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Zed Build Guide by A Trolling Noob

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A Trolling Noob

Zed-The Shadow Within [Mid/Top] S4 Rift

A Trolling Noob Last updated on March 27, 2015
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Hello and welcome to my first build. It's a zed build. I'm not going to code because I'm still new to making a build so lets get right to it. Sorry if this is a undetailed build. Zed is a high mobility, spell caster, assassin, and bursty champion.

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These are standard AD runes for AD champions. Both for mid and top. You might be asking,"But Noob, why the armor seals at mid?"That is your opinion to decide. I usually take them because many junglers are AD and you are melee. Many mid champions are ranged and will poke you so that would help you out a little.

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Normal AD Masteries.

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As Zed, you must have a lot of sustain in your lane. Double Dorans on your first recall will give you 160 HP, 20 AD, and an amazing 10 HP+ on every hit. Combine it with the Vamperic Scepeter rush and you'll probably stay in lane forever. You have to be a bit tanky so you won't be super squishy. "But Noob, why get BORK AND BT?" Zed is very good with TONS of lifesteal. So after a battle, just go to the jungle and lifesteal up.

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Skill Sequence

Q has more damage. E got nerfed. EZ conversation.

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Q: Throws a Shuriken dealing damage in its path. It deals the most damage to the first person it hits, then deals a lower amount of damage behind it.
W: Makes a shadow that can reanimate zed's skills[ Besides his ult ]and deal 50% less damage then the actual skill and return energy.
E: Zed slashes around him, dealing damage to everyone around him. For every enemy hit by this skill, the cooldown on his Shadow decreases by one. If the shadow hits someone with this skill, it slows the enemy. If Zed hits the enemy with this skill, it does not slow the enemy.

Basically, Q and E for damage. W for escapes and tons of damage[ YOU CAN USE THIS TO GO THROUGH WALLS].

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Zed is a great champion and is said to have "no counters". There are a few, but lets just say that he is the shadow within.