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Universal runer pages

Creator: DoktorZoidberg February 11, 2018 10:31am
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Feb 11th, 2018
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Guys Im not good at runes thing, do u have some good tutorail that lern u to ser runes proper before game, without sarching internet?

Or if u can recommend me some universal runes pages that fit to some roles, adc, top tank, assasin, ect..
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Runes don't really conform to specific roles, as different champions can make best use of different runes. Even two ADCs or two tanks can have wildly different rune pages. I'd say your best bet is to either find a decent guide for the champion you're not sure about or to find a good player that plays that champion and copy their setup (or ask them about it if you can talk to them directly).

The most important thing is to get the keystone right. Your keystone rune is the main thing that'll affect the game and different champions will favor different keystones. Sometimes you might have two or three viable options, while for other champions only one keystone is good.

Checking out rune statistics (win rates and pick rates) can also help narrow down your options. Generally you want to look for runes that have good win rates with a respectable sample size. Some runes might have a super high win rate, but were only picked in a few games, so they aren't as proven as something popular with a decently high win rate. I use Lolalytics for that kind of info. Just look up the champion you want to learn about and scroll down to see the runes stats.
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Nov 10th, 2017
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PsiGuard gave by far the best answer but it also makes me think of the contradiction between theoretical and reality.

Theoretically, you should have 1 rune set for every single match-up, adapting runes to every single details (champion played, direct opponent, team composition, opponent team composition, ... and so on)

But in reality everything may be different, first you may only have 2 "custom" rune pages and you are not always willing to bother change them before every game. Moreover, you don't know exactly what playstyles opponents or even team-mates will do and your runes adaptations are sometimes wrong (It is Ezreal ? I go MR rune, erf, it is AD Ezreal. it is Shaco ? I go armor rune, erf it is AP Shaco.)

In the end, I agree with this "universal runes" concept Futurama asked about and I am almost sure there could be like 5 to 10 runes set fitting decently 90% games (with 1 to 2 rune set for each role). As runes effects are highly impacted by the items you buy (the adaptive bonus changing depending of that) it seems feasible to have few rune sets fitting most situations as long as you adapt well your items buying within the game and you understand it will be only decent runes choice and not the optimal runes choice. (so better suited for unranked games than ranked games)

As for the precise "universal runes selection", I would prefer a high level old Mobafire player to provide suggestions assuming I am not totally wrong in my thoughts ^^
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Jan 3rd, 2018
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I've had this same problem with me before, Zoidberg xD. The main thing you should know is what your champions abilities do and how they can be amplified. And you should also have a rough idea of all the runes so you dont waste time in the champ select page.
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Apr 21st, 2012
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This is not an optimized list for any champion in particular, but every part of it has the ability to help any champion in general. Like the others said, definitely change your runes based on the champion you're playing... but here's what could pass as a "standard" list.

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