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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hell_Pet

Zilean, the epic bomber

Hell_Pet Last updated on August 3, 2010
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Zilean is a powerful character. It has epic bombs and it supports allies. Well, I always specialize in bomb-damage. This build is made for those who like to bring much damage to the other team. I get more than 600 AP with it so bombs deal about 1.1k damage.
If you use rewind good, you can place 2 bombs on 1 person, so he get double damage.

Buy early game something like a meki pendant so you get some mana regeneration. Zoran's ring can also be useful, because you get some AP and HP aswell. But I prefet meki pendant.

Always try to place a bomb on the enemy, but only the heroes, not the creeps. Your bombs are not very strong in the beginning, but they don't cost much mana yet so you can place some bombs anyway. Don't place too many bombs, because you'll need your mana later on.

When you are lvl 4 or 5, it's time to rape someone. You have lvl 2 (or 3) bombs, rewind and time warp which you can use on yourself or the enemy. Always try to place 2 bombs on the same person so the previous bomb explodes immediately, so everything around it gets damage.

At lvl 6 you have chrono shift which is very useful. Most enemies forgot the power of chronoshift. When you are battling 1 vs 1, Zilean is in most fights not in advantage. First you can do is, place a bomb, rewind, place another bomb. If the enemy is killing you, use chronoshift. Flee to a tower or keep attacking. When you die, he'll probably wait until you stand up to kill you again. When you stand up, you use place a new bomb if it's possible. Most enemies got so much damage now that the last bomb will kill them. Use flash to flee or to finish the enemy. I suggest to do this tactic only in 1 vs 1. It is better to keep your chronoshift as long as possible in 2 vs 2.

Item build:
1. Doran's Ring + Health Potion. Doran's Ring is a good item to start with, it gives some AP, health and mana regen. Everything Zilean needs!
2. Try to kill as many creeps as you can with last hitting, don't place bombs on creeps, bombs are for champions. First get Mejai's Soulstealer and Boots of Swiftness. If you prefer Sorcerer's Shoes, take them. I prefer fast movement though, you can't always do time warp.
3. Now it's time to get your Rod of Ages, get it fast because Rod of Ages needs some time. If you get it around 20 minutes, you are fast.
4. After you get the Rod of Ages, you can go for a Zhonya's Ring or Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Both are very strong, if you want more AP, go for Zhonya's Ring, if you want to slow them with your bombs, go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
5. As the last item I take Deathfire Grasp, it's strong and useful against high HP champions.

The mana buff is very useful for Zilean late game. If he has mana buff he can keep spamming bombs and rewind and all his spells. Also his chrono shift is almost able to spam, so your team won't die so quickly anymore.
You can also keep using your time warp and rewind for quick transportation to help your team again.

Try to get that mejai's soulstealer fully charged as fast as possible, because you'll need that cooldown reduction.

I pwned alot of enemies with this build and i'm sure you will pwn them aswell. Practice is what you need, although I must admit, Zilean is an easy character to play with, but hard to master.

TIP: If you play against another Zilean, it's easy to remove his bombs. When he places a bomb on someone, just place a bomb of yours on that same person. His bombs will be removed and won't explode. Your bomb does explode and does the damage.

That was it, thanks for reading.
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