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Not Updated For Current Season

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Singed Build Guide by steeleye70

Zone Them!! Top Lane

Zone Them!! Top Lane

Updated on July 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author steeleye70 Build Guide By steeleye70 3,843 Views 0 Comments
3,843 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author steeleye70 Singed Build Guide By steeleye70 Updated on July 19, 2012
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My Introduction

Hello everybody! My name is Rob, and this is my first guide on mobafire, and I chose to make a guide on my most played champion.
I main Singed, and it's is debatable to discuss that Singed is overpowered/broken/underrated. I have discovered the full extent of Singed's power, and it is unbelievable. I believe all champions are all unique and have the potential to butt rape in there own way!
Singed is very underrated. In this build you will be able to zone out your enemies and lead the charge into team fights fearlessly and constantly zone their carries. The Item Choices are meant specifically for engaging fights and staying alive within them.
I hope you enjoy this!
We nearly tied this match. Sadly I lost, but despite losing, I went 16/5/23. Even when Singed is defeated, he succeeds. You may watch this match replay. If you do, please carefully pay attention. This lasts 49 minutes. It already has multiple downloads.
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Items Choice/ Alternatives

The first you build after buying a boot of course is Philosopher Stone and a Heart of Gold. These two items will be your source of income in games besides assists. If you score some early kills or assists you may either go for WotA or RoA, both which are good choices. For the RoA to successfully work I suggest building it before 15:00 minutes. A Rylai's Crystal Scepter is your new best friend. Next you must either build a FoN or an Abyssal Scepter depending on your Team Comp, and items. For example, you may have a Janna, or someone already own a Shurelya's. Whether or not someone on your team already has a Shurelya's YOU NEED IT. This allows you to catch up to those annoying wall jumpers.

BTW. Please do not follow the shop guide's item choice and build. Never resort to such useless items. Utilize the item slots, use them to the fullest extent.

Mercury Treads

This is no doubt, the boot you will need. As Singed, the tank, the initiator. You cannot be stunned/snared/feared for 3 seconds because you traded 15 movement speed over tenacity. You must be able to keep up without enemy and endure any kind of CC or Damage they throw at you. You chase people down without flash, you're going to need some kind tenacity.

Rod of Ages

Now, grabbing a RoA is very debatable on Singed. But RoA, is both what provides you both, your power, and tankiness. You may swap this though for items such as Frozen Heart. OR as another alternative you may tryAbyssal Scepter.

Rylais Crystal Scepter

This item makes your job ALOT EASIER. When you leave a trail that slows an enemy by 15%. Kills and assists come naturally to you. But be aware of your items so far. If you trade this for items like Force of Nature. You will be a much better tank. Regen is very important on Singed. Engaging causes you to take damage, so you need to be able to pull off certain tactics. The one I choose, Hit n' Run. Early game, you're gonna take lots of damage trying to fling one guy. So you gotta be able to run in there and repeat the same thing until you're at critical hp.
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Singed Strategy

Singed is a late game BEAST. I've played Singed many times, and even if you feed with 0 kill and 0 assists, if you build him right and use your teleport well you WILL succeed!
Singed's damage may look weak, but it's worth it in the long run.

Always stay ahead of your opponent. But also make sure you're still close enough to catch up to him with adhesive and fling.
During a fight you want to keep poison toggled on, and move through the fight towards the enemies squishies like, AD carry, Support, AP mage. Or you want to keep aggression on their AD carry, make sure he's focused on you and not your team.
Remember fling works both ways, so use your fling to escape, you are a tank. Your ultimate gives resistance, movement speed, and regen. You're meant to escape with only 10 hp. So don't be afraid to adhesive and fling. Remember that stuns are your worst enemy so be aware of who you are chasing after.
Singed has no real chasing methods against walljumpers. Which is why, I suggest saving your adhesive when chasing down smaller groups of enemies.
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How to farm as safely as a Singed can

When farming, take into consideration your opponent and what kinds of skills they use. Singed has absolutely no harassment potential early levels without taking the same amount of damage, that was dished out to your opponent. Do your best to avoid all contact unless being assisted upon. DO NOT TRY BAITING THEM. Baiting them 1v1 will only cause more harm to you then to them. Singed is all about DoTs, unless you have maxed fling. Don't do anything to hasty.
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Team fights/ How to fight

Always inform your team when you have Teleport ready. Ask your support to place some wards in bushes your enemy never check. When they acknowledge that, keep a close on your map. Once a team fight is engaged teleport immediately from a safe area where you cannot be disrupted from.
Your main objective as singed during a fight, is to zone the enemy carries. Fling them away from your partners so they will be forced to take a poison dosage to get back in the fight. Cause disruption, do anything that will draw the enemies attention.

It is also your job to protect your carries, so use your fling to keep others off your AD. Its a sure life saver. Try using adhesive in a spot, where it can be used multiple times. Due to its CD, I enjoy throwing down adhesive to get close to my target. And at the right moment, you may fling your opponent into the adhesive again. A 70% slow, is a guaranteed kill, or assist.

When you are Singed, don't focus on trying to KS using Fling. That is not necessary unless its small skirmishes. As Singed, you always rack up large amounts of cash from assists. Be a team player as Singed. Singed requires quick response and a vigilant eye. You must be able to adapt to different situations, from chasing, to running away, to team fights, to protecting your team. Singed shouldn't be all that difficult, with a little practice. Anybody can become a master Singed.
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Unique Skills

This build makes your game VERY easy. It allows you to easily initiate a team fight, as well as escape in hasty situations. It also provides enough Armor and MR to stay alive and pick up all the assists in fights. Your rylai's will provide a constant slow, and your FoN and Shurelya's will always allow you to catch up with your enemy.

Many consider Singed to be broken, because even though hes not the most powerful champion. It's impossible to escape from Singed, most of the time. Usually most use summoner spell Flash, or some kind of important CC/Ultimate. Rylais + FoN makes you the most annoying champion. And it feels good, knowing you're a constant threat. Once FoN comes in, you usually come out of fight unscaved. For that reason, you quickly show to be unstoppable.
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Pros / Cons


    Great initiator! Great at introducing ganks
    Arguably one of the most tankiest champions in the game
    Has no problem of escaping bad situations
    Saves your teammates ***es no problem
    Enemies refuse to chase you and your team if you lead it
    Sometimes when you're lucky, you fling through flashes or dashes


    Early game Singed, very week very vulnerable
    You take damage like a target dummy in the laning phase
    He has no harassment unless you force it
    DO NOT FP THIS GUY, most ranges, especially ones with cc will deny you
    Without tier 2 boots, you're not the best chaser... Yet.
    Not the strongest fighter, unless used correctly, and on the right opponent
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Summoner Spells


Ghost is usually the Number 1 choice on Singed. It allows you to chase your opponents at high speed, thanks to Greater Quintessence of Speed, and Force of Nature. Ghost should be your main choice, but if you find another way to supplement Ghost, go for it! Remember, when using Ghost, please be aware of who you're chasing, so you don't waste Ghost, only to be stunned. Or dodge it like a pro.


Teleport is optional. I decide whether to take is or not all depending on my team's comp, and my opponents as well. You want to take into consideration, who counters who. And imagine how the lane might turn out. If you decide your team is going to need some assistance when you fight bottom, or group for dragon. Take teleport, and ask your support nicely to ward the bushes for you. Teleport is always very useful, due to Singed's need for high farm. You may push your lane and grab the tower, and still swoop in and save your team!


With Ignite on Singed, you dominate your top lane with an unlimited amount of DoTs. You may be unable to teleport, but an early fed Singed has GG stamped all over your game. Singed requires only a few items to become an unstoppable tank, and the earlier you're able to rush those items, the better. You're an exceptionally fast pusher, putting an overdose on the enemy creeps, so taking down your tower will come in only a few waves, this allows you to go and assists your other lanes now. The faster you farm with Singed, you're that much closer to you're most important item. Rylais Crystal Scepter


I highly DO NOT recommend Flash. Flash only screws up your Fling, and doesn't give you that burst of speed that ghost does. When you flash, and an enemy flashes, it just cancels each other out. Unless you decide Flash AND Ghost, then I hope you do not try Flash. I've tried it, you will be laughed at for chasing for a million years without successfully flinging your opponent. I was chasing Ezreal.


Exhaust is another supplement for Ignite or Teleport. Exhaust will allow you to easily catch up to your opponent, I suggest a squishy opponent such as, Kennen or Akali. You should be able to keep poison stacks on your opponent and fling whenever you please. Be wary though, without Ignite, this means most of your damage will come from Poison, and auto attacks.
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Recommended Opponents/Counters

Singed's Counter

Remember, Singed in the early game is no good, unless you have assistance from your jungle or middle lane. But once you start hitting levels around 6-9, you may go as aggressive as you please. Singed is about tanking and chasing your enemies, but don't be reckless and greedy. Fling will backfire on you, if you use it greedily and recklessly. This is why I choose to level up adhesive a few more times. It't pretty clear what kind of champions destroy Singed in the lane. Harassers/Mobility (Ranged or Melee makes no difference.)

Teemo is Singed's worst enemy. It's as if Teemo was made just to piss of Singed. He can dish out of lot of damage with his own Toxic Shot, and it's nearly impossible to get close to Teemo, when he has Sprint. On top of that, Once Teemo hits 6 it's extremely hard to never get harassed when his Poison Mushrooms keep you from getting any closer to the lane. And when most damage comes from poison and autoattacks, Teemo can merely Blind you.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I usually take this skill build, because I want to utilize Singed's mega adhesive with Singed's tankiness, and movement speed from Insanity Potion
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