed.
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Pros / Cons

    You will crit. Every. Attack.
    You will melt down anyone single handedly, if not entire enemy teams.
    You will make anyone run from you the moment you come charging out at them. Use that fear to control their team.

    Semi-squishy. The warmogs will only help with so much.
    Thornmail is your nemesis. If your enemy team isn't entirely stupid, someone might go for thornmail to counter the fact you're dropping 1000 crits on them.
    Heavily gold dependant. If you don't get early kills, or incredible amounts of farm, this build can, and likely will fail you.
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Runes, AKA, What the hell are you doing?

Why do I have all these health and tanky runes, you ask? Why, because you are going to be an intimidating bastard as GP early game, that's why.

With the near 9% base crit you get at the start, and then 8% more from brawlers gloves, you're already intimidating as hell, since you can easily drop 120 crits at level 1, making your laning opponents think twice about, you know, coming within a mile of you. You're the baddest pirate around. Be sure you remind them of that.

With the runes, you are sufficiently tanky early game to survive possible level 1 fights, as well as dish out unbelievable pain in the early ranges to quickly get your gear.
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Heavily AD based as you can see, this is meant for maximum damage with a tiny bit of added tankiness so you aren't slaughtered early game.
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Get them brawler gloves. You're looking to hurt everyone who gets infront of you early game. Why a mana potion? Because that Parrrley is going to be used on the enemy champions a lot early game.

Avarice blade early is great for the extra gold for your gold-hungry build, as well as the much needed critical chance. Get it ASAP.

Next get your boots of speed, if not Berserker Greaves if you did it right, and got early game kills. That delicious attack and movement speed will serve you well.

Zeal should be your next pick for obvious reasons. Attack speed, move speed, and critical strike. You should be the fastest champion in the round by now.

Work straight for Bloodthirster. If you're still putting bullets in champions skulls and doing well on gold, get the BF sword first. If you're living off of creep score a little more, and barely escaping from fights, or coming out in draws, get the vampiric scepter first. Now you have so much sustain. SO. MUCH. SUSTAIN. The 100 extra AD is nice too.

What's that? You're suddenly killing everyone? Excellent. Get your Zeal upgraded to a Phantom Dancer. For not having your land legs yet, you sure are quick on your feet.

Killed dragon and farmed some minions? Killed some champions, ate an orange, and snuck in another late night champion snack? Go for that Infinity Edge. Now you are dropping ridiculously painful crits, and the enemy team will refuse to face you unless they've grouped up. Or they're stupid.

Doing well still? Not having to escape others on a lack of health? Get yourself another Phantom Dancer, and enjoy the constant crits. Every time.

Dying more than you like? Having to leave fights early? Get Warmogs first, and then work into Phantom Dancer.
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Skill Sequence

As you can guess, Parrrley is your first choice of ability. Charge up to your enemy, whack them, shoot them in the face, and keep at it. They'll regret picking that lane today. We want to max Parrrley first.

Raise Morale is next. You are going to be storming across lanes at breakneck speeds, causing your opponents to run. This is good. Why? Because they will run while you shoot and stab them in the back. Get that delicious gold.

Remove Scurvy is for level four. Why would you need them at like level 2 or 3? It's not like Malzahar has his ultimate yet. You're here to kill people horribly, not heal on some oranges early on. Max this last, since you need oranges to get out of stuns and kill the bastard who stunned you, not heal.

Cannon Barrage is obvious. Drop it on the enemy team when you're leading the charge, and make it impossible for them to escape without atleast one enemy dying horribly to a bullet in the spine.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite and ghost.

Ignite is so when that bugger who just has too much health tries to get away, or 'that guy' who can drop a heal to save his hide from dying last second. Set them on fire and make them think about what they've done.

Ghost. While it's great for getting away with Raise Morale and all, we're not using it for that. We're charging down lanes or rushing out of bushes to gank that overextended fool in middle or bottom. None shall escape Gangplank.
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While you -are- farming minions, your real concern is on looking for a time and place to gank overextended players, or waste your own lane. If you want, push the lane quickly and take the tower out so you can wander more. Or stay back and let your lane feed you.

If everything is going somewhat well, and you're not being horribly fed, you'll find yourself farming minions with ease. Come late game, you will one shot minions and farm out those piled up waves within seconds.
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Team Work

While you are devastating on your own, you quickly find yourself challenged in a 2v1 fight. You'll probably win, unless they have a lot of CC. Or thornmail. In a 3v1 fight, you should just consider a tactical reposition (Gangplank doesn't run, he moves somewhere else.)

You will be focused in team fights. The enemy team will fear you. -Hate- you. Use that to your advantage. Run in, Parrrley that squishy near the tank, and then run back to your team. Did they chase you? No?

Parrrley someone again. Keep doing this if they don't chase you. The enemy team will whittle down and yours can charge in and wipe them out.

Did they chase you? Keep running past your team until they have no choice but to change targets, then run back in and stab them in the spine and shoot them. You outrun that poor fool Yi with all this runspeed, and you drop crits he would be jealous of. Play a game of cat and mouse. Except the cats are kittens. And the mouse is a pirate mouse. With a cannon strapped to his wrist.
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This build is heavily based on getting early kills and good farm. If you can pull this all off early on, you will be able to have your entire team jump on your back, and be carried to victory.

You are Gangplank.

You are the most badass pirate here.

Show it to the world.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Saronsen
Saronsen Gangplank Guide

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