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Mordekaiser Build Guide by nicbint

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nicbint

You will bring GREAT suffering

nicbint Last updated on May 18, 2015
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Mordekaiser Build

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Hi guys, this is my first every guide so go easy :P. I am a Bronze 5 (dun judge pl0x) player from the Oceania server (again dun judge mah server ;-;) and recently I have begun come to like Mordekaiser. Mordekaiser is such a fun champion to use, mostly because his skills have the potential to attack everyone, and also because he can just poke for days. Below you will find how to rekt dem players with "The master of metal".

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Counters and ppl u counter

Yasou- You poke him with your E then gg him

Fizz- He jumps, you E right after. He tries to damage u with his W, Your passive should take most of the damage. so ya u win this counter

Garen- To tanky for you, his AD could also be a problem for you early game.

A good yasou- This is an interesting match up, as it could go either way if he knows how to use his E. Bascially if he dodges ur E and Q alot then it wont be too good for you.

Swain- GG YOU. AFK n00b, ST0P F33D!NG TH3 3N3MY F4GGOT 4ND D!SSC0NN3CT pl0x

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Item selection

Rod of age's: This is a good starting Item as it gives you quite alot of health and AP and even more health and AP over time, and as you slowly enter mid game, you dont have to recall to buy items to strengthen ur health, giving you the upper hand.

Lich bane: Idk why I chose it, but when I used it in the games I played mordekaiser I rekt them sooooooo ya :P I guess it gives AP and its passive is pretty good :3

Ludens echo: Ludens echo is essential for any AP champion. When Ludens is on Mordekaiser, it gives his E extra damage and it makes his Q attack even more things so ya, I guess you could replace it with something else but Ludens echo is a personal favourite for me.

Zephyrs: Now this one is optional, Personally I like the attack speed and the cooldown reduction, but it isnt for AP champs. You could use this or you could replace it with something else more AP related such as Morellonomicon but ya. Do whatever you want with item

Rabadons deathcap: Lol you could build this earlier or something, but I personally like mordekaiser as a late game destroyer, so I build it quit late

Zhonya's hourglass: Again, this Item is optional. I like to get it because of the sweet AP it givees, but other then that it isnt really needed. Since Mordekaiser should be dam tanky if you build him like this, the zhonya active isnt really needed.

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Summoner spell choice

Flash: Mordekaiser has no mobility or cc whatsoever, so flash is esseential because when the enemy ganks you then you will have a getaway.

Ignite: Mordekaiser's ult (Children of the grave) kind of acts like an ignite, but adding the real ignite ontop of Mordekaiser's ult will really help you, I mean thats nearly a quarter of most enemys health gone.

~Other options~

Exhaust: This spell is handy because you will be able to land your E and possible Q and if its up your R too, dealing tons of damage. This spell is a good subsitute too flash if you're under level 6

Ghost: This spell could possibly be good for chasing down running enemy's or escaping the enemy...Buts thats all. If you're under level 6 this spell is suggested

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So this brings me too the end of my mordekaiser guide. If you have any tips for me, or any improvements then that would be very helpful. I hope this guide helps u guys rekt the enemy and stuff. k thanks bye :D