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Creator: pokopiko March 14, 2013 7:16am
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Dec 15th, 2012
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well if you have visited this thread then u somehow believe these things:

1) elo hell exists and u cant do anything to escape it!
2) you believe u are a good player among trolls,unskilled players,noobies,and afkers
3) you QQ ALLLLLLLL THE TIME for having always a noob feeder team which you cannot carry it to victory
4) you have tried many things and pro tips to get out of this elo hell but it seems impossible due to the low and poor quality of players

the harsh truth is that you really belong there in that elo hell lvl! why?! let me explain:

1) you have started playing ranked once you have reached 30 lvl summoner! (most idiot LoL thing u can do)
2) you had no idea about essential and basic things about ranked games such as counterpicking,invasion,warding,jungling and team comp
3) your CS S U C K E D!!!!!!!!!! i still see people who have over 100 wins in ranked games and they still have less than 100 cs per game!!!
4) you have learned playing 1 or 2 roles due to your short normal games experience
5) you never played free champions cause u have reached 30 lvl playing just 2 or 3 champions u like
6) your rune pages were very poor
7) you were playing champions in ranked games you had no good experience with them
8) you solo q ranked! BAD MISTAKE! you raise the odds for having bad teammates
9) you never dodged queue
10) u had no idea about elo system and how it wokrs and the 10 provisional matches and how IMPORTANT are

all in all u HAVE TO ADMIT IT that you were COMPLETELY NOOB and unprepared for playing ranked games...
now that u have an account for about 600-1000 normal wins and u play almost 1 year, you have become more skilled and experienced and u have improved your game are stuck in an elo (about 1000 or less) you cannot escape it (or it seems impossible to escape) because your 10 provisional matches sucked and as a completely noob you were your elo had a downward negative graph...
well my friends i admit that i belonged to that elo and it seemed that i could not do a thing to raise it due to poor quality of players (like i was in the beginning).i was watching streams,reading forums and threads about how to escape my 900 elo but it seemed very frustrating and demotivating most of the i came up with a really EASY and FAST solution and most of u u may though of it but u never do it...the solution is simple...4 WORDS...CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!

step 1) create a new account!!!!
step 2) play EXCLUSIVELY TT ( it takes 20-25 mins so you will play more games per day)
step 3) once you get the RP gift get the XP boost
step 4) unlock Kayle!!! she is the most OP 450ip champion! if u havent played before master her!!!
step 5) SAVE YOUR IP FOR YOUR MAIN CHAMPION and unlock him
step 6) save your IP for buying a tier 3 rune page for your main champion

i takes just 3 days you get 10 lvl and one week for 15 lvl! it took me just 17 days (with a second XP boost) to reach 30 lvl!
Now that you have reached 30 lvl and u are ready for the provisional matches DONT MAKE THE SAME NOOB MISTAKES YOU DID!!!!!!!

rule 1) PLAY THE PROVISIONAL MATCHES WITH A DUO FRIEND!!! try to play near lanes or same lane like supp/adc or top/jungler and GET ON SKYPE so you talk and communicate each other

rule 2) DODGE Q!!!!!!! if the last pick trolls,or someone says something like i top or feed...LEAVE!!!!
its better losing 10 than 50!!!!

rule 3) play the provisional matches with your main champion you feel more confident with and in your main role. DONT TRY NEW THINGS! play straight forward.


rule 5) DONT RAGE,DONT FLAME!!! in order to rage you have to type and typing costs you XP and gold! FOCUS on your game with your partner and be positive when someone does a gj!

rule 6) DONT EVER SURR! try to win every game no matter what!!! even if you have no inhibits a late game ace can give you a victory!

i FULLY guarantee that if u had 3-4/10 provisional matches in the past now you will have 6-7/10!!! you are now about 1400 elo and u just solved the elo hell problem in just 3 weeks and now its up to YOU to prove the community and most of all to yourself that u do not belong to 1000- elo where poor player belong!

you can use your 1 account for normal games and trying things and your new account excusively fro ranked!
i m pretty sure that many players have thought of it but it seems very boring to start a new account...i trully think its worth of it!!! i tried it my self and i m very happy and excited now! :)

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Dec 6th, 2011
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You still don't want to start ranked when you hit 30 on your new account. You won't have the IP to get enough good runes + rune pages.

Tbh i think it's better to just climb out of ELO hell on your original account... It's hard, but ELO hell really isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is.
I was in ELO hell during Season 2, and i carried myself out with shyvana and support jungle nunu. Polsemaiden wrote a good guide on how to get out of elo hell too, if you are interested in reading that.
If that is not enough to get you out of soloq ELO hell, just duo queue with a good AP mid friend. They 'll help a little bit ;)
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Dec 15th, 2012
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dear utopus! you can get 2 full rune pages for your main champion when you hit 30lvl or u can wait for a week i mentioned U HAVE TO PLAY THE 10 PROVISIONAL MATCHES as with your main champion! some pro players have reached high elos playing exclusively 1 champion and i think that this is CRUCIAL if u want to raise your elo FAST! runes are not the REAL problem! ofc as i stated above its one of reasons people get screwed on the provisional matches...but its not the basic problem! if u can afford some money to get XP and IP boost for your new account then you will hit 30 lvl and you will have 3-4 nice sets of runes...most people cant get rid of elo hell even if they play for months! seems like an eternal loophole that never ends and u keep staying in the same 3 weeks i solved the problem really fast and i m really happy that i can enjoy good games in 1400 elo...and that is all about! fun and good gaming! :)
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Oct 11th, 2011
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and after your new account is level 30 you realize the sad truth - you still suck.

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Apr 30th, 2012
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koksei wrote:

and after your new account is level 30 you realize the sad truth - you still suck.

And your rules are pretty ****.
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May 9th, 2012
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if you que dodge in ranked dont you have to wait a half an hour before you can play again

all credit for this amazing sig goes to the nameless bard

if you thought what i said was worth it a rep would be rainbow pony awesome
The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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If you buy exp boosts there is no way you will have enough IP to get the runepages you need. And really alot of people who have been playing on one account for a long time and have ALOT of cash invested in that account want to get to decent elo ON THAT ACCOUNT. Plus, you have to OWN 16 champs at minimum to play ranked, and you will not have nearly enough IP after three weeks to own 16 champs, let alone the champs AND runepages. If you want to raise your ELO, play a snowball hypercarry like Akali. She is a pubstomper up till about 14-1500 ELO, and always duo q with either a jungler or another solo laner. leave bot alone if you can help it, too reliant on your partner. I agree that raging and flaming helps no one and wards save lives and win games, but other than that... Just no.
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Sep 4th, 2012
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Atm im in Bronze I staying in the range of 80-95 LP...but i didnt identify myself with any of your rules so honestly they suck.

When i played my provisional matches with my duo partner just before S3 started i was ranked what would be Silver III but just losing a few matches with OP TEAMS trapped me in Bronze III so just look at my signature for a solution
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Elohell is like Irelia's stun: if your real level is equal or lower than the level you are in, you're STUNNED there forever. If your actual level is higher than the level you are in, you're just SLOWED in your way up.
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Apr 7th, 2012
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If you are not raising from tier with over 50ish and higher games, you are just more likely not playing well enough. Recording a gameplay to get a second opinion and understanding your mistakes is really important instead of just blaming team.

Experienced it, got trough it.

"A person giving you advice isn't perfect and has their own shortcomings but they may give you the piece that you're missing."
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Feb 28th, 2011
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What amazes me most is the throws that happen in silver. I keep asking them, do you even want to win? I mean why would you start typing to the enemy Diana if you know were about to teamfight? :-/

The throws are ridiculous.
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