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So why mobafire did not use the third-party...

Creator: LuxIsMyCrush May 14, 2019 11:42am
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Jun 4th, 2017
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How do you know Riot client have an option to other I dont exactly know but a lot of sites and bots use that verification to confirm your username, while mobafire have kind of easier and funny way to do it with you setting a certain icon in game.
Personally I like it more, It's kind of fun, looks better than just some random codes you insert but Im curious why made their own system of recognition insead of using an alerdy existing one.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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I can't really answer this myself since I wasn't involved in that decision/process, but I recently tried to use the verification code in the client for a discord bot and it was super buggy and took several attempts. I think if it worked consistently it would be good but I'm not a fan of having to log out and login repeatedly just to get the code to work. :/

I think we either implemented the icon verification before Riot's client version came out, or the devs didn't know about it or thought it was too unstable. Could be something we switch to in the future, though I'd like it to work more consistently before putting any dev time into switching over.
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