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Zilean Build Guide by DiTeach31

Zil the underestimate op supp

Zil the underestimate op supp

Updated on October 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DiTeach31 Build Guide By DiTeach31 4 6 20,105 Views 9 Comments
4 6 20,105 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DiTeach31 Zilean Build Guide By DiTeach31 Updated on October 18, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



hello everybody.

This is my new build . plz read and try it. Zilean is one of the funnyest char to play and yet i rarely see him in games. i'll hope u'll enjoy it. forgive me if my english is not that good, i do my best to be understandable.
Zilean is a great support based on 0 CD , average damage and a unique ultimate that can totally make the difference in any team fights.
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why playing Zilean

because this char is rarely seen in games eventhough he is really strong. i mean REALLY !!

first he his the only support who abilities are so usefull that evrebody in you're team will obviously see that. so you'll be granted by "gj or n1 or ty" really often whereas all other support do their job in silence.
then, he is also rly fun to play. why? because as soon you reach midgame this char got 0cd on spells that means u can spam so much ann transform this old tired guy in a roaming threat for your ennemies who won't be able to kill you most of the time thanks to R and E.
3 amazing abilites

a slow/haste spell during 2.5 to 5.5 (!!!!!) sec. U can put two of them on a raw... no comment

A time bomb (how could that not be fun! when you see your ennemies with 100hp runing away and hearing tic-tac BOUM hahaha it does still make me laugh after 400games)

AN ULTIMATE THAT CAN REVIVE ANY MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM !!! with more than 1K hp late game . you can use it every minute( 42sec if u spam your W spell as hell and this CDR based build
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Pros / Cons


- extreme spamabality! you got no cooldown for most part of the game and if you follow my build u won't have any mana issues.
- average damage for a support, your bombs will hit them pretty bad
- unique Ultimate that can turn out any fight and allow your team to play agressive
- great Passive.
- all teammates will love you because you're saving their butts. you will read " thank you zil" very often while your ennemys are raging against you.
- you can solo lane if anyone is afk in your team.


- weak and esay killed especially early game.
- u'll be the main target most of the time.
- needs a good carry to be fed.
- no sustain ability, like heals or shields to prevent harrassment.
- hard to master
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I think my choices are pretty obvious. I choose Hp quint mana regen/lvl and armor for sustainability both on lane and teamfights. I also take AP/lvl glyphs because i dont need anymore CDR. my masteries and items give me all the CDR needed.
You can replace them for flat AP glyphs if you want to do more damage early game but i prefer those ones.
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i use a 8/0/22 masteries build, taking AP,CD and magic pen in offense.
In utility i improve my sumonner spells, mana regen, CD again. plus extra Xp because it fits with my passive and gold/5sec as any support should do.
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Skill Sequence

i'll explain here my skill sequence. i'll explain later how to use those skills properly.

I think i don't need to explain why i max Time Bomb first. this is your main and only damage ability buts its got good base damage, excellent AP ratio and it has an area of effect which take all his meaning in teamfights. ALWAYS max it first

Of course put a point on your ultimate at lvl 6,11,16.

then i max my W spell Rewind . Thank to this spell which refresh all my others spells (including ultimate) i can use 2 times my others spells on a raw and spam like a boss!! maxing it reduces his CD so i can refresh even more often and spam more.

take a point in Time Warp at level 4 max it last. This spell can be use both on allies and ennemys and i'll explain it just below.
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Summoner Spells

I choose Flash and Teleport as main choices . Flash is always needed.
Teleport allow me to shop more often (especially wards) and i can pop up in fights or under turrets for saving an allie from a dive/gank with my ultimates. really teleport and Zilean abilitys fits very well and allow some pro moves i really enjoy.

still if u don't want to use it u can grab exhaust, CV or even Heal .
all others summoners spells are not in my opinon good to pick with this build.
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Start with a Meki Pendant and 2 health pots. I know that most people will say at this point of the build, that i do not take any wards for early game. I say its true that's why i recommend this build for normal games or premades team only .but Teleport allow you to go back for shop wards as soon as possible. always take at least a couple of them each time u go back base. make you're carry understand that he should play safe at first.

If you can stay on your lane long enough to got 1K gold without backing that means you're doing good.

grab level one boots and upgrade Meki Pendant into a Chalice of Harmony. this item will fix most of the mana issues you might have. don't forget wards and pots.

next back should be when you got min 800gold . Grab philosopher's stone. with both that and chalice you can consider that u have endless mana. almost ;)

next items are Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Fiendish Codex . then finish your Athene's Unholy Grail. this is your core build and you should always build that way.

For those who really wants early wards i suggest to start with a fearie charm and build philosopher's stone before Chalice of Harmony. but i had try it with worse results than i got with my way to build.
i'd love feedbak of your own experience on that point.

LATE Build

At this point of the game Zilean got pretty much what he needs to be efficient. the next items you'll build will depend on how the game is going. if your dominating you should buy Kindlegem , catalyst the protector upgrade to Rod of Ages, then finish Shurelya's Battlesong and grab rabaddon's deathcap.

if you are focused on every fight you can replace RoA for a Banshee's Veil or a Mercury's belt and also get a archangel staff so you can share your ultimate even more.

Aura items like Aegis of the Legion or Frozen Heart can also be alternatives choices especially against fed carrys even you wont need the extra CDR that Frozen throne will give it to u.
finishing shurelya right after the core build part is also a good option but i rather maximize philosophal stone effect first.

I hope this is clear if it's not i'll answer any questions u might have.
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Zilean is really hardt top play because his abilitys have so many uses and it takes time to master them all.

First i want to speak about bombs. those bombs can be put on allies and ennemies minions AND chars. there was a time u could have put them even on wards and shrooms... but this time is gone. they blow after 5seconds. if you use youre W ability you can put 2 of them on a raw. this is all the ways to use them.

- puting a second bomb on a target will make the first instantly blow while secound start counting down. this works also on allies
- if the target dies , the bomb blow and damage surrounding units
- if you make the bomb detonate by puting a second on the same target and the target dies by that detonation the second will also detonate instantly making a huge burst damage combining the 2bombs damages on all ennemies in the area.
You can use this on a weak minion near an ennemy champion. he will remember but he probably wont understand how did he takes so much dmg!
- put them on your own mininons to prevent farm. the minons will go forward carryng your bombs and sometimes chasing ennemies chars with it. so funny to see!
- when ure pushing turrets put them on an andvanced minions to push safer.
- put them on an ally before he goes for a dive. the area of dmg will give him the extra dmg he needs to get the kill.
- put them on your minion just before a melee ennemy last hit it for an instant blow. make him pay his creeps!!
- put them on an minion just before he dies for an instant blow.
- FINAL AND ULTIMATE TIP : u can put bombs on hided allies (like twitch) whithout revealing him. he can go near a clothe ennemy and wait the bomb detonate. twitch won't be seen but the ennemies will take damage from the bombs !!!!!! You can repeat this endlessly. so fun in premades team

i think i told you pretty much all u must know about bombs. If ure able to use all of them in game you will make this game a hell for your opponents.

Early game play

play safe until you get lvl4-5 . let your carry farm and spare your mana. use bomb only on the ennemy carry if you can to.
when your lvl 5-8 and your not too damaged you can try to get a kill. your bombs hurts more than any others support and you have 2 of them counting your slow/haste spell and your ultimate you are prettY sure you can get a kill at this point of the game.
ping on the ennemy carry and initiate. if they fight 2V2 keep attacking and just ultimate the focused if needed.your carry should do the rest. dont forget to ward along the game as always.
if your pushed too much early game try to bait them on a dive at lvl6 you might get one or to kills/assist

Mid game/Late game

now your quite stuffed you can spam your E spell.
use it to move thrue the map with allies. use it in combo with W to have 2haste, 2slow, or one each in a raw.
this slow hurts so badly that once you got someone its pretty much mpossible he get away. and the haste combined with shurelya or any chasing chars like Fizz , Singed, Rammus or Riven will allow your team to chase runners faster then ever.

put your bombs on the ennems otr allies depending on situationq and spam them.

Use your utlimate to save an ally from a gank or to revive the one whos focused in teamfights. always share it, U should use on yourself only if your hardly focus.

be Carefull if u go in jungle for warding because alone you can be shut down easily.
stay behind alies most of the time.
dont try 1V1 unless you can kill them with 2 bombs.
Use tp wisely. that means not on turret but on wards or minions so u can join a fight/ defend a lane or whatever
and thats pretty much all.

I hope all this advices will help you having fun with zilean as much as i have.The rest belong to you.
Plz rate and comment.
see you soon for my new Sejuan'is build
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DiTeach31
DiTeach31 Zilean Guide
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Zil the underestimate op supp

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