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Zilean Build Guide by Abuu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abuu

Zilean- Borrowed Time (AP and Support)

Abuu Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Hi everyone! Welcome to my newest project, Twisted Treeline Zilean. I will be going over several of my favorite builds for dominating that bottom lane. There's a little something for everybody mixed in here. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons


Very nice Support Champ
Deals insane AoE Damage
One of the best ults in the game
Excellent harasser
His passive is amazing


Easily ganked
Very Mana Hungry
Very squishy (low armor and magic resist)

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This is all that needs to be said about farming. Time Bomb on a minion, Rewind, Bomb again, I LOVE GOOOOOLD!!!!

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I use for the Magic Penetration that is much needed.

is much needed because Zil is VERY mana hungry.

Finally, & are there for solid AP at the start of the game. With a Doran's Ring, I think its close to like 50 AP.

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The mastery should speak for itself. It's all about getting your AP as high as possible and maximizing your damage. The sub tree is in Utility to grab some Mana and Move Speed. The increased range on the wards is awesome as well.

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is one of the most amazing passives in the game. What's the difference you say? Level advantage-it wins games. Especially when you're able to farm and they are getting zoned back by your bombs.

is your only way of damaging the enemy besides right clicking. Learn to love it, as it one of the most annoying damn spells in the game. It has a good range, so you just hit the button, cast it on target and run back. Pretty simple stuff. Oh, it gains 90% of your AP which is why we stack it.

is your second maxed spell. Its utility lets you combine it with your other spells to really cause some havoc. , and is mainly how you will use it, but it can control the speed of the game as well. Got somebody running away on low Health? on the SOB, then on that Carry that can't quite chase him down- BOOM! suddenly it's a kill instead of a close call.

is used to speed up a teammate or slow down an enemy. You can use this, Rewind and use again on your teammate to get you both to a fight or escape. This spell has extremely good utility.

is the ulty that can decide games, depending on how it is used. It basically gives you a second life, which is devastating on a carry. They can beat on the peeps with impunity, die, then come back and roast them again. By the way, if I cast my damn ulty on you, DON'T run up to the turret and stay alive with that 1% of Health- DIE - yes die and you will be revived at a decent Health level. That's why I cast it on you in the first damn place.

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Summoner Spells

Yes, I know half of you don't like . Guess what? I don't give a ****. If you don't like it pick something else. I use it for supporting my lane partner and myself. It's really not that big of a deal people, go pick or something.

is THE best summoner spell in the game. Period. It has so many uses that it would be blasphemous not to pick it.

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I always start with and go for next. Grab Catalyst The Protector and your Boots. Once you get Rab's it's on. Not really much else to say about it, just follow the items. The only ones I consider "core" items are and . The rest of the items are very interchangable.

AP Options

is my favorite one to grab after core items. It has
everything you need and I get it almost every time.

is another fav. Can't go wrong with HP, AP, and a slow.

for those stacking Magic Resist. This will put the hurt on them.

I like this one when I have a partner that also uses AP. It's a win-win situation.

gives the biggest AP boost besides Rab's and also gives a decent amount of armor. I like to take this one as well.


I play him with several different aura type items to help my team and hinder the other. I'm tired of typing in the damn item codes (I'll come back and fix it later-too lazy) so I use Cooldown Boots, Rod of Ages, Shurelya's Reverie, Will of the Ancients, Abyssal Scepter, and Rab's. Even when I go Support I still grab some AP. In addition to giving me some damage, it also boosts my ulty to give +2.0 more Health per AP. This can rez them back with a **** ton of Health on tap, basically giving you another team mate for the price of an ulty.

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So that's all folks. In closing, you will find that Zil can be played as a glass cannon nuker or a very nice support ( Don't start that **** about him not being a support, he's got one Damage Spell man). You are able to control the flow of battle when played correctly and your team will love you. All it takes is a little time to get used to him and you will be pwning hard. Prepare to be raged at for having the most "OP" ulty when you save someone. I'm out this *****, be sure to comment and vote. Peace.