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Lets Talk about CC.

Creator: utopus February 21, 2013 1:53pm
What is the "best" kind of CC?
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Dec 6th, 2011
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What are your guys' thoughts on the "best" kinds of CC. What's your favorite, and why? Which CC do you think is best in a team fight?
Lastly,What do you think is the most favorable balance of CC, in an ideal team?

Here are a pros and cons list (that i will likely be modifying) for each sort of mainstream CC.
Imo Silence and Stun seem best. Silence helps lock down the power of AP mids and/or Bruisers during the mid-game. This will give your team a significant advantage over the opposing team, because you will be able to shut down a major source of damage from the opposing team for a long enough team that you will get a clear edge over them.

Pros: Cons
+Long Duration.
+Allows for Kiting.
+Acts as a 'faux' initiate.
+Tend to be medium/long range.
+~12s cooldown, which means that it can be used twice, and sometimes 3 times during a team fight.
+Cannot be flashed out of.
+Most Snares actually do nice damage too.
+Tend to be skillshots (unreliable). Mitigated by tenacity

Pros: Cons:
+Allows for free hits.
+Makes jungle ganks 1,000 times easier.
+Cannot be flashed out of.
+Actually, lots of stuns are AoE. ~16% of stuns Trueshot, ~33% of stuns are skillshot + uber easy to land riven E e.g.
+Offers good peel for an ADC.
+In a team fight, can prevent an opposing carry from kiting a bruiser.
+Most stuns actually have a pretty long duration (.75-1.5s non ults)
+Trueshot stuns are medium/short range.
+Varying CD times - non CD ults have around a ~9-10s cd and can be used 2-3 times a fight.
+Some travel time
+Mitigated by Tenacity

Pros: Cons:
+REALLY long duration (2+s).
+Cannot be flashed out of.
+Most silences are instant speed and trueshot.
+Makes AD casters useless -> better kiting for ADC.
+Locks down AP mids too. Really short CD (~7-9s).
+No kiting for that damn Ezreal >:D
+Doesn't stop an ADC from whailing on your front line.
+Only 8 people have silence :<
+Mitigated by tenacity

Pros: Cons:
+Medium duration (1-1.5s).
+Uber long range.
+Instant speed.
+Can be used as a gap closer.
+Not mitigated by Tenacity
+Suppress comes from ults so long cd.
+ Mercurial Scimitar.
+Channeling can leave its caster in danger.
+Can be disrupted from other CC like silence.
+Medium/short range.

Pros: Cons:
+Not mitigated by tenacity.
+Complete lockdown of a champion.
+Instant cast makes the CC nearly unavoidable.
+Short CD (~7-9 seconds)
+Only .5 seconds.
+Usually a small casting range.

Pros: Cons:
+Allows for kiting during a fight.
+Very common and easy to build slow.
+Prevents people from escaping.
+Consistently applied throughout a team fight
+Does not really shut down movement, casting, or attacking.

Pros: Cons:
+Ruins disrupts a team's positioning in a team fight.
+Allows bruisers to get past the front line.
+Medium/long range allows for good initiation potential.
+Can backfire and hurt your team.
+Long cooldowns mean that if your team does not take advantage of the ult, the team fight will be less in your favor.
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Apr 5th, 2012
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honestly hard CC is op. low elo (soloQ) is very dependant on whover can dish out more cc, and that is frequently seen in picks. most games are won there, imo.

stun is the basic all-around best, probably, having Bear Stance at the epitome, i guess.
silence works only against casters, as blindness works against auto attackers.

my favorite CC abilities are Curse of the Sad Mummy, Glacial Prison, Rocket Grab, Solar Flare and Pulverize.

of course, you should always find the best target.

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Feb 29th, 2012
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Knock up's give a massive *fu* to tenacity,

But the likes of Singed hate slows more than any other kind of CC.

Ap casters hate being silenced as much as being stunned, if not more, since silences can last a hell of a lot longer if done right.

I always loved stuns. Especially Event Horizon.

Shame my Veigar got superseeded by bird man =/
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Jul 20th, 2011
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Knockups aren't limited to just .5 seconds.

AFAIK Depth Charge is like a 2 second knockup, Pulverize 1 second, Howling Gale varies but can be bigger than 1 second, etc.

Also, most of them tend to be AoE, so they are by FAR the best CC in the game.
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Jan 8th, 2012
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Movement displacement is by far the strongest CC when used correctly.

Standouts: Rocket Grab, Rupture, Unstoppable Force

Edit: Oh, you have displacement and "airborne" as separate things. My bad.
A Chubby Baby
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Feb 14th, 2012
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Airborne. Sometimes you fly so high up you don't fall back down :).

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