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Shaco Build Guide by Charrend

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Charrend

Your all out Shaco Guide(AP/AD/Jungle/Lane)

Charrend Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Well I've noticed alot of builds with Shaco on this site that are extremely well done, but I have yet to see a full out guide to Shaco. So I made this guide for all Shaco players, don't downvote because of: "QQ SHACO IS SO OP(lies)NEEDS A RENRF RAWR" In truth, Shaco is quite underpowered. So I have made a list of(number)ways to play Shaco, Enjoy.

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22/08/11 - Added Build 7 and Jungling Videos.

18/09/11 - Added Build 8.

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Pros & Cons

Well Shaco has alot of pros, But they aren't enough to outweigh the cons unless you have skill.(Which is why I like Shaco, you need skill *cough*Teemo.... damn mushrooms.) So here are the:

Pros- Free ward every 15 seconds(Jitb).
Deceive to escape.
Easy Jungler.
Two-Shiv-Poison in perfect sync with red buff.
Clone procs on-hits I.E: Madreds 4%, Wits end, Malady.
Is better than the joker because he can do the worm.
Why so serious?
Probably one of the best survivability champs in game.

Cons- Low mana pool.
Dies quick when focused(but you have deceive???).
If counter jungler pops a jitb your entire jungle is screwed over.
Needs Skill.
Is Hard to play.
Cant hurt tanks too well(UNLESS YOU USE BUILD 5).
Somebody told him you missed the punch line... poor sap.

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Well the noobs out there shouldn't be playing Shaco, but i won't deprive them, so here are the acronyms.

JitB: Jack in the Box(W).
Pot: Potion.
Shiv: Two-Shiv-Poison.
Gank: The act of preparation to kill an enemy.
Clone: Hallucinate.
HP5: Health per 5 sec.
MP5: Mana per 5 sec.
ArP: Armour Penetration.
MrP: Magic Penetration.
Dmg: Damage.
FB: First Blood.
BT: The Blood Thirster
Madreds: Madreds Bloodrazor.

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Build 1, AP lane Shaco.

Now I'm not promising a very good team player, but this build is completely fun to play around with. Basically all your doing is running in there Rofling, place your JitB in a bush and BLAM double kill FB. You also have 2 nukes, your clones explosion and your 500 dmg Shiv. I don't really need to say to much about this build seeing as all you do is take a lane and place JitBs in it and throw shivs at them with your infinite MP5. There is one thing though, Late game your going to be very lacking in team fights unless your team is good.

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Build 2, AD Lane Shaco

This is alot more challenging then AP but reaps more benefits. Focus on last hitting and deceive when your low, or getting chased. Level 6 is where you can ask your lane partner in bot(which you should go bot)to come do dragon with you adn you'll be fine because your clone will take the dmg. Now with your global XP and gold you should be reaching ahead of the enemy team.

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Build 3, My build for AD jungle.(Blue)

Now this version of it is for Blue route, Red route I'll talk about later. Shaco is an AMAZING jungler, very high survival rate, probably higher than Warwicks, AND he does it fast. Now with this version of the build your going to be using your Madreds as the source of your damage with a BT later. I love this build and use it the the second most... BUT I have one better... and that will be coming soon to a theater near you....

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Build 4, Reacts Trinity Shaco(Blue)

Yeah.... I'm not talking about this one, he has his own guide... read up and listen ^_^

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Build 5, Shredder Jungle Shaco(Blue)

This is for when the enemy gets pretty tanky, and when you get pretty fed. With this being an expensive build it is only for when you know you'll be able to get your TBC and madreds, but enough of that lets talk about it's sheer power. basically you say "Hey Rammus!" then right-click-to-win with deceive and shivs along the way, I enjoy pwning face with this build =)

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How to Blue route jungle.

Fairly Simple and when i say fairly i mean VERY simple.

Step 1: Stack 5 JitBs, at Blue behind him or in the bush is okay. Attack him, chug a pot, smite at 400.

Step 2: Place 1 JitB, at wolves and focus big Wolf.

Step 3: Place 3 Jitbs, at red buff, lure him to them, chug a pot, smite at 400, throw plenty of shivs.

Now you can continue to Jungle or gank. Chug a pot anytime you want during the rest of this route, but be resourceful you only have so many.

Step 4: Jungle by going to wraiths and placing a JitB behind blue focus him then kill the little ones.

Step 5: Go to mini Golems place a jitb behind one focus it kill it kill the other one.

Step 6: Now go to enemy blue if they don't have a jungler if they do skip steps 4 and 5 and go to the enemy blue and steal it. Your Shaco your able to unless it's an enemy Olaf. Then you have to be lucky.

All of this is if they don't have an enemy jungler and you have pots left. If your out of pots recall or gank, your call.

Step 7: Go to enemy wolves same as step 2.

Step 8: go to enemy red or enemy wraiths, whichever you feel your able to do via pots and etc. Same as step 3/4.

Step 9: Vice Versa of step 8 just do the one you didn't do smae as step 3/4.

Step 10: Go to enemy mini golems and do them if your CONFIDENT you have enough hp to do so.

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Reginald's route and finally Build 6... My personal favourite.

Build 6 works in perfect commune with TSM's Reginalds route. The runes are what make Shaco shine in ganking instead of jungling. You need runes to do this route or you'll die. So be wise. (You can change the Malice with armor incase your insecure when you jungle.)

Alrighty then lets start.

Step 1: Start at mini Golems place 2 JitBs. BUT DON'T ATTACK THEM. Link.

Step 2: Go to red Place 3 JitB's, AGAIN DON'T ATTACK THEM.

Step 3: Smite blue wraith and run away. DON'T ATTACK THE SMALL ONES.

Step 4: Go to mini golems before JitBs run out attack one and attack the one the JitBs are focusing. Remember to place a JitB behind the one the JitBs are attacking. DON'T FORGET TO CHUG A POT WHEN YOUR GET HIT.

Step 5: Move to red buff aggro him and take him to your JitBs, Pop a pot and place a JitB behind red.

Step 6: Skip mini wraiths and wolves and head straight to Blue.

Step 7: Place a JitB behind blue and start attacking, chug a pot and smite at 425.

Step 8: Recall or gank.

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Jungle Videos



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Build 7(need more experiance)

Well this works, just l2jungle if you can't.

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Build 8 (Need experiance)

Epic set up is epic. Just read JitBs and decieve.

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Build 9(Need Experiance)

Once again, just scroll to JitBs and deceive.

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Build 10(Dominion)

Well how I roll shaco is a bunch of crit dmg+chance making you hit incredibly hard at lvl 1, I personally go top but bot and top-left/right works too.

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Tricks of Trade.

Here are some useful tricks to Shaco.


Play it tricky with Deceive when your running away deceive in the direction your enemy is in they will think you went the other way and will keep "Chasing" you.(This can backfire if they give up you will meet them face to face again so think about it before you do it.) Remember ALWAYS use it to get your backstab passive in ganks.


Always remember that your ult can do wonders. You can avoid that ashe arrow if you react fast enough cause you leave the map for exactly 0.5 seconds when you activate it. You can also send it in first then let it do damage and go in for the kill. Remember press alt to control the clone.

Hallucination and Deceive together

Sometimes you can send in your clone and deceive in at the same time making it seem like the real you is coming then you appear and screw with the poor saps mind. Also remember you can use your clone to move and make it seem like the real you is the clone and the fake is real, then just deceive out.

JitBs and Deceive together
With more experience with Shaco I've realized there's more than just your 2-shiv in ganks, you can also start with Jitbs as your first skill to max and instead of proccing your deceive crit you can place a Jitb instead to fear and do lots of dmg. You can also, if you have a snare partner in the gank, crit behind them, place a JitB and go to town.

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JitB placement, coming soon.

Coming soon.

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Team Work

Always work with your team and position for ganks, you never know how far that one kill can alter the game.

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Well Riot bug fixed alot of things for Shaco, they made your JitBs work really good, and we thought Riot forgot about him...

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Check out my other guide.

The other guide not made by me but by my friend but i completely helped him make it, so.... yeaaaahhhh.....

I like trains.(No copyright intended)

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The End

Credits go to React for introducing me to the Trinity build and Reginald for inventing my favorite jungle route. For the Videos credits go to Stonewall008 and Blue route by Ippytraxx. I hope you guys all enjoy Shaco seeing as he is getting a bugfix soon. More to come!