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Zed Build Guide by RavenMiyu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RavenMiyu

Zed - The Storm Ninja

RavenMiyu Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello fellow Summoners.

I bring you a small guide of knowledge from what I learnt so far playing this champion. I hope this build benefits you as much as it has me.

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Pros / Cons

Ok. Firstly the pro's and con's of this ninja


+ Excellent Burst Damage
+ Epic Passive Ability
+ Gap Closer / Escape
+ Hard To Gank
+ Nice Poke


- Difficult To Master
- One Light CC That Must Be Used With Living Shadow
- High Price Build
- Bad Early Game Can Cause Problems

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Helpful for both jungle and top to farm minions, also helpful to do early damage and poke.

Good for both in top and jungle to reduce damage from opponents harass and minions.

Good to keep you alive if your against a AP top or any other AP caster.

Extra damage what more can I say?

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Ok Masteries, These masteries I have chosen is to increase Zed's burst damage. Yes I do not have critical damage but I find Sorcery helps alot more.


Slight difference for jungle in defensive tree, it helps clear jungle faster without taking too much damage.

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Items are very important for Zed as they help him turn from a ninja to a cold blood assassin, if fully built with your ultimate you can burst down any support, mid or ad carry also sometimes off-tanks depending on their build.

As the new items come out this will probably change.

Starting Items

Boots for the movement and pots to keep you in lane longer

First Back

On you first back ideally you want to pick up 2 doran's blade for the health, life steal and damage are excellent items to start bullying your opponent. Might want to pick up a ward or two if your top.

Next Items on the List

Ok next item you want is the B. F. Sword then into The Bloodthirster when you can. With this your damage will now increase and hurt a lot unless they start stacking armor, so your poke and harass is very effective and you should be able to secure a kill without too many problems.

Mid Game

Phage is next up for the HP so you survive longer, also slow will proc off sometimes which is helpful for finishing them off.

This item is my favourite one, combining this with your ultimate causes your burst to go very high and every stat off Trinity Force helps Zed. Unfortunately this is an expensive item.

Increase attack while giving some mdef and shield, very useful for surviving that bit longer when going for a kill against AP.

Late Game

Finally Last whisper to get past annoying armoured opponents and more damage, with guardian angel you get the necessary armor and mdef left needed for Zed to become very difficult to kill while being powerful. To finish up Maw of Malmortius.

This build I use both for jungle and Top it is inter-changeable depending on who your against for example you might want Hexdrinker earlier if your against a AP or get a Last Whisper earlier if your opponent starts stacking armor.

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Skill Sequence

Pre-Level 6

Harass with your Q Razor Shuriken trying to make sure the first one it hits is the enemy champion to deal maximum damage. Once you believe the champion doesn't have sufficient health to last, use your W Living Shadow next to him, then use R Shadow Slash to slow to him. Switch with your shadow and Q Razor Shuriken once more and hit him until he dies, there is a high chance first time he flashes away, but use ignite if you think it will finish him off.

Level 6+

This is where the fun begins because you can take him out with a lot higher health depending on the items you currently have. If you got Sheen in your build you will want to ulti with Death Mark into him then hit him immediately. Use E Shadow Slash to slow him down and then Q Razor Shuriken to hopefully get one more sheen proc off, before the ultimate finish him off with the end damage. Use ignite in the process, I believe it does count towards the end damage. Make sure to use your ultimate again to move about if he tries to retaliate.


Well since your skills are backward for jungling, go to the set position preparing to gank your opponent, each lane has a similar style of doing this. Once their close enough, run out of the bush to use your W Living Shadow at the champion your going for. Slow him slightly with your E Shadow Slash, then immediately switch with your shadow, attacking him with melee and your Q Shaodw Shuriken.
After level 6 use the ultimate combo to burst him down with the help of your lane, the champion should die quite easily.

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I'm not saying i'm a expert with this ninja, but i've managed quite well so far with this build and will continue to learn.

Thank you for reading.
Hope it helps progress your ninja training. ^^