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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Reviewing Guides For Free! :)

Creator: Im Not Gay EUW February 15, 2018 9:30am
Im Not Gay EUW
Im Not Gay EUW's Forum Avatar
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Jan 19th, 2018
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Rules, Expectations and Criteria for Reviewing

- High Quality (or as high as you can)
- A reason why you want it reviewed
- At least 10 lines of "code"
- Usage of images
- A reason why you made the build
- Why your build is different from the others

I just want good guides that I can review. Usage of code and images is very highly recommended. I will give my HONEST opinion following a few criteria.

1: Clarity
2: Depth
3: Effort
4: Special compared to others
5: Relevance to current meta
6: Given Information

If your Guide follows all the points set above you will most likely get a good review. But I will be pretty harsh if your build isnt good. Of course I will give you tips on how to improve. If you want me to review your guide just send me a message with a link to the guide to my PM.
Who am I and what can you expect from me.

I am "Im Not Gay" I have been playing league of legends since season 2 and I'm still playing till this day. Atm I'm a Skarner One-Trick-Pony. I'm playing on the EUW server under the name "Im Not Gay" (obviously). At this moment I'm platinum 3 with 120+ games played and a 60%+ winrate on Skarner. I have recently made my own guide on how I managed to do so well with Skarner and why I dont use Spellbook while a lot of other players are using it non-stop. After I have made my guide I have started to peak interest in Mobafire's content. So I have decided to start reviewing guides.
I will probably do 3-4 Guides a day maximum. I have heard a few players talking about that they wanted to do me a favor because I took the time to write a review for their guide. The only thing you can do for me is giving me a rep, looking at my skarner guide give it a rating or maybe if you are really happy about me give me a commendation.

Gl on the Rift and keep making High-Quality builds!
- Im Not Gay
Padrepio's Forum Avatar
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Dec 29th, 2014
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I do not know if this shop is still open, but I'd like a review of my guide :)

Check out my in-depth mid Brand guide! // Thanks to Jovy for the sig!

PhoenixianSlayer's Forum Avatar
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May 22nd, 2018
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Can you look at my guides?

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