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What makes a person an AP Master/Countering...

Creator: Blood26 August 11, 2012 2:26am
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Apr 4th, 2012
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I'm getting of sick being ambushed by junglers through and through.
It makes me wanna flip some tables.

Buying two wards already means you have 150 golds taken off.
At early game, when your farm isn't so significant, how do you even have the time to spend your money on wards.
It's even more frustrating when you know you can dive in for a kill, only to have the enemy's jungler pop in and screw it for you.
As if wards help, when you're so busy pushing, by the time your realize the enemy's jungler on your minimap, you're already halfway dead.
And if you don't push, you risk not having to outzone and outlane your opponents.

My wins have been dropping, its back to positive 20 again.
Anyone got any advice ?

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Oct 19th, 2010
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Dont ward the brushes at mid lane, ward the halfmoon brushes leading to the jungle, so that you can see into the river.

Constantly look at your map, as you already said you are too busy fighting. So change that and look at the map, it is a part of mapawareness.

Predict enemy junglers movement (you can learn that buy jungling for yourself a bit).
When you see that the enemy jungler ganked bottom and still has good heatlh left, he will probably clear some camps and come mid if you are pushing, so try to prevent that.

Otherwise you could just push mid and go roam yourself, that totally kills the enemy jungler. Even better if you countergank him. But be careful, he could countergank you instead.
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Jun 5th, 2011
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Flash is your friend. There is a reason that it is used so much. Watch some of the featured players mid lane in spectator mode and see how they ward and if possible when. And track junlger clear times. a good way to see that is to keep an eye on your jungler. assuming that they start in similar spots you can get a good idea on when to expect some company. Finally a lane can't be ganked if you aren't there a lot. if you push your lane to the tower, roam a bit. see if you can help your jungler gank or counter jungle by stealing wraiths, which isn't hard and doesn't take that long.
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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You need wards as any solo laner lol.

Unless your intuition is perfect then you will need wards.

And honestly if you position properly early on and control your wave, you should be fine.

Wards not only help you but also help your team. Warding Wraiths will let your top / bot laner know where the mid laner is heading. Warding the crescent bush or w/e its called gives you vision on your own jungle to make sure the enemy isnt planning to counterjungle.

And also who says wards don't help a lot o_o That's probably your own problem because you're either not putting them in the right places or you don't have reflexes fast enough.

If you really hate buying a lot of wards you can probably go with one ward as well. What you'd have to do is lean towards the side of the lane with the war. When the jungler comes just walk away and take a detour to your turret
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Jun 24th, 2011
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You should usually be pretty safe from ganks in mid as long as you don't push, assuming you're not against someone like Alistar or Maokai. On some champions you can also just continually push so hard that your minions immediately reach their tower and then roam or stand around in safety.

Also wards.
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Dec 20th, 2010
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you can get away with only one ward if you position properly (the jungler should be providing the other one anyways). just stay closest in the lane to the side that you warded.. if they come from the other side you have an easy escape route, if they come from the same side you can see them.

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Dec 12th, 2011
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Also, it can be very helpful to ward right around the enemy wraiths. Their jungler will frequently try to enter mid lane from there if they're coming from top or red, it is generally useful for tracking jungler position, and it can assist your own jungler in counterjungling.

Most enemies also telegraph their junglers presence like crazy by coming towards you more aggressively, hoping for a kill. Watch for this sort of behavior, especially if you're already winning the lane, and back off when you see it.
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Jun 15th, 2011
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Ward entrances/exits to/from the jungle close to mid lane.
Try not to burn Flash offensively. It can mean life or death for you.
Be aware of certain things the jungler will do. If he starts at blue buff expect him to be back at blue buff about 7:10. When your enemy mid lane goes to take blue buff expect the jungler to follow it up with a gank as well.
Practice better map awareness, don't watch just your lane and wards, make yourself aware of other lanes. If they're pushed/low on health expect the jungler to be more interested in them then you.
Champions like Ziggs and Ahri have great escape mechanics compared to ones like Karthus and Annie.
The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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1. If you are worried about the cost of wards, maybe think about getting an early kage's lucky pick to help offset the cost.
2. Get wards. Keep at least one active at all times, then lean to the side of the river where the ward is at.
3. Push hard, then chill out in the middle of the lane, or a little further back.
4. OR, keep the creep wave just outside of your own turret range. Safest place you could be and still farm effectively. This is called "lane freezing".
5. Flash is your friend.
6. Harass to the point that, even with a jungler, the mid is scared to commit to an attack. And if they do, and you honestly can't get away, make sure you take their *** with you.
7. If you are at a decent ELO, the enemy mid laner will be buying wards as much as you are (especially if your jungler ganks early... Doesn't have to be successful, just show that he isnt afraid to come into the lane and say hi), so you and your enemy laner should be equal on that respect.
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Aug 14th, 2011
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I usually play passive the first few levels to see what the enemy will do. 3 options:

1. pushpushpush, which is easy since the enemy can't gank.
2. passive, which keeps the lane pretty much even. A tad harder, since you will have to ward up. If you are a bit short on gold ask your jungler to ward for you sometimes.
3. baddie, against who you automatically push. This is hardest to be honest, since the enemy jungler has free ganks if you stay in lane. If so, all you have to do is push the lane and help other lanes win. Gank top mostly, or bot if possible.

This is why in low ELO/normals you have to play a mid AP with good ganking power such as Ahri, Lux, etc.

Also always make sure Flash is up when pushing, to get a nice clutch escape.

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