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Troll Account "DreamDream"

Creator: CoRpusCoLLoSsuM June 20, 2011 2:55pm

This thread is locked

PLEASE NOTE: This thread has been locked by the moderators. You cannot reply to it.

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Ya1232's Forum Avatar
May 25th, 2011
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Can't have new members going around insulting people...

He wasnt really insulting him at all.
What happened here is he thought Mods would do something about the trolls, was wrong because he didnt read everyone on the site and now the rest of you guys are jumping all over him.
Should just lay off the kid, its called making a mistake, drop it.

+Rep to him.
CoRpusCoLLoSsuM's Forum Avatar
Jun 6th, 2010
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Sorry for the double post, but I would like to thank DEWO for the IP address check. That's all that I wanted done!! I will take your advice and not post another thing like this on the forum. It was my mistake to do it here, like I said I couldn't find the report button.

I am just shocked to see how many people attacked me for just presenting something that most of the victims agreed looked like trolling. 0_o
Lazukin's Forum Avatar
Jan 20th, 2011
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Yeah, it's a kind of controversial rule actually, since even when you are sure they're trolling, there is almost no way to prove it, so you have to work on the assumption that it's an opinion :S

My guide comments sections has two perfect examples of this :(


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Oct 5th, 2010
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I am just shocked to see how many people attacked me for just presenting something that most of the victims agreed looked like trolling. 0_o

Just like how its your opinion that its trolling, its the opinion of that "troll" to downvote you.
Its an opinion, and therefore, can't be omitted.

That's not considered trolling. It's just a poorly explained downvote.
Within the internet, we have no way to regulate ignorance.
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Canoas's Forum Avatar
Nov 9th, 2010
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I am just shocked to see how many people attacked me for just presenting something that most of the victims agreed looked like trolling. 0_o

This topic also looks like a trolling attempt on your part. If you had bothered to check the stickied topics, which takes less than 5 seconds, you would have found this:

I have found troll votes on the site, can I get them deleted?

Topics are stickied for a reason. You should always read them before you start posting. So, you either:
1. Read the topic and completely ignored it because you wanted to defame that guy, or
2. Did not read the topic, even though it is stickied, because you simply do not care what the admins have to say.

Either way, all you're doing is creating a topic to whine about downvotes and insult the downvoters. There's already a QQ thread on the general forums, we do not need another one.
Matt's Forum Avatar
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Dec 8th, 2009
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep June 22, 2011 8:38am | Report
No one likes to get down votes, but it is the harsh reality of a community-driven site like this. We rely on the voting input of all of our members to determine what guides will be enjoyed by the highest number of people. This means some of you are going to put in a lot of hard work to produce a guide, and may still end up with a lackluster score despite your best efforts. It is a fickle audience. If your score is low and truly unjustified, then Veterans can always come along and give you a boost with their recommendation, if they so choose.

Many of our upstanding users do a lot of down voting, and they don't necessarily offset it with up voting. This is *not* trolling. They are not harassing anyone or circumventing the system to vote multiple times. They are just giving their 2 cents and helping to rank our guides more accurately. It may appear to you as trolling but ask yourself, honestly, if your reaction is simply out of ego. Criticism can be hard to swallow, and in the case of a negative vote it may come (frustratingly) without explanation, but it is a necessary part of the system.

Take the good with the bad and instead of focusing on a few down votes focus on what constructive criticism you DO get and communicate positively with those users. You will find it much more rewarding.

That being said, feel free to use the report system if you think you have been attacked. We investigate every claim and will check IPs if we see suspicious activity. I can say that it is EXTREMELY RARE that any claim actually turns out to be true, but we always investigate regardless. We do not currently publicize bans but I assure you we have banned a number of users and locked out a number of IP addresses for various reasons. We follow through when necessary :)
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