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14+Yr League Support player UnInstalling: Game...

Creator: ElCampesinow June 1, 2023 11:13am
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Jun 1st, 2023
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Note: This post is directed at Riot and their representatives.
(This is feedback to them, and I won't be reading replies to this post.)
I appreciate the Mods noticing this post and allowing it to be replied to and noticed. This is my final post on this forum.

Who am I?
1. I've been playing League since the Beta and have the Rammus skin to prove it. I have specialized in support, and tend to play one to three matches of mid or jungle a year (there are still very few of us support players; so few that we still get our lane choice without any fill requirements).
2. I have been Plat 2 in NA for years.
3. I recently had to move to Latin America when the "Unspecified virus of undisclosed origin" hit, and I was overseas. I wasn't able to cross the border home on time, and lost everything.
4. If you thought NA was a nightmare: Playing in LAS is a hell hole. There are days that I get on my knees and pray to God, asking what horrible sin I might have committed to have to endure the insane verbal toxicity, lack of ability, complete idiocy, afking, trolling and immaturity that plagues this region.
5. As a support player, I should be able to move up in rank on my own; despite depending on a good ADC or team to make it. - I have been stuck in Gold 4 for the past 3 years I've been here.
6. FINALLY: I have spent hundreds of dollars in League on skins, passes etc. Once again, I've been playing since before release of the game.

Riot: I am done. I am leaving your game for good.
My reasoning:
1. I see how selfish and greedy you are; pitting yourself against your professional LCS players, disregarding their needs and choosing to side with larger income, despite the region failing because you aren't providing a competitive and fair environment for promotion.
2. Your game is THE SINGLE MOST TOXIC community I know in gaming. - I know this is saying a lot - I'm an avid computer gamer, and League is still the most verbally abusive, trolled and afked game I've seen online. I know there is worse and absolutely worse, but this one is up there.
3. I should be able to move up in rank in any region playing any role I choose. The fact that I am hard stuck in an Elo far below my abilities is definite proof that your Ranked Queues do not reward my ability. It usually takes only one feeder to upset the match, guaranteeing a large enough lead for the enemy team to secure an early victory.
4. I can be 0-0-4 in lane and my top laner has given the game away by going 0-3 in 8 minutes. That's not fair to me and does not represent my skill, capacity or ability.
The above, coupled with the recent proof of your lack of respect to, not only the ranked matchmaking, your player feedback AND your treatment of LCS professionals is the last straw for what was an avid supporter of yours throughout, practically, his entire life.

I am uninstalling and moving to games that actually reward me for my time and respect my ability in Ranked matches. I am consistently Diamond in other MOBAS and first person shooters.

A parting note to Riot: This is the Era of Consumer empowerment. - We, the paying customer, are enabled by Social media. We inform ourselves of the truths that large corporations and the press try to coverup or gloss. - We are aware, and we will stand up against you. - You answer to us, because we pay your bills.

There was a time when "Riot" meant something. "We're a bunch of young guys who work hard, play hard and love to have fun." - Marc C. Merrill, President of Riot Games
You represent us no longer.
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Hello @ ElCampesinow!

We appreciate your post detailing your experience within the game, however it's misplaced. If you have any feedback or issues you'd like to discuss with Riot or their representatives, you're free to make a support ticket detailing your problem here. We do not represent Riot nor the decisions they wanted to make for their game and even if you wanted to talk about your experience here, if your intent is for Riot or their representatives to see it, they will not.

We'll still let you post your concerns though and any replies are fine, but just so you're aware. 🙂
Thanks to Jovy for the sig!

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