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Renekton 6th item:Guardian Angel or The Black...

Creator: Fluffyknowsyou November 7, 2011 7:03pm
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Aug 6th, 2011
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You're a bit low on magic resistance with this build. Even with runes, you'll only be in the 130-150 range end game. It's workable, but leaves a little to be desired. I personally like my Renekton quite tanky. Grab The Brutalizer and a Heart of Gold early, sell The Brutalizer Later, and build into Mercury's Treads, Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Trinity Force (it's so scary on him), Force of Nature, and Randuin's Omen. It's a bit expensive, but you'll most likely be soloing top lane with a Heart of Gold, so it should be doable in your 35 + minute games. With runes, you'll have 4k health, 210 armor, 180 magic resistance a metric ****-ton of movement speed, about 220 AD, and very frequent sheen procs on the Trinity Force.
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